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Days Of Our Lives Fan Fiction.

Novel By: GothicChick99
Fan fiction

I Don't Own Any Names. View table of contents...

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Chapter 1.

It was on a clear sunny day in Salem, while in the Dimera Mansion, Stefano Dimera was standing in the french doorway, listening to the birds singing, when he heard some footsteps coming down the stairs from outside the living room of the mansion, he turned around and saw his and Lisa's 5-year-old Daughter, Julia Dimera, she was standing in the doorway.


"Hi, Daddy", Julia said.

"Hi, Sweetheart, how about a hug for your daddy?", Stefano asked.

"Ok, Daddy", Julia answered.


Julia ran through the living room, her long brown hair, bouncing up and down on her back, until she and Stefano hugged each-other.


"I love you so much, Julia, don't you ever forget that", Stefano said.

"I love you too, Daddy", Julia replied.


Stefano contuied hugging Julia, until he saw his darling wife, Lisa, she was wearing her light-pink blouse and kapri shorts, on the light-pink blouse, was little-tiny pink roses on it.


"Ok, Julia, why don't you go back up-stairs, and get ready for school", Lisa said.

"Ok, Mommy", Julia replied.


Stefano let go of Julia, she went out of the living room, and went up-stairs, after she was gone, they was about to have a conversation.


"Have you heard from our 18-year-old son, Wesley?", Lisa asked.

"Oh Yes, He's doing just fine at Harvard Collage", Stefano answered.

"Oh, I see, so when is he coming?", Lisa asked.

"Well, he told me that he's got a lot of stuff, and He's also got a part-time job, working at a local Dairy Queen Resturant, He told me that he's not going to be able to make it", Stefano answered.

"Oh, well he has to come on my birthday, It wouldn't be fun without him", Lisa said.

"I know, Lisa, but he told me that he couldn't help it", Stefano replied.

"Oh, I see, Maybe there's another reason why he can't make it", Lisa said.

"Like what?", Stefano asked.

"Well, maybe he's got a girlfriend", Lisa answered.

"Well, he told me on the phone that he was seening someone, and her name is Elizabeth Hanson", Stefano said.

"So, maybe that's the reason", Lisa replied.

"I guess i'll have to tell our teenage son, Wesley, he must be here for your birthday, and he can bring his girlfriend, Elizabeth with him", Stefano said.

"Ok", Lisa replied.


Lisa and Stefano started kissing each-other, not knowing that Julia and her three brothers, 8-year-old son, James, 10-year-old son, Tyler, and 14-year-old son, Matthew, they were standing in the doorway, with their school bagpacks on their backs, and lunchbox's in their hands, Until Lisa and Stefano saw them.


"I better go take them to school", Lisa said.

"Good", Stefano replied.


Lisa took Julia, James, Tyler, and Matthew out the door, they got into their car, and they drove off.



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