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Teme and Dobe

Novel By: ggluvj1
Fan fiction

There was a story about two brave warriors who fought each other till their deaths over…something, causing both warrior‘s family and friends to repel each other. No one actually knows the story, but somebody‘s got to know! And that person lives among the two strongest clans in town, the Akatsuki and Jinchuuriki. As the two clans are at war, 17 year old Sasuke falls in love with the blonde on the opposing team. Once Naruto finds out, he couldn’t help but falls for Sasuke as well. If either clan knows about it, one of them might get killed...or both! No matter what, they have to hide their love. But what if someone had already found out? What will happen between them? View table of contents...


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Chapter 5

A kiss? Sasuke smirked. This kid is daring, he thought. He tilted the blonde's face and leaned forward. The blonde stared nervously into his eyes then immediately closed them as he was no more than an inch away.
"Ne, you really want to do this?" Sasuke smirked again.
Naruto opened his eyes with sudden alertness. What had he been doing!? It's just a freaking bet! He could always back out of it. Didn't matter who won! He'd let Kiba win this time, but then he thought about the raven. Striking black hair, black eyes, lean, broad, and very…handsome. It felt weird for Naruto to be calling another guy handsome but it also felt right…fitting.
"Hey Dobe, listen when people are talking to you." the raven struck his forehead with his forefinger.
Sasuke chuckled. The blonde was actually cute…especially when he pouted. The blonde blushed quite often, which didn't surprise the raven at all. Then the image of the puppy and him caught him off guard. When will he be able to see that smile again? When will that smile be directed to him?
Meanwhile, Kiba had lead Gaara to a quiet place where no one would bother them. Kiba wasn't sure what he wanted, but he felt hot whenever he felt the red head's hands' touch. Slowly, his hands caressed either sides of Gaara's face and brought him close. He had forgotten about the bet. Now, all he wanted was this stranger who had just met and…fallen for? Kiba snapped back into reality but the eyes of Gaara mystified him, pulling him in for a full kiss on the lips. The kiss was deep, making each of them yearn for the other.
Suddenly a loud BANG came from the front of the club, attracting everyone's attention. At the door appeared more Akatsuki members. They had their weapons in hand; kunai and shuriken. Customers and workers ran all over the place, trying to get away from the members as they were charged at and killed by the weapons.
"Get out of the way!" "Get out if you don't want to die!" "This place is ours!"
Sasuke glared in disgust. The five which had entered were a lower rank of him. They shouldn't be doing this! He wondered. Who would of thought of bad timing.
To Sasuke's shock, two others entered the place. Pain and Konan. They had spotted the young Jinchuuriki members. Pain showed no emotion and commanded the lower ranks to kill the Jinchuuriki members. All of them panicked. No only were they in danger, they were also spotted by the leader of Akatsuki. Neji and Tenten jumped into action, glaring at Kankuro and Temari.
"You liars!! You lured them to us!!" Neji exclaimed, pointing towards the exit for the others to escape.
"You're wrong!" Temari shouted back.
"You lead them here to kill us!" Tenten retorted.
"No! We knew nothing of this!" Kankuro shouted back.
"We should have taken caution. We were too naïve and let our guards down when you offered friendly terms." Neji yelled.
"That's why we're telling that you're wrong! We didn't know that they would follow us!" Kankuro shouted with rage, trying to make the older Jinchuuriki to understand.
"You probably had the other two kill off our others so we would have less defense!!" Tenten pointed out.
"Shut up!! Gaara and Sasuke would never do such a thing!!" Temari flared at her.
"It's no use, Neji! Tenten! Let's just get out of here as fast as we can. Lee and I will act as decoy. You can lead the others out the back exit while Tenten can search for the others!" Shikamaru yelled, glaring a warning to the young Akatsuki members. Temari flinched while Kankuro clinched his teeth with frustration.
Neji and Tenten nodded, taking a share of Shikamaru's glare at the Akatsukis and ran off. Temari watched as the leading member, Shikamaru, disappeared in the crowd of frightened people. Then she averted her gaze as people were dropping dead at her feet. The low ranks should know better! She shouted in her mind, angry. Then she spotted her leader, Pain and with him was Konan. No good. They were definitely in trouble, especially letting the Jinchuurikis go without any harm.

