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Teme and Dobe

Novel By: ggluvj1
Fan fiction

There was a story about two brave warriors who fought each other till their deaths over…something, causing both warrior‘s family and friends to repel each other. No one actually knows the story, but somebody‘s got to know! And that person lives among the two strongest clans in town, the Akatsuki and Jinchuuriki. As the two clans are at war, 17 year old Sasuke falls in love with the blonde on the opposing team. Once Naruto finds out, he couldn’t help but falls for Sasuke as well. If either clan knows about it, one of them might get killed...or both! No matter what, they have to hide their love. But what if someone had already found out? What will happen between them? View table of contents...


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Chapter 3

A/N: i know the plot sucks but i'm working on it.

The weekend had finally arrived and Iruka wasn't going to let Naruto go. He was going to be late!
"Iruka san! I've got to go! Sakura chan and the others are waiting!" Naruto begged, standing by the door.
"No! You're grounded and that's that. Now get back upstairs and start studying." Iruka said.
"Aw man…" Naruto said sadly, slumping his shoulders and walked slowly pass Iruka.
Iruka felt guilty of holding back Naruto but he knew that being a guardian wasn't going to be easy either so he had no choice. Then a pair of hands snaked around Iruka's waist, pulling him against the hard stomach of Kakashi.
"Have fun, Naruto. Be back by midnight."
"Thanks Kakashi sensei!!" Naruto said, running pass both of them before Iruka could say anything.
"Ah! Naruto!" Iruka ran after the blonde teen but was pulled back into the arms of Kakashi.
"Let the kid have some fun." Kakashi suggested, nuzzling Iruka's neck.
"What if he gets into a fight? What if he drinks? What if-"
Kakashi turns Iruka's face towards his and fully kisses him on the lips, shutting the sensei up.
"He'll be fine." Kakashi said afterwards.
"If he gets into trouble I'm blaming you." Iruka frowned, tearing himself away from the copy-nin.
"Hai Hai."

"Naruto, you're late!" Sakura exclaimed as Naruto entered the club.
Excitedly, Naruto high-fives Kiba, Lee, Shikamaru, and Neji, and greeting Ino, Tenten and Hinata with a smile.
"Sakura." Naruto smiled to her.
Sakura smiled back as she felt her annoyed feelings fade away.
"I just received a text from Kakashi sensei saying that you ran into trouble with Iruka sensei."
Naruto nodded. Then music pounded loudly as people gathered on the dance floor. The lights went out as DJ lights came on, lighting the dance floor. A few tinted lights lit the way to the bar counter and booths. Luckily, the bar was willingly to serve alcoholic drinks to everyone, including underage teens, which was why Naruto and the others loved it. This was their favorite weekend hang out when they're trying to escape the real world, or to relieve stress.
Immediately, Sakura went up to the counter and grabbed a few drinks to shaken everyone up. After their drinks, each of them grabbed a partner and found a spot on the floor and started moving their bodies with the music. Neji with Tenten, Ino and Shikamaru, and Sakura with Lee; leaving Kiba, Naruto and Hinata. Hinata blushed as she was left with two partners. She knew that Naruto was engaged to Sai so she decided not to bother him, but leaving him out made her feel worst. Instead, she grabbed both their arms and dragged them to the dance floor with her.
Together, they swiftly moved their bodies to the music; swaying their butts, spinning once or twice, hands up, sometimes even grinding against each other. As the music ended, everyone went to their booth and took a sip of their drinks. Naruto looked up from his drink and spotted Sakura and Lee in a dark area, making out. He wished he had someone special in his life. Just seeing them, jealousy and envy crawled in his stomach. He could do what they do if he had just gave in to Sai.
Shaking the thought of Sai, Naruto turned to Kiba.
"You've been spacing out for a while now. Even at school you do that sometimes."
"Oh it's just um…nothing." Naruto said, trying to brush it off.
"You sure?" Kiba asked, worry in his eyes. "You know if you want, we could talk about it."
Naruto shook his head. "No. It's fine." he smiled, reassuring his friend. "Forget about it, Kiba. Let's just enjoy tonight." and he gulped down his drink.
Kiba returned a tight smile, worried. Then he forgot about it as the music started again. Taking Naruto's advice, he grabbed Naruto's hand and lead him to the floor. The music popped and smoothly played as the two teens grinded against one another. Neji and Tenten could see clearly that the two teens were enjoying themselves, although they were being watched. Then both their heads turned as the door to the club opened, spying familiar teens entering.

