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The Half Breed

Novel By: IceBreaker
Fan fiction

A vampire uses a human to procreate a half breed son who's more dangerous than he thinks. View table of contents...


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Chapter 8:Out in the open

Once class was out, I threw my stuff in my locker and got out my biology book. Alessa came down the hall and Taylor was right next to her. My eyebrows pulled together as I slammed my locker shut. I never felt this feeling. Was it...jealousy? Must be a human emotion. When Alessa saw me, she looked scared. I walked up to her and Taylor. "Nice to see you two getting along." I said harshly glaring back and forth between them too. Taylor smiled slightly and put an arm around Alessa. "I know right?"

"No, Dalton, it's not what you think. I promise." Alessa said shrugging Taylor's arm off of her. I let out a sigh trying to calm myself down. Damn teenage drama.
"Keep telling youself that, Alessa." Taylor said. He walked away while glaring at me. She looked at me with an apologetic look on her face. "He just started following me and start talking to my about what Kenny did earlier." I nodded. I know that Alessa was faithful. That's what I loved about her. A huge bang echoed throughout the halls behind me and I turned to see the goth girl, Alison pushing Taylor against the lockers. She glared at him ferociously. "Touch my ass again and you're dead meat. Got it?" She asked. He nodded quickly. She let go of his shirt and glanced at me once before walking away. If a girl could stand up to Taylor, I should be able to. "Do you like her or something?" I heard Alessa say. I turned back to her realizing that I was staring at Alison until she turned the corner. "No. I love you. You know that." A small smile appeared on her face. "Yeah, I know." She blushed and tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. "Have fun in your next class." She nodded and kissed me on my cheek before she walked down the hall away from me. My next class was with Kenny. Geometry. One of the worst classes a human could have. He sat all the way in the back and I sat beside him. "Guess what?" He asked. I looked at him. "I have another dentention." I smiled. "Who were you kissing this time?"

"Kayla's sister but in my defense, she's pretty hot and I could not resist. And even the principle have to admit that."

"You're a hopeless wreck, Kenny." I said and began to listen as the geometry teacher began to talk about unecessary stuff I learned in the tenth grade. A soft breeze came in the open window and I suddenly saw a black hawk on the window sill. My eyes grew wide. There wasn't hawks in Florida. At least I don't think there was. I tapped Kenny on his arm. He looked at me bored out of his mind. I pointed to the window and he looked. "Whoa. What the hell?" It's eyes were dark. It's feathers were all black. I never seen an all black hawk before. I suddenly heard screaming from the other side of the room. I turned and a girl was backed against the wall pointing to the hawk in the widow. The room erupted in screams and the teacher ran over and- before he could close the window, the hawk flew in with fast speed. Kenny got up falling out of his desk as he backed up against the wall in fear. Everyone began running out. Everyone but me and Kenny. It seemed that we were trapped. It's main focus was on me.

As if it was glaring at me. It was on my desk and I slowly got up not taking my eyes off of it. Part of me was scared but part of me wasn't. And I wasn't sure which part I should trust. It made a 'cawing' sound. I was now against the wall, my eyes wide from fear. It cawed again and then flew towards the window and out. My heart beat was still beating fast. I looked down and Kenny was whimpering. I relaxed and walked over and closed the window. I leaned against it still in shock from what just happened. I slowly looked over as Kenny got up. "Dude, I think I just wet my pants. Seriously." I sighed and closed my eyes.


"Are you serious?!" Alessa asked as I told her what happened in Geometry. We were in the cafeteria. I nodded. "Yeah. I was the only one that was not scared. Everybody else was screaming." Kenny said taking a sip of his water. I looked at him in disbelief. "You peed your pants , Kenny. You were more scared than everyone else." He shrugged.

Alessa touched my shoulder. "I'm glad you okay." She said kissing my cheek softly. Kenny clucked his tongue. "I was scared to. Can I have a kiss on the cheek?" I pushed his arm. "Go find your own girl." I said. He chuckled and began eating his pizza. I turned back to Alessa. "Hey, I want to give you something. It's in my locker." I said grabbing her hand. She followed me down the hall and I put in my combination code. I grabbed the small rectangular black box and grabbed her arm leading her to a small room that not alot of people was aware of. I sometimes came here when the scent of humans got to be too much. I closed the door and turned to her. "What is it?" She asked through the slight darkness. It was vey dim in the room.

