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Continuation of Secrets Revealed. Why are the Volturi coming and who called them? Will they try to tear the families apart or kill them all? Will they ruin Bella's relationship with the Cullen’s, Denali’s’, Her family, but most of all, Adrian? View table of contents...


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Bella's POV.

"What?!"my whole family screamed."They'll be hear in two days"Alice said,worry drowning the always exicited pixie.I had the vision in Florida,but never told anyone.then,I realized something.I looked over at Edward and tanya,who were both smiling at each other.Thats when it hit me.

"Alice"I started."Yeah Bells?"She asked,curious of my ton,I'm sure."What did they do?"I said pointing at the two who had turn to look at the families with grim expressions.Alice blacked out for a second,Then turned to the couple with a death glare.

"Why the fuck did you call the Volturi?Do you two want them to ruin our family?"Asked a pissed off Alice.

NO"Edward,the boy wonder,said."Besids,they only want Isabella"Tanya added after flipping her hair and staring into my eyes.Just then I felt the newborn take over.Since my family and I didn't experience the ideal thirst of a newborn,thestrength and capabilty of a newborn,we still have.

I felt heat,fire,hell course through my veins so hot I know that Adrian,whose arm was wrapped easily around my waist,could feel it.It was worse than jacob's skin.It was worse than the change.It was worse than hell,burning hell at that.

"She's about to lose it"Allie said to the family."What do you mean-"Carlisle started,but I didn't hear the rest.I was moving,Adrian was moving me as far as possible from them.We ended up at our house on the estate.

I was sitting in Adrian's lap,on our bed,him restraining me from getting up.But it was all wrong.Its the way Edward used to hold me,when he held me.Too tight around the waist,straight-forward,trying to ignore turning me on.

I tried loosening his grip,but it was vise-tight."You're not going anywhere"he whispered in my ear.Tears ran down my eyes with a vengance.He let go of my waist-Thank fuck for that-and turned me in his lap so my head was on his shoulder, just the way I like it."Why are you crying?"His voice milky soft,like velvet,silk.

"Never hold me like that again"I ordered."Edward held me like that and it hurts around the waist alot"I said to my mate who looked confuesed until I explained.

Well I am sorry.Just let me know what things I do do the same as him.The last thing I need right now is to even hear about hte mothafucker"Adrian said."And I know what can make your side feel better"Adrian said.

"What?"I asked curiously."Just relax,and let your body feel what you feel"Adrian said and began masagging my shoulders.I had to admit that felt good.What the flying shit am I talking about.Amazing is how it felt.

Hey,you wanna draw me"I asked him.Adrian was a great artist,musician and just like anyone else in this family,had all his degrees and three powers which is being a shield,being able to control people and the people who disobeyed make their heads fall off.

"sure"He said as I walked to go change.I knew for a fact that Adrian only drew naked girls,so I put on nothing put the necklace he gave me on Christmas.I walked out there and he was sharpening his led.

He looked up at me and his jaw dropped."Get on the bed"he said."Don't you mean couch?"I asked him."Umm,right"He said,sounding a little unsure.

"Or,you can draw me tommorow,and we can play a game tonight."I whispered in his ear as I took his sketch pad from him,place it on the table and sat in his lap."Are you trying to seduce me,Isabella?"Asked a smiling Adrian."Call it what you want"I said.

And we played alot of rounds off that game that night.


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