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Warrior Heroes KC Story Book 2: Solar Winds

Novel By: icebelly
Fan fiction

It has been about a three weeks since the death of Alice. KC does not know it but there is going to be a new battle about to happen with Darkness.
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Submitted:Jan 11, 2009    Reads: 101    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   


If you are now just catching up the KC story well then go back and read Book One: Darkness Riseing. Cause you are going to be confused.


Two travelers seek help:

Night fall on the small island of Solar Wind Isle as a young man sits outside. His brown hair blowing in the breeze as the young teen looked out into the open sea. "Jake?" said a voice from behind him. He turned to see a small girl with brown hair with a rose in her hair. "Nothing Luxa" He said walking over to her. "Why done you go back to bed? You know we have to travel much more until we are safety with grandma." Luxa looked at him her green eyes shining in moonlight and said "Because I can not sleep I guess it was that soda I had about an hour ago." Her voice full of energy, "and I miss Mom and Dad." Her voice saddens with each word about there Mother and Father. Jake looked at her and said "Why don't we go to BP and get something to eat then we will leave." She looked at him and said "Ok." He knew how she feel cause they lost there parent early that year during autumn, but he is always kept the note that they found at there parents murder all them month ago.

Dear Stone's Children,

You are lucky we spared your life but we will be back for you soon. We will love to kill you back then but we will be back for to be killed.

D.C. Leader

Jake still got chills down his spine reading that. He had moved his sister and him to another location so they would not find them. They walked up to the store as he just all them back memories. "Jake, stop think about the dark night." For some reason, Jake always was thinking about his sister .Just then a dark figure came out of the Darkness and said "Are you Jake and Luxa." Jake looked putting his sister behind him. "I am Rosestar of the HeroesClan. Her voice clam and sweet. I have came to take you to the other ones. Jake looked and said "Luxa run!." Luxa started to run. Jake looked at her and said "You are not taking." He looked at her and charged at the woman. She dodge and Jake ran up to the stone wall behind her and jumps off it toward the woman. Rosestar turn then teleported to three feet where she was. Jake still came at her and then he then started to fly at her. He had grown wings and he came at her and said " Now try to battle me." He started into the air and then changing into a wolf of some sort and said "NOW TAKE THIS." He started to flap his wings sending needles at Rosestar. Rosestar then teleported to him throwing him to the ground having him pined on the ground and She said " NOW STOP IT." Her voice sharp as nails. "You and your sister need help." She looked at Luxa as she came out shadow. "You have help us now are you going to help us?" Jake looked at her and said "Will me and my sister be safe from D.C. there?"

Luxa looked at her and said "I will be right back." She ran out. Rosestar looked and said "Ok" She lead Jake to the van. Luxa went to the bathroom and when she came back they was in a van. Luxa then heard something from the van. Finally I have the brats and they fail for Rosestar's Body form. She heard the fake Rosestar think. She yelled "JAKE GET OUT." Then the fake Rosestar realized that she knew what Luxa had read her mind. So she grab Jake knocking him out with a gas and diving off. Luxa stood there in the middle of the road. She started to cry until a woman with red hair came to her and said "Are you Luxa?" Luxa looked at her and said "Yes." then the woman said "I am the real Rosestar."


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