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The Half Breed

By: IceBreaker

Chapter 6,

Chapter 6: Can't always forget


Once school was out, me and Alessa walked to my house, as we got in, I couldn't hear Cyan. It was a good thing that it was hardly ever sunny outside. As long as we have enough human blood in our system, the sun won't burn us. I closed the door behind me and smiled at her. She smiled back at me. I was pressed against the door as I looked down at her beautiful lips. She grabbed my face in her hands. Her hands were so warm and so were her lips as they pressed against mine. I closed my eyes and tried to keep my inner vampire inside of me. My hands were on her back and lifted her shirt slightly. I wanted to feel all of Alessa. Me and Alessa never did anything. She wasn't ready. I was more than okay with that though. I would wait forever if I had to.....for her.

She pulled away and grabbed my hand bringing me onto the couch with her. She smiled as she laid on the couch and I laid on top of her. We didn't talk. There was nothing but silence and that's exactly what I needed. I raised her shirt up a little and saw her pink bra. I kissed around it and below her belly button. She let out small moans and placed her hand in my hair. She smelled so....unbelievable. My tongue was now on her stomach licking the sweetness of her flesh. But I wanted more. I craved more. Without warning, my fangs slid out and I sunk my teeth into her. She screamed and tried to push me off but I held her down. I took my teeth out of her stomach and looked at her. Fear was in her eyes but even that couldn't control my thirst. I growled at her and went up and buried my fangs into the vein that pumped hot, thick blood in her neck.

She screamed louder and begged for me to stop. But I couldn't. I just....couldn't. The vampire side of me was out finally. It's been held in for so long. "Please. I love you." She cried and at that moment, I stopped. Even though I so badly wanted to continue my......feast, I couldn't because she used the L word. This was a human being. My human being. This was my girlfriend who I cared about so much. How could I do this to her? I sat up and she pushed me off of her. "I'm so sorry." I said as she grabbed her shirt. "Stay away from me." She said as tears slowly trailed down her eyes. As soon as she was about to grab the door knob, I pushed her hard against the door. Her eyes were widened in fear. "How did you get over here so fast?" I hated to do this to her but I couldn't stand her being angry with me. I stared deep into her eyes until she was under my control. "Alessa, you will forget everything I did to you in the last ten minutes. I am telling you I'm tired so you're going to give me a kiss and leave without being angry with me." Her eyes stayed focus on mine as I told her this.

She closed her eyes and she no longer looked hypnotized. She smiled at me and kissed me quickly. "Go take a nap, babe. I'll see you tomorrow." She said opening the door and closing it. I sighed. I didn't like using mind control on people. Especially the people I care about.

The door swung open and Cyan walked in the room. He had blood trailing down his chin and a satisfied look on his face. He noticed my bad mood and closed the door. "What's wrong?" He asked. I sighed and looked onto the couch where spots of blood stained the olive green couch. "Whose blood is that?" He asked "Alessa's." I sighed. Cyan froze and looked at me shocked. He's been against me being close to anybody. He felt that I could lose control at any time. I was trying to prove him wrong but because of what happened today, maybe he was right. I should cut off all contact with humans. But I was still human. Well....partly. I still needed people to talk to.

"Is she......?" He thinks I'd be capable of killing my girlfriend? I shook my head no to his unfinished question.

"I only fed from her a little and I used mind control to make her forget." Cyan's expression softened. Relief washed over his facial features.


“No. It isn’t, Cyan. That is the third time, I’ve gotten too rough with her and used mind control to make her forget. I can’t keep doing that.”

Cyan sighed and sat down on the couch across from me.

“I really think you should take a break from, Alessa. I mean what if this time, you couldn’t stop feeding? It’s hard to consider the human’s feelings when you’re feeding from them. You just have to make sure you care enough to stop feeding.”

“But I did stop. So obviously I do care. I love Alessa with all my heart. And I will never feed from her again.” He must have heard the lie as clearly as I did. I could still taste her blood on my tongue and lips. I couldn’t deny the amazing taste of it.

‘You should really start blocking out your thoughts.’  Cyan said telepathically. I sighed. I loved that me and him could read each other’s thoughts but I sometimes wish he couldn’t. I like to think to myself.

‘You should really stop reading my thoughts.’ I replied in my head.

“Why don’t you just stop thinking about her blood and just take it? I assure you won’t feel guilty afterwards. You’ve been saying for years you loved her too much to feed from her but we can both see the hunger in your eyes when you think about her.”

“I’m not a monster, Cyan. And I refuse to do the things that a monster such as you, would do.” I got up and stormed upstairs. I felt bad for what I just said but in a way, he deserved it. Cyan always told me that I should feed from Alessa if I wasn’t going to stop talking to her. That I should make her my own personal……snack machine. But I couldn’t do that to her.

Cyan was reckless when it came to humans. He goes for the sick. The elderlies and adults. I know that was what a vampire did but I can’t help but think what if I turned into that same monster one day? What would I do?


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