I handed it to her and she flashed me a bright smile before opening the box. She sucked in a breath and smiled widely down at the silver bracelet. The silver bracelet had a medium sized glass heart on it and two smaller glass hearts on the side of the bigger one. When she looked up at me, I could see tears glittering in her eyes. "Why are you giving this to me?" She asked. "Why do you think? What do you think the heart represents?" She looked back down at it. I lifted her chin so that I can stare into her warm brown eyes. "The heart represents my love for you, Alessa." I answered. She nodded and looked back down at the bracelet. She was at lost for words. I chuckled and grabbed the bracelet out of the box and hooked it around her wrist. She looked at her wrist and then back up to me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply.

I loved the feeling of her body against mine. Her lips were sweet. Her smell was irresistable. I had to compose myself. I pressed her against the wall and kissed her neck. I could hear the blood flowing through her veins. I felt my fangs slide out of my gums and I can feel myself about to lose control. I growled unexpectantly and bit into her neck. She let out a cry of pain and I covered her mouth with my hand as I let her blood fill me. I felt her blood enter my veins. It didn't calm me down, it just made me want more. She gasped and let out more muffled screams. I closed my eyes and continue to accept her blood that was on my tongue. I was killing her. I have to fight. I have to fight. But this is so good. Too good. This isn't right. I loved this girl. Didn't I? With all my strength, I pulled away from her. I looked into her wide startled eyes and tears were streaking down her cheeks. I pulled my hand away and stared at her. "W-What are you?" She asked.

I looked down at the floor. It was time I told her but what if she wanted nothing else to do with me? I sighed. I looked into her eyes and she looked back into mine. She looked at me into oblivion. "You do not remember this. None of this. The last thing you remember was that you left the lunchroom to go to the bathroom and you're going to sit back down and continue your lunch. You saw me go to the boy's bathroom and you're going to tell Kenny that I'll be back in a second." I said. She nodded slowly still staring into my eyes.

"Go to the bathroom and wipe off the blood that's on your neck. Don't tell anyone how it got there. As far as you know, you don't even remember." She nodded again and opened the door and left out. I sighed and leaned against the wall with my head tilted upwards looking at the dim light. I was so close to killing her. Killing the girl that I loved. I'm a monster.

I opened the door and closed it. I started down the hall and Mr. DeLoric was walking towards me. He stopped and looked at me in shock. "Um.........Dalton...is that...blood coming down you lips and chin?" I looked down to see small dots of Alessa's blood on my shirt. I gupled internally. I looked back at him. "No. It's actually ketchup." I lied. I felt weird. It felt as if someone was in my head. I feel the same thing I feel whenever Cyan is reading my thoughts. My eyes grew wide. Was Mr. DeLoric reading my thoughts? He smiled. "Okay. Have a nice day, Dalton." He said as he walked pass me. I looked after him. Was Mr. DeLoric a vampire?

No. Impossible. Why would a vampire be a teacher? I went to my locker and grabbed my black hoody to hide the blood stains. I went to the bathroom and wiped my face and chin of the blood. I brushed my black bangs out from my face and sighed looking at my appearence. My eyes were still black. They're normally a light brown. But they always turn black whenever my fangs come out. I never knew why.

I walked back into the cafeteria. Alessa smiled at me and continued her lunch. Kenny was looking at her. Well...her wrist. "Where did you get that?" He asked looking at her bracelet. She smiled at it at first and then frowned as she looked at him. Her eyebrows pulled together. "I......don't remember." She responded. He looked confused but went back to his lunch. I looked back over to Alessa. I looked at the vein that pumped throughout her neck. I swallowed and looked more closely at it. I got closer and smelled her hair and rubbed my lips against her neck. I kept my eyes closed.

I felt someone grip my shoulder tightly. "Um......Dalton...what are you doing? Especially in front of all these witnesses." Kenny said as if he was trying to hint at something. I quickly pulled away and looked at the table. We were in a room full of witnesses. Even if we wasn't....it would still be a bad idea. It was official.....I am a monster. And now I have to break up with the one girl I've ever loved bacause I wanted to kill her.


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