Naruto was yanked away from under the raven's arms. The shock he spotted in the raven's eyes was more than his own. Now, the world around was confusing. People were dropping dead, the leader of the Akatsuki clan was standing by the entrance without any emotions, and this handsome raven was standing before him, ready to kiss him. Nothing is right in this world, Naruto thought. Then the shock he had received from the raven brought pain into his heart.
Why? He thought. Why am I hurting so much just for this stranger who I've only known for a few minutes. Then he finally noticed that the one pulling him was Sakura. Where was Lee? Why was Pain here? Why did Sasuke give him that look? Why did his heart throb for the raven? So many questions that needed answers. He looked backed, but the raven was already gone. He looked forward and saw his friends running ahead, running for their lives. What was happening?

After the sound, Kiba spotted Pain. His eyes widen as the appearance of the leader was intimidating. Then people suddenly started falling over after being stabbed, but none of the killers were pursuing Gaara or him. Gaara held both his hands by the wrist. He panicked.
Kiba looked at Gaara with shock. What?
Gaara stared at him intensely. "Go! I'll distract long enough for you to reunite with your friends."
Then something hit him. "Y-you're one of…them?.." Kiba saw a glint of shock in the red head's eyes. He should have known. The famous red head of the west side of town was named…Gaara. Gaara tensed as his partner finally realize who he really was. Kiba stared at him with fear, a pup's eyes wide with fright when finally realizing it's enemy. Then Kiba made his escape, running as fast as he could. He could had fought for himself, but all his mind, brain, and body was telling was to run.

Everyone stopped for a moment of rest after a long run. Neji counted. Sakura, Naruto, Tenten, Ino, Hinata, and Kiba. A few seconds later, Shikamaru and Lee made their ways toward them with minor injuries.
"Whoo, they weren't that tough. Should have seen them go down, Sakura." Lee exclaimed with excitement. Everyone smiled at Lee's encouragement.
"Oh yeah?" Shikamaru said, "Then why did you let them cut you then?" he pointed to a cut at Lee's left shoulder. Lee inspected it with fascination.
"Everyone's here. Are you two alright?" Neji finally said.
Shikamaru nodded along with Lee. Then Neji clenched his fists tightly. Tenten and Shikamaru noticed.
"We were so stupid!" Neji exclaimed, mostly blaming himself.
"Neji, at least everyone is safe." Tenten pointed out.
"Yes, but I'll have to report this to the leader."
Everyone shook with fear as Neji mentioned 'report.' They knew that if they ran into trouble, their permission to leave the borders without a chaperon would be taken away. Yes, some of them were 18. A few 17. They could do whatever they want, but being in the clan would mean being loyal and trustworthy to many that were on the inside. The outside were mostly outcast. Also, none were allowed to go against the law of the clan.

After the place was cleared, Gaara counted seven dead. The five low ranks stood by their leaders. Gaara and Sasuke were made to stand behind the older Akatsukis, Temari and Kankuro. Pain walked towards them. Each of them tried not to flinch as every step intimidated them.
"Why did you not kill them?" Pain looked at Kankuro straight in the eye.
Kankuro did his best not to swallow. "We tried to lure them in, sir. We did our best to keep them in place, but they were too fast-"
Pain slapped him in the fast, causing a cut by his lip. "You disgrace the Akatsuki's name, young Kankuro."
"Kankuro!!" Temari almost screamed for him, but stopped.
The impact sent Kankuro down to the floor. He remained there until further orders.
"I'm hoping that in the future this does not happen again."
"Yes sir." Kankuro answered, avoiding his leader's stare.
Moments passed before Pain change his course of vision towards Sasuke and Gaara. They were approached, but did not flinch at their leader's footsteps. Looked at them. Examined them. Then walked away, stopping at the entrance/exit, his back faced their way.
"In the future, I want No. More. Failures." Together, he walked away with the five murderers and Konan.

A/N: So, did you like it? Tell me! Tell me plz! I'd love to hear what you've got say. Left my notebook at school so can't continue my other novel, but look forward for more updates!!


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