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Days Of Our Lives FanFiction.

Novel By: GothicLady99
Fan fiction

I Don't Own Any Of The Names Or The Soap Opera. View table of contents...


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Chapter 5.

About An Hour Later, Patrick Lockhart was at an Interragating Room At The Salem Police Department, Until Bo and Roman Came Into The Room.


"Well, Well, Well, Patrick Lockhart, We Meet Again", Bo Brady said in a sarcastlicly way.

"Well, Hello To You Too, Oh I Forget To Mention, How's Hope Doing?", Patrick Lockhart asked.

"She's Ok, But Let's Get Right Down To Business, Where's Stefano?", Bo Brady asked.

"I Don't Know Where He Is", Patrick Lockhart answered.

"You Don't Even Have A Clue Where He Might Be?", Roman Brady Asked.

"Nope, I Think He Might've Send Those Four Brats After Me", Patrick Lockhart answered.


Just Then John Black Came In The Room, Bo and Roman Went Outside, They Closed The Door Behind Them.


"What Took You So Long?", Bo Brady Asked.

"I Had To Make A Call To Someone", John Black Answered.

"Oh, I See, So How's The Boys Doing?", Roman Brady Asked.

"They're Ok, I've Just Checked On Them, and They're Doing Ok", John Black Answered.

"Oh Good", Bo Brady said.

"So Did That Man In There Say Anything About Where Stefano Is?", John Black asked as he looked at Patrick Lockhart Through A Window.

"No, And We Don't Think That Stefano's Kid's Have Anything To Do With It", Roman Brady answered.

"And They Won't Testifie Against Their Own Father", John Black said.

"Yep", Bo Brady replied.

"Why do you think that?", Roman Brady asked.

"Because He's my Half-Brother, And I'm Also Those Boy's Uncle Too, And He Said Something To Me, When I Was Trapped On That Island", John Black Answered.

"And That Is?", Bo Brady Asked.

"He Told Me that he was so sorry for hurting the Bradys all those years ago, and He even gave-up Marlena, just For his wife, Lisa, and also he wanted to make a better life and future for her and the boys too", John Black answered.

"Oh, and Did You Believe Him?", Roman Brady asked.

"Well, I Think So, But People Can Change", John Black Answered.

"Except Stefano Dimera", Bo Brady said.

"Exactily", John Black Replied.


Suddenly Lisa Came Into The Salem Police Department, and She Went up to where the three of them were at.


"Hi, Which One Of You, Gentlemen Is John Black?", Lisa asked.

"I'm John Black", John Black Answered.

"You've called to say that you have my five children?, I'm Lisa Dimera, Stefano's Wife", Lisa asked.

"Oh, That Means you're my step-sister-in-law, They're In Here", John Black answered.


John Black Took Lisa to another room, where Tyler, Derek, Simon, Ryan, and Elliot were at, and They saw their mom.


"Hi Mommy", Tyler said.

"Hi Mom", Derek said.

"Hi Mom", Simon and Ryan said in unison.

"What are you boys doing here?", Lisa asked.

"They were with me, Mother", Elliot answered.

"Well, Get your stuff, I'm taking you guys home", Lisa said.

"Wait A Minuite, Lisa, I need your Address so I'll know where to reach you, If i want to talk to you?", John Black asked.

"Well, We're planning on leaving Town for a few days", Lisa answered.

"What!, Mom, I Don't Want to go, you can't make me go", Elliot shouted he ran out of the room, passed Lisa and John Black, while Simon was watching with a stunned look on his face.

"Mom, Do we have to leave, I love it here, I have friends here, football season starts soon?", Derek asked.

"You'll have to talk to your father about it", Lisa answered.


Lisa lead Tyler, Derek, Simon, and Ryan out of the room, they almost ran into Marlena, Lisa said hi to her, she and the four boys left the Salem Police Department, Marlena went to where John Black was at, they kissed eachother, Meanwhile At the Brady Pub, Ciara and Claire were sitting at a table, talking to eachother.


"I Think that Justin Beiber Is So Cool", Ciara Brady said.

"I Think So Too, and I Also Think that Daniel Raddclife Is Cool Too", Claire Brady said.

"I Have To Agree With You", Ciara Brady said.

"Oh, Look There's Your Dad", Claire said as She waved at Bo Brady standing Outside The Pub.

"Bye, Claire", Ciara said.

"Bye", Claire replied.


Ciare left the Pub, While Claire was still sitting at the table, Suddenly her cell phone started vibraiting, She answered the phone.


"Hello?", Claire asked.

"Hi, Can You Meet Me at the park", Elliot Answered.

"Sure", Claire replied.

"Ok, See Ya", Elliot said.


Claire Hung Up Her Cell Phone, She Told Caroline Brady That She's Going To Meet One Of Her Friends, She Went Out The Door, and was heading towered the park, Meanwhile Back At The Secret Dimera House, Lisa was in Her Husband, Stefano's Office, and She was telling him what went on.


"So Patrick Lockhart Was Arrested?", Stefano asked.

"Oh Yes, For Attempted Murder on two people, plus he had a gun pointed towered our own son, Elliot", Lisa answered.

"Oh Really?", Stefano asked.

"Yes, Really, and I want to know why", Lisa answered.

"Well, He had a gun pointed towered him, Because he was teaching him a lesson, Because Elliot has been in alot of Fights Downtown", Stefano replied.

"Oh, I See, Well I Better get the kids ready for bed, Are you coming too?", Lisa asked.

"No, I'm Just Going Over These Papers, Before Joining You In Our Master Bedroom", Stefano answered.

"Ok", Lisa said she and Stefano kissed eachother, and she left.

"How did they know about Patrick Lockhart?", Stefano asked himself.


Suddenly he heard a clattering noise, he took a step, and grabbed a shirt, and Saw Derek.


"Hi, Daddy", Derek said.

"Get Out Of My Office", Stefano replied.

"Ok", Derek said.


Derek Left Stefano's Office, and Stefano went back to his desk.




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