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Soap Opera Fan Fiction, Days Our Our Lives: Stefano is in a deep coma.

Novel By: GothicLady99
Fan fiction

I Don't Own Any Names Or The Soap Opera. View table of contents...


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Stefani Dimera is in his office at Dimera Empire Incorperaited, on a bright sunny day in Salem USA, He's going over some paperwork, when he took a deep sigh, and laid back in his chair, he looked at his desk, and he see's a picture of his five children, his youngest daughter Robin Dimera (4-years-old), his next youngest son, Tyler Dimera (7-years-old), his next oldest son, Matthew Dimera (10-years-old), his next oldest son, Brock Dimera (14-years-old), and his oldest son, Eliot Dimera (18-years-old), He also looked at a picture of his darling Lisa Dimera, Stefano started smiling at her, when he suddenly looked at the clock that was hanging on the wall of his office.


"Oh No, I'm late, Lisa is going to be so mad at me", Stefano said to himself.


Stefano quickly put his paperwork in his folder, and he put it in his briefcase, he went over to his safe that was against the wall, and he turned the combnation on the safe, he put his briefcase in the safe, he closed the safe, he went to his desk, and turned the intercom that was on his desk on.


"Christine, Rescedule my meeting", Stefano said.

"Ok, Mr. Dimera", Christine (Stefano's secretary) replied.


Stefano went out of his office, walked down the hallway towered the Elevator, he pressed the down button, and waited for the Elevator, suddenly the Elevator Doors opened, he walked into the Elevator, he pushed the down button, the Elevator Doors closed, and the Elevator went down, The Elevator Doors open, and Stefano walked out of the Elevator, he started walking in the car garage, he walked towered his car, he got into his car, he drove out of the car garage, and started driving back to the Dimera Mansion, Stefano turned the raideo on, and started listining to some Opera Music, he started singing along, when suddenly another car was headed his way, Until there was a big crash, and Stefano was knocked-out cold, Meanwhile Back at the Dimera Mansion, Lisa was waiting for her Darling husband Stefano to come home to her, and she was starting to get worried, when The Telephone ringed, and Their oldest son, Eliot answered the phone.


"Mom, It's the hospital, and they want to talk to you", Eliot said.

"Ok, Honey", Lisa replied, she took the reciver from Eliot, and she was talking to Dr. Carl Hale, she was surprised about what she had heard, she told Dr. Hale that she would be right there, she hung up the phone.

"Mom, what's wrong?", Eliot asked.

"Not so loud, I don't want your sister and brothers getting scared, I've got to go, be sure that you all eat your dinner, and your homework is dune, and be in bed by 8:00", Lisa answered.

"Ok, Mom", Eliot said.


Lisa went out of the Dimera Mansion, got into her car, drove stright to the front gate of the mansion, and told the gaurd to open the front gate, Lisa drove her car through the front gate, The Gaurd closed the gate behind her car, Lisa drove on towered the Salem Hospital, about an hour later, Lisa made it to the Hospital, Lisa parked her car at the visitor parking lot, she got out of her car, and she went into the hospital, she had a talk with Dr. Carl Hale.


"What's wrong with my husband?", Lisa asked.

"It seems, Mrs. Dimera, that your husband has had a concusion, and is in a deep coma", Dr. Carl Hale answered.

"Oh No", Lisa gasped.

"I'm Sorry, Mrs. Dimera", Dr. Carl Hale said.

"I have to see him", Lisa said.

"Ok", Dr. Carl Hale replied.


Dr. Carl Hale took Lisa to Stefano's Hospital Room, She went inside his hospital room, She saw her darling husband, Laying in a Hospital Bed.


"Stefano, I'm here, my darling, I'm right here", Lisa said.


Lisa sat down on a chair by his bed, she held his hand in hers too.




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