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A Special Days Of Our Lives FanFiction: Lisa and Stefano's Weekend Get away... ( Flashback) Pt. 5.

Novel By: GothicLady99
Fan fiction

I Still Don't Own Any Names Or The Soap Opera. View table of contents...


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The Next Morning In Salem, Stefano Dimera was at his ceo office at "Dimera Empire Incorperated", and is thinking about his youngest son, Tyler Dimera, he decided to keep on working, he knew that his darling wife, Lisa was at the hospital, and she told him that she'll call him on the phone for the good news. until the telephone ringed, and he answered the phone.

"Hello?", Stefano asked.

"Stefano, you have to come to the hospital, quick", Lisa answered.

"What is it, Lisa?", Stefano asked.

"Just Hurry-up and get here, I'll tell you all about it", Lisa answered.

"Ok, I'll be right there", Stefano said.

Stefano hung-up the phone, and he turned his intercom on, to call his secetary, Helen Larson.

"Helen, would you please hold my calls, I've got a Family Emergency, and I have to be there", Stefano said.

"Ok, Mr. Dimera", Helen Larson replied.

Stefano went out of his ceo office, went down the hallway, to the Elevator, pushed the down button on the Elevator, and waited for the Elevator to come, until the Elevator beeped, and the light came on, the Elevator door opened, and Stefano stepped-inside the Elevator, pushed the Down button inside the Elevator, and the Elevator door closed, and it went down, Stefano was hoping it was nothing bad. just then the Elevator door opened, Stefano stepped out of the Elevator, he walked towered the revolving doors of the Dimera Empire Incorporated, walked through the revolving doors, walked across the street, to the car garage, walked to his car, got into his car, and drove off to the hospital, when he arrived at the hospital, he saw his darling Lisa, and she was waiting for him.

"Well, Lisa, what is it?", Stefano asked.

"It's about our little boy, Tyler", Lisa answered.

"Oh, what's wrong with him?", Stefano asked.

"Well, He was awake, and he was screaming, that he couldn't feel his legs, so I had to hold him, and tell him that it was ok, and that I was here, he calmed down", Lisa answered.

"Oh, Good, Thank God, our little boy is going to live", Stefano said.

"Oh I almost forgot, Tyler's been asking for you, why don't you go in and see him", Lisa said.

"Ok, I will", Stefano replied.

"Good, in the meantime, i'm going to call the Dimera Mansion, and let, Elliot, Lance, Ryan, Brock, and the others know that Tyler has woken-up from his coma", Lisa said.

"Ok", Stefano replied.

Stefano went into Tyler's hospital room, he saw his sleeping little boy, until Tyler woke-up, and saw his daddy looking at him.

"Hi, Daddy", Tyler said.

"Hi, Tyler, my little boy", Stefano replied.

"Daddy, I'm Thirsty", Tyler said.

"Ok, I'll get you some water", Stefano replied.

Stefano walked over to a table, and got a cup, he poured some ice water in a water jug, in the cup, he took the cup of ice water, he gave it to Tyler. and he took a drink of water.

"Thanks, Daddy", Tyler said.

"You're Welcome, Son, why don't you take a rest, ok?", Stefano asked.

"Ok, Daddy", Tyler answered.

Tyler went back to sleep, while Stefano was watching his little boy sleeping, with his loving eyes. about an hour later, Lisa came back in Tyler's hospital Room, and Stefano told her to be quiet, because their little boy is sleeping.

"So, did you love the surprise?", Lisa whispered.

"i sure did", Stefano whispered.

"I told Elliot that his little brother has woken-up from his coma, and he's excited about it, and he's going to tell everyone else", Lisa whispered.

"Oh, Good, well i better get back to work, i've got a meeting to get to", Stefano whispered.

"Ok", Lisa whispered.

Stefano got up from his chair, he kissed lisa, he tip-toed to Tyler's bed, and kissed him too, he tip-toed out of his hospital room, out of the hospital, got back in his car, and drove back to the Dimera Empire Incorperated. he went to his meeting.



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