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Teme and Dobe

Novel By: ggluvj1
Fan fiction

There was a story about two brave warriors who fought each other till their deaths over…something, causing both warrior‘s family and friends to repel each other. No one actually knows the story, but somebody‘s got to know! And that person lives among the two strongest clans in town, the Akatsuki and Jinchuuriki. As the two clans are at war, 17 year old Sasuke falls in love with the blonde on the opposing team. Once Naruto finds out, he couldn’t help but falls for Sasuke as well. If either clan knows about it, one of them might get killed...or both! No matter what, they have to hide their love. But what if someone had already found out? What will happen between them? View table of contents...


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A/N: Sorry that i made you guys wait!! >.<</strong>

The pup. That's right. Kiba. Gaara had his eyes on him; every move, every step. Same goes to Sasuke. He couldn't keep his eyes off the blonde. The same spiked hair he'd seen at the construction site. He felt an opportunity. An opportunity to get closer. To start a relationship. To make- Whoa. What? Sasuke shook his head and thought again. This kid was part of the Jinchuuriki, enemy of Akatsuki. Both clans had fought many times for territory and dominance, as for what he had been told, but the urge to fall in love with the blonde was different. He felt as if he had just betrayed his clan and brother.

"Ne Kiba, those two has been staring at us for a while." Naruto pointed out.
"Where?" Kiba slowed his dancing to a stop and looked up.
There they were, a red head and raven. Kiba smirked and turned to Naruto.
"Ne, let's make a bet?"
"Who can land a kiss on one of those hotties."
"What!? You crazy!?"
"Come on. One little kiss won't hurt."
"We don't even know those guys!"
"That's the fun part."
Kiba walked towards them with Naruto, who hesitantly followed. Both the strangers looked up as if noticing them for the first time. Kiba putted on a smile and Naruto stood behind.

Sasuke and Gaara watched closely as the two approached them. Both teens felt relieved for they weren't using the 'who's approaching first technique' for they stood there as the pup and blonde stood right before them. The pup had a smile on his face, making Gaara slightly smirk and the blonde stood shyly behind the pup, to Sasuke's amusement.
"Hi." the pup, Kiba, greeted.
"Hey." both mumbled at the same time.
"You both are awfully quiet. Mind telling us your names?"
Kiba nodded as he took in the familiarity of them both. "Ne, my friend and I were looking for partners to dance with. Do you mind?"
Sasuke and Gaara hated dancing, but if it meant getting close to Kiba and the blonde, they'd risk their pride.
"Sure." Sasuke said, smirking at the blonde.
The blonde blinked, blushed, and looked away. Sasuke chuckled. Gaara noticed and smirked as well.
"Let's go then!" Kiba grabbed Gaara's arm and dragged him to the dance floor.
The song was luscious and long. Kiba didn't like those types of music, but he didn't hate it either and if it helped get rid of the awkwardness between him and the red head, Gaara, he's do anything to win the bet. His hands immediately went around Gaara's neck, pulling him close. Gaara didn't mind as his hands snaked around the slim waist of the pup.
"Mind showing some of those moves you did earlier?" Gaara asked.
"So you were watching?"
Kiba smiled, swaying his body with the beat until he was lost and started moving on his own. He turned around seductively and grinded his ass to the red head, feeling him react. Gaara expected something small, but the pup had more tricks up in his sleeve than he had thought, making him want the pup even more.
Soon enough, Naruto and Sasuke had joined them. The song brought feelings to the bodies of the dancers, making them sway sexily with their partners. Naruto was moving his body slowly with the beat, feeling Sasuke put a hand to his hip. The touch brought shock but joy to him. Wanting that feeling, Naruto guided his hands around his waist to his belly, bringing both their bodies close. Back to chest. Naruto didn't have enough time to think as the song took over his mind and body as did Kiba's. Naruto brought an arm around Sasuke's neck. Sasuke breathed hotly onto Naruto's neck as their bodies grew hot.
"I never got your name." the raven whispered.
Naruto thought for a moment. "Do you really need to know?"
"Well…yeah. If we're going to see each other again."
Naruto smiled, his back still facing him.
"Then what about your number?"
Naruto chuckled. "This isn't a goukon."
"So? There's no problem in getting your number is there?"
Naruto shook his head and smiled to him. "You have a pen then?"
Sasuke shook his head but took out his phone. Naruto gladly took it and dialed a number in. Sasuke took back his phone and looked at it suspiciously.
"You sure this is your number?"
Naruto nodded twice. The raven looked at it once more then gave up and putted it away. When he looked at the blonde again, he noticed a tint pink on his cheeks.
"What's wrong?"
"N-nothing." Naruto met his eyes. "I-it's just that…"
Sasuke waited patiently for the answer, but it never came. Then he took the blonde's hand and lead him away from the dance floor. He leaded them to a dark side of the club where no one would suspect them.
"W-what are you doing?" Naruto asked.
Sasuke's look pierced into his heart as he stared back, waiting for the answer.
"what were you about to say earlier?" the racen whispered hoarsely into his ear. Naruto blushed from nose to ears.
"You're lying." the raven replied calmly.
Knowing that he doesn't hide his feelings well, he looked straight into the raven's dark eyes.
"Can I k-kiss you?"

A/N: did you like it? hate it? if so, tell me!! Plz! anyways, i'm hoping to write more by the next two days. I'm sorry to be a let-down to my readers and fans. TT^TT can't promise anything but my next chapters that will be here soon...


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