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Days Of Our Lives Fan Fiction: Lisa and Stefano is trapped in a blizzard.

Novel By: GothicLady99
Fan fiction

Lisa and Stefano is on a sking vacation with some of their friends and family, Until Lisa and Stefano decide to go sking somewhere else, Until they got caught in a blizzard. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 25, 2012    Reads: 4    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

On A Clear Day At A Ski Resort, Everyone was having fun, Until Lisa and Stefano Dimera was going somewhere to ski. and they heard their friends and family talking, and laughing.

"Stefano, Honey, they sure are having fun", Lisa said.

"I think so too, Let's find another place to ski", Stefano replied.

They started walking on, until it got colder, and colder, the wind started blowing.

"Stefano, this is getting bad out, I think we need to find some shelter", Lisa said.

"Ok", Stefano replied.

They contuied to keep going, until they came to a log cabin, they went inside the log cabin, and No-one was home. Stefano found some logs, he put them in the fireplace, and made a nice, warm, cozy, fire. they sat down on the couch.

"This is Nice, Isn't It, Stefano?", Lisa asked.

"It sure is, Lisa", Stefano answered.

Meanwhile at the ski lodge, EJ Dimera was looking out of the window, he could see the clouds outside grew darker, and the wind started blowing, he was angry that their wasn't going to be a search party to look for his dad and step-mother, he also thought about his half-sister, Julia and half-brothers, Tyler, Ryan, Brock, and Elliot, back at the Dimera Mansion, he decided not to call at the mansion, because it'll only up-set them.

"I just hope that they're ok", EJ said to himself.

Meanwhile back at the log cabin, Stefano was wondering how is he and Lisa going to survive, he looked over at his darling wife, Lisa, she was curled-up on the couch, and was sound asleep, Stefano decided not to wake her up, he put some more logs beside the fireplace, he put another log in the fire, he also knew that a search party wasn't going to be out in this weather, so he decided that he was going to go for help, he put his warm coat back on him, he tip-toed to the couch, and covered Lisa up with a warm blanket, he leaned-over, and he kissed her on her cheek.

"Don't worry, my darling, I'll come back for you, I promise, i love you so much, Lisa", Stefano said softly.

He tip-toed towered the door, he opened the door, step-outside, and started walking away from the log cabin. he was hoping that he'll find some help, and go back for Lisa, Before she wakes-up and finds him missing.



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