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Bella's life after them.

Novel By: grandturkrocs
Fan fiction

This story takes place after a week after the Cullens leave in New moon and continues until its done.What happens when Angela,Jessica and Lauren are the ones to tear Bella out of her trance?And how does the whole pack including Emily and Kim before they were wolves get in the mix?But then what happens when Jacob's cousin is asked to come stay with them by Billy knowing what the pack didn't,that he was a vampire.

In this story,Seth clearwater's name is Henry Clearwater and Jacob's cousin from his mom's side is Seth Carson. View table of contents...


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Bella's POV.

I stood in the forest,motionless watching him walk away. Finally he broke off into a sprint and his words lingered in my head as I walked on the trail to Charlie's house.They stayed there as I made dinner.Charlie hadn't come home yet,so I sat and drank about a gallon of water,not being able to get the fucking words out of my motherfucking head.

It will be as if I never exsisted,My ass! Urrrgh! Stop it Bella,You're eating with Charlie and he is watching you,I told myself.At least I wasn't lying to myself.Charlie had walk though the door,and we sat down to eat.

"So where is that Edward?" Charlie finally asked.I wasnt expecting the question so soon.I fiqured he would have noticed in a week or so."The Cullens moved to LA this morning,Edwrad and I broke up"I said after making my lie."I'm sorry Bells"Charlie said."Its fine,it was just some stupid high school crush right?Happens to everyone."I said.I realized that after my gallon was finished.

Just then Charlie's phone rang.He answered and after a few minutes at the very least,he came to me in the kitchen just as I finished the dishes."Bella,I have to head down to Seattle for a case and might be back in 2 weeks"Charlie said,unsure of what I would say."Ok dad,umm I think Angela's parents went away for a little maybe she can come here"I said.Angela had ask me to come stay with her but I had to cook for Charlie.

So Charlie left and I called Angela who was on her way.I called Jessica and Lauren too both of them saying earlier in school that they had nothing to do so now we were all laying on blankets in the living room.

Jessica used to only like me because I was popular but now because she saw the real me,she admitted as we got popcorn.I called Mike who was unreasonably in love with her and told him that she liked him,and they all heard him scream to the heavens.Not to long after,he called her up and asked her to go on a date with her.Then she screamed yes at the top of her lungs.

The next day,the girls were even more shocked when I litterally begged to go shopping.We went and ran into two La Push girls,Emily and Kimberly,who we became close to instantly.So they ended up coming over until Jessica left for her date.They ended up calling their boyfriends to bring popcorn and their friends and I was shocked that Jacob was on of them.

So I met Sam-Emily's fiance-,Jared-Kim's boyfriend,Paul-the hothead-,Emby and Quil.Everytime I saw these La push guys they were growing like they were feeding them some mutant food down there.

My friends left which left me with the whole La push gang.We all watched scary movies 'til 2 am and we were so tired that Emily and Sam took Charlie's room,Jared and Kim took my room and I shared the living room floor with the rest of the guys after Sam pulled them in the kitchen and made it absolutely clear that we were all just friends.We allwent to bed laughing our fucking heads off.

Emily,Kim and I got up at the same ime and made breakfast for the guys,and when we whispered food in Jared's ear,he jumped up and shouted it"Where's the motherfucking food?"He screamed which got all the guys up who surrounded in the coffee table or the dinner table.

After we ate,we talked and laughed like old friends and went to the mall and then went to Jacob's place.Billy was there and everyone left except for me,so I ended up making dinner and eating there.While Jacob drove me homein his Rabbit because I left my truck home,We saw some guys selling some bikes for cheap and ended up buying them.Charlie told me lots of stories of him and his friends on motorbikes and I always wanted to try so Jake took them back to his place to fix 'em up and I went to bed with one thought.



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