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Don't Expect Me To Be Nice

By: iCassidyN

Chapter 1, Lexi never liked sunshine, or anything colourful. She is mean. Not nice. She likes everything black and dark. Nothing sweet and adorable.

Chapter 001

Like everyone else did, I would put my bag in my locker and head to class. My bag strap fell off my shoulder and I slipped it into my locker. Mrs Field walked past and smiled. I put on a fake smile and continued to the playground. I hate it. All the kids swinging on the monkey bars and having fun. Fun is stupid. In fact everything they do at school is stupid. I hate it all.

Fern looked at me. She saw me frowning and clapped. What?

"You are truly amazing young Lexi." She said.

"What?" I asked.

"Look at you! You can make everything seem depressing. You smile at nothing!"

"That is not true."

"Yes it is."

"No it isn't. I smile at everything dark."

Fern nodded.


Fern walked off, leaving me by myself. I continued frowning. The playground was my hell. Hell was my heaven. Does that mean anything? I am bad, not sweet. You understand? Ok, let's get some things straight. I hate all things pretty. I love all things dark. I love flames and things that are deathly. I hate everything the opposite. Ok? Pretty easy to remember. But tell me this, you will remember.


How it happened...

I was sititng alone at a park mench. Everything was pretty and quiet. Then out of no where, thunder struck. I was frightened, but I kind of liked it. I heard a scream, all the birds flew away. I saw a ghastly figure and it disappeared. I loved it all.

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