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The land is barren, and most of the water has dried up. No one knows how it happened, but all who still have hope, hope for only one thing. Mew. Drake is among them, and is starting his Pokemon journey. He wants to bring back Mew, but waking up Mew without causing the chaos of bringing back Darkrai and Giratina looks almost impossible. Almost is the only word Drake needs. View table of contents...


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Chapter 6: Grimy

I followed Craig outside, where I heard someone shout, "Help!"

It was getting dark, and there was no one around, so I followed where the voice had been and saw a kid in an alley surrounded by five Grimers.

Realizing that I only had Flame and Bite, I released both, then told Flame to get help. Bite could only hold them off for so long. "Do you have any pokémon?" I asked the boy, who shook his head. "Don't fight Bite; just keep their attention on you!" I told my Poochyena. Bite got the Grimers' attention, and kept backing away slowly, so that they would follow. It worked for a while, but eventually, the Grimers got bored, and Bite had to attack to keep their attention.

It tackled and backed away a few times, and eventually the Grimers got agitated and attacked. I directed Bite for a while, but he got overtaken, and I had to recall him. The Grimers then looked at me, and were about to get me, when I heard a shout and a stream of water hit a Grimer, pushing it back. The rest of them were soon shot away as well, and I could see Thomas and Melody standing at the entrance to the alley. The kid ran out and away. I guess he didn't want to fight more Grimers.

I turned to Thomas, "Thanks!" Looking down at Flame, I told her, "Good job!" and recalled her.

Suddenly, a kid ran into the alley and shouted, "What did you do to my Grimies?! What?!"

I turn on him and tell him about the incident. I can see the understanding in his eyes, but he turns away and shouts, "Grimer killer! Grimer killer!" repeatedly, then runs off, presumably home. I shrugged and turned around, back to Thomas.

"Thanks again!" I tell him and he nods, blushing a little. Behind Thomas, I see movement and I guess it showed on my face, because Thomas turned around and together we watched the newcomer come out of the shadows. He was dressed in black, with a purple stripe down the side of his right sleeve. Behind him came a girl, dressed the same. Just by guessing, I could tell that this was another gang. They probably called themselves 'Team Purple-Stripe' or something like that. The two of them walked towards us, and I released Bite and Flame again. Melody still stood - or, rather, floated - beside Thomas.

The gang members released a Koffing, a Grimer, and a Garbodor to counter our pokémon. But the man held up a hand and said, "We only wish to talk…for now."

"We would like to talk to you about joining Team Poison. We are working on bringing back water!" The woman told us.

"How? And why should we join your team?" I countered.

"We can only tell you that if you join! And you should join…"

She left of meaning 'or else…' I decided to push the limits a bit. "But why? What do we get from joining?"

"Poison Pokémon! And information! We'll also speed up your training!"

"But I only like certain poison Pokémon! And not many of them! And what kind of information?! How do you speed up the training?!" I knew I was pushing it, and far.

"That's it! You'd probably just weigh us down anyway! Koffing! Smog!"

"Flame! Ember!" Ember cleared away the smog, but it seemed as if the two trainers had used the smog as a running-away tool, because they were nowhere to be seen. I recalled Flame and Bite, and along with Thomas, headed back to the Pokémon Centre to heal our Pokémon. There, I realized that the day was turning into night, and, again, I slept over at the Pokémon Centre.


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