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Dads New Girlfriend.

Novel By: Holly Blackwell
Fan fiction

Mum's gone, dad's looking after me. We have a brilliant mansion, dad has one of the best jobs in the UK, but there's someone new on the scence, well, three new people to be excact! View table of contents...



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Chapter 1.

I woke up to my cat rubbing,and purring herself on me. I scrunched my eyes up, and re-opened them again.

''Today is the day!'' I muttered to myself stroking Sparkles.

''Yes love, 11:00clock this morning?'' I heard dad on the phone to his new girlfriend.

Dad always classed Julie as his friend. Just a normal lady friend, but I class her as his girlfriend. When I tell dad you can't just be close freinds with a lady, he always says ''Yes you can, don't be so stupid'', or something like ''So you havn't got any close boy friends then?'' I havn't got any close boyfriends, we are only friends, and besides, everyone in my class says that you can't just be close friends with ladys! I agree with them! There was a smell of toast coming from downstairs in the kitchen. I couldn't resist it. I lifted Sparkles of me, and edged her on the end of my bad, and slipped my white dressing gown on, over my pyjama shorts, and my pyjama vest top. I left my creamy white door ajar, for Sparkles to come out, if she needed to, but she was already settling down. I walked down the laminte stairs, listening to dad's convorsation.

''OK love, see you at 11, yes love you too!''

I knew it! I raced down the hallway to the kitchen, where dad was sitting at the breakfast bar, with one of his best suits on.

''Who was that?'' I asked.

''Who was who?'' Dad replied.

''The person you was talking to on the phone, a second ago!''

''Oh, her, just a working buddy, you know, Kate!'' Dad wasn;t looking too sure.

''Kate? Oh, I never knew you loved her!'' I was being clever.

''Kate? No, I don't love her, who told you that?''

''Nobody told be dad!'' I was edging towars the breakfast bar, near to his phone. ''I heard you!'' I grabbed his phone before he could say anything, and looked onto his chat history. ''Haha! Julie! 6 calls! When did you ring Kate then, dad?'' I asked grinning.

''Alright, alright, you got me, but why does it matter to you?''

''It doesn't matter to me dad, what matters to me is, you are in your best work suit, you've had a wash, and a shave, and your clean. What's going on?'' I asked.

''I know Julie is coming over, but whenever you have anyone else over, you never even bother to make an effort!'' I added.

''Well, sherlock, I've not made an effort, yes Julie is coming over, but, she is coming to look after you!''

I was shocked. ''Me? Why?'' I exclamined.

''Because I have a very important work meeting to go to.''

''And? Why can't I just stay here on my own?''

''Because Chelsea, Julie was meant to be coming over anyway, but when I got offerd a promotion, I couldn't just throw it away! This could get me to the top of my carrer!''

''Dad, just cancell it for another day? Please!'' I begged.

''No Chelsea, this promotion could get me to the top of my carrerr, as I mentiod, and open my own buisness!''

''Dad, you already have the best job in the UK, a lovley daughter, winkwink, a lovley home, what else could you ask for?''

''Hmm... A new wife, three more kids, to fill the empty rooms, and probbly a new baby!''

''Oh, great!'' I was getting anoyed.

''C'mon Chelsea, chin up, at least she has kids!''

I was shocked even more. ''Kids?! How many?'' I exclamined.

''Three, One boy, and two girls.''

''And how old are they?'' I gasped.

''Erm.. Josh is 12, your age.. Tori is 5, and Ava is 2, nearly 3.''

''Oh my god dad, why does she have to look after us though? I mean, I'm perfectly capable.'' I smiled, trying to be an angel.

''Fine Chelsea, I'll call her up, she can come to the meeting with me, but you are staying her and looking after her three kids!'' Dad shouted.

I frownded, I was about to speak but dad raised his eyebrow.


''Good, I'll give her a call, hopefully bringing somebody along will give me good luck!


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