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The Half Breed

By: IceBreaker

Chapter 5,

Chapter 5: Welcome to my world.

16 years later.............

Dalton's POV

I was different. I always knew that. I was a half human, half vampire hybrid. And yes....I was a freak of nature. I was sixteen years old and I was beyond sick of my uncle. My uncle Cyan. He made me train everyday. But he never told me what for. What was I fighting for?

My mother died having me and I was told that she and my dad loved each other so much and he was devastated when she died. Cyan told me he didn't know rather my dad was alive or dead. I wanted to know the truth. I deserved the truth.

My heart basically dropped when I saw Alessa as I walked towards my school. I smiled widely. She ran off the school stairs and ran to me. I picked her up and twirled her around. I sat her down as her scent began to slowly overwhelm me. She didn't know about my secret. And I wanted to tell her but it was.......hard. "I missed you so much." She said running her fingers through her wavy brunette hair. She wore a small smile on her face. "I missed you. I mean I haven't seen you in twelve hours." She laughed and hugged me again. She smelled so good. Too good. I resisted the urge to allow my fangs to slide out and bite into her beautiful delicious flesh. She pulled back at the right time. "Ready for the first day of eleventh grade?"

"No." I answered. She shrugged. "Ah, you'll make it through. Tenth grade was a breeze." Easy for her to say. She's not the one struggling with her thirst every day. She had her fingers intertwined in mine as we walked up the stairs to Ariel High school.

My best friend, Kenny, soon joined us as we walked into the building. "You know what I hate?" He asked. I raised my eyebrow as an answer. "Waking up. It's so irritating."

"So are you." I muttered. Kenny punched my arm playfully. Kenneth Armstrong was a badass. More dangerous than me and I was a half vampire. He wasn't afraid to express himself. I wish I was more like him. I went to my locker and Alessa leaned against the lovker that was next to mine. "Are you planning on skipping today?" My eyebrows pulled together as I looked at her. "Why exactly would I skip?" I asked. She shrugged. "Because you did on the first day of tenth grade."

I remember that day. Unfortunately, I got put in the home ec. classroom. I know. Just the name makes it sound like I was in hell. I had no idea how I ended up in that class. The girls were cooking and one of them cut their finger by accident. While the girls were panicking and screaming, I was trying hard to not kill the girl who cut her finger and drain her dry. But obviously......I got over it. Cyan told me that I, as a half vampire have one rule. Do not let anyone know of or see my vampire side. Eight years ago, I slipped up and told Kenny about me. He wasn't freaked out. He thought it was awesome.

"I'm not going to skip today." I said. She smiled and swirled her neckalace around her finger. I've had feelings for Alessa for three years now. It was something about her. But I didn't see her as my meal like I saw for other humans. I saw her as a young attractive girl that makes my heart beat fast whenever I see her.

"Have fun in mythology." I froze and stared at her.

"Have fun in what?" What did she mean mythology? Was she referring to my vampire side? She couldn't have been. I didn't tell her and I know that Kenny wouldn't tell her. Would he?

"Mythology. I snuck a peek at your schedule and you have it first." Great. Mythology. That's all I needed right now. I sighed. "Sounds like fun." I said indifferently.

"Come on! Get excited! I have to go to history and learn about wars and the governement but get to go to mytholgy where you learn about werewolves and gods and vampires." I winced on the last word. "Like I said before, sounds like fun." She sighed as I placed my bookbag into my locker and got out a journal and pen. I shut my locker. I placed my lips on hers ever so delicatly. Our make out sessions would sometimes get too serious. And it normally takes everything in me to not bite into her flesh. I couldn't help myself sometimes. Her fingers ran through my hair as she pulled me closer to her. Her lips were soft and tasted sweet like candy. The bell rang and students began to rush to class. I pulled back and looked back in Alessa's eyes. "Have fun being bored." She giggled as she walked away towards the stairs.

I walked into my mythology class and everyone were already there eyeing me as I sat down. A man was writing something on the board. The word 'Mythology'. Bring on the awkwardness.

A girl with black hair walked in. She had on fishnets and a black skirt. She had on a tank top and a black half jacket, black boots and eye liner was covering her eyes. The man turned to look at her. "Sorry I'm late." She said. He shrugged and went back to writing something on the board. The girl sat to the empty seat that was next to me. The man turned around and sat the chalk down on his desk. "Okay. My name is Mr. DeLoric." The name was written on the board. I sighed.

"Who knows what Mythology is?" He asked. I looked around and no one had their hand up. I looked back to him. His eyes were on me. "You." He pointed to me. I sat up in my seat and kept my focus on my desk. I cleared my throat. "Um. Mythology is like made up myths?" I looked back up at him.

He looked disappointed in my answer but that's the only way I knew to explain it. "Yeah. But I was looking for a better definition." He said. His eyes roamed around the room and stopped at the girl that was sitting next to me. "What about you?" He asked her. She licked her lips and her eyes glanced at me for a second. I glanced away and leaned on my elbow.

"Mythology is stories about make believe people, places or things." Mr. DeLoric nodded. "Exactly. Care to give me some examples?" He asked. She nodded. "Um. Unicorns, Fairies, Atlantis, Aliens, Werewolves, Vampires." Mr. Deloric looked at me as she said the word 'vampire' and I sat up. He turned his gaze away and sat at his desk.

"I would like to go around the room. And everyone to tell me about their favorite fiction character that is in a tv show, movie or book." Everyone talked about cartoons and scary movies. When it came my turn, he made me stand up. "I don't exactly have a favorite character from anywhere." I said. Mr. DeLoric cocked his head to the side. "You're not a fan of anything? Mr.......?

"My name is Dalton Khaymen and no. I'm not a fan of anything at all." He smiled a little. "That's very interesting, Dalton." I sat back down not saying another word. God. I couldn't wait to get back home.

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