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Killing ain't a Game

Fan fiction

Jay Wilds is i guess you know Wild, and she loves dangerous games so why not play one just that this Game got a whole lot Crazy when she is asked to join a killing weapons dealer who won't take a no for an answer. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 4, 2012    Reads: 20    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

My number one rule of life is never get yourself into other peoples business cause it's going to bite you in the ass not saying it's a bad thing to help another but if I didn't I wouldn't

have an elite assaination group after my head and how did this happen was cause I broke my rule and kind of, accidentally messed up one of their jobs by saving the major of

aurora city. Anyway you see that girl sitting on the bench by that tree, yeah that's me. A glare caught my eye an instinct threw my body over; wham a dart piercing sound hit the

bench. Shit! A sniper , I threw myself up and started to run shoving at people along the way but something felt peculiar I stopped a man came forward and sent a chilling

message, don't move or your dead, meet me at glass bridge in thirty minutes remember were watching you. Flutters hit my stomach I gripped in the gun at my side.

Standing in the face of a gang of guys who want to kill you is like getting hit by a trunk then run over by a lawn mower. One car in front me and the back, three guys come out of the

first car then two more from behind. This the chick who messed you up? Yeah about that sorry I stood scratching my head. Are boss wants to meet you little lady what's your

name, jay wilds I reply. I hear you got some moves where'd you learn that from? Natural instincts I guess. Anyway again sorry about messing your job up but can I go. I start to

back up and turn to make a run when I hit a giant blob of a wall, I look up and giant man with a smile looked down where you going to little jay wilds? Another came this one big

heavy duty black car and with that you could guess a big ass scary man would come out, yet once again maybe this isn't no definitely not like any movie I have ever seen. A young

man with a silver/grey pony tail comes out of the van not including a group of three guys who are about the age of 18. The smell on them are unmistakable they are the real deal

killers even a hint of blood on them as a souvenir. My name is Richard hem nice to meet you jay wilds. Sorry about messing with your job I said. No that's ok actually I would like

you to join my work I just need to see your skills. My breath relaxed at an easy pace sure here I'll tell you what I know just from you stepping out of that car. This caught the

attention of the group and Richard. The moment you stepped out I knew that these guys don't even amount to the three guys behind you, they truly are wolfs in sheep clothing.

They all kept looking at me. Not even that but I can smell gun powder on all of you and blood so you probably killed someone not to long ago, there are also guns in each of

your pockets not including the snipers that are laid along the roof right now but the most funny thing about this whole screw up of a mess is that your surrounded. This caught

Richard by surprise really he said? He turned to the group behind, are we he asked? I heard a gasp get down Richard the tall brown one in the group shoves Richard down

following the sound of a wham. That's my chance; I pull a gun from my sleeve and angle myself with a click the gun sounded, bam, bam, bam and then complete silence. But

you know the greatest surprise in all of this is I asked? Richards's group looked at me. Is that you may be sheep in wolf clothing but I am a girl hiding a killing rage of anger

that's really easy to piss off. I crotched down and looked at their Richard who know picked him up and the thing is you really piss me off I pointed the gun at him but more clicks

came from behind and knew that that I'd be full of holes. Your lucky you got a good gang of wolves with you I said .anyway ciao Richard Hems next time I might actually join. I

calmly walked away..


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