It had been a week since the blonde had returned to feed the puppy. Not knowing why, Sasuke annoyingly grumbled in his sleep as his imagination lead him to a dead puppy and a crying blonde teen. Sitting up, he grabbed a shirt with his Uchiha symbol on and pulled it over his head. Hurriedly, he pulled on a pair of sweats and quietly ran down the stairs to the kitchen. Opening a bag of bread, he grabbed two slices. Then opened the fridge and grabbed the pack of ham and a water bottle.
It was dark, but manageable. It wasn't even 9 yet but with the changing season, days became shorter as nights became longer. Quickly, he ran to the border of Akatsuki's territory and into the construction site. The puppy was easy to spot as it had white fur with black spot, reminding Sasuke of a cow.
Sasuke sucked at cooing and all that stuff that the blonde did to get the puppy. The puppy growled, barked a few times, and even tried to bite him. Gritting his teeth, he threw the ham one at a time for the puppy to eat it since it wouldn't come to him. Then he heard footsteps, alerting him. The puppy looked up from the ham and ran up to the arriving stranger. Gaara. Sasuke sighed deeply in relieve.
"Geez Gaara, if you're planning to sneak at least do it quietly."
"I'm not sneaking, just checking up on you." he picked up the puppy and hugged it to himself. "And Temari wants to know if you want to go out tonight."
"Yeah. She wants to go clubbing at that place where they allow underage teens to drink alcohol."
It had been awhile since Sasuke last had his alcoholic drink. Getting caught by his older brother was something he didn't want to do again. Last time he was lectured at least for about an hour or two before getting sent up to his room. His brother, Itachi, was always strict but was always easily wooed by Kisame, which Sasuke was thankful for.
"Who's going?"
"Just me, Temari, and Kankuro."
Thinking, the raven placed the rest of the ham and bread on the ground.
"I'm in."

Minutes later, Sasuke waited outside for Gaara and his siblings. Itachi gave him permission to go but told him to stay away from the drinks, although Kisame already gave him the okay for drinking. Not caring what his brother said, he waited until the red head and the others arrived. They arrived silently, greeting the raven with a nod.
Sasuke had been to the club once or twice but never enjoyed it since he hated dancing. Temari entered first then frowned as she spotted some familiar faces.
"What is it?" Kankuro asked, standing behind her.
"Some of the younger Jinchuuriki are here."
"Shouldn't be a problem right?" Kankuro said, walking pass her.
"Of course." then she glared at him. "If only either sides behaved well enough."
Kankuro chuckled and walked over to the Jinchuuriki booths. He was greeted by two of the older teens, Neji and Tenten.
"Mind if we join you?"
Neji and Tenten exchanged glances.
"Why are you guys here?" Neji asked, slightly growling.
"Whoa there, Neji. We're here on friendly terms. We only want to have a good time." then Kankuro nudged his head, motioning towards the others behind him. "Like I said, my siblings, Sasuke, and I would like to join you guys."
"Fine, but if any trouble stirs, we won't be held responsible." Tenten glared.
"We won't. Besides, my friend, Sasuke wants to know if you guys had a friend with blonde hair?" Kankuro smirked.
Sasuke elbowed Gaara in the ribs. "I thought you wouldn't tell anyone!" he whispered sharply.
"They won't snitch." Gaara growled.
Sasuke slightly shook his head and rolled his eyes.
"Blonde?" Neji said, narrowing his eyes. "What do you want?"
"Nothing." Kankuro smiled. "Just curious."
Exchanging glances again, the teens reconsidered. "Yes we do. But he's kind of busy right now." Neji pointed to the dance floor.
Four pair of eyes turned towards the floor and spotted the blonde dancing dirtily with another. Kankuro whistled slowly.
"He's got some nice moves."
"Who's the other one with him?" Gaara asked, eyes not leaving the floor.
"That's Kiba." Tenten answered, suspiciously looking at Gaara then smirked and whispered something to Neji. Neji cracked a smile and let the Akatsuki members sit. Only Gaara and Sasuke stood.
"We'll be over there if you need us." Gaara pointed to a darker area of the club. His siblings nodded and turned back to Neji and Tenten, making conversation.
Silently, the red head and raven walked over to the dark area, their eyes never leaving the blonde and his partner. Sasuke glanced sideways toward Gaara.
"Oi, you're not looking at the blonde are you?" he asked, trying not to sound possessive.
"Of course not." the red head replied without looking at him.
"Then who are you looking at?" he asked annoyingly.
"The pup."


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