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Secret Uchiha Girl

Novel By: IkaInsomniacLuu
Fan fiction

Team 7 has just form and in fact they just came back from the land of waves, where they fought zabuza. Lord hokage then throws in an unexpected person. Who is this person? How will team seven and the rest of the genins react? Read to find out View table of contents...


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UploadedfromthePhotobucketiPhoneApp ^Introduction^ Kikiyomi Uchiha -height) 5'3" -weight) 130 -eye color) turquoise -hair) long(up to lower back) blue black in color -ranking) special jonin -family ties( N/A -Other) N/A Characters involved; Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, Kakashi Hatake, Lord Hokage(3rd). (Setting) Team 7 was called in earlier that day by lord hogake. They stood in lord hogakes office; Sarutobi, lord 4th, was as usual sitting at his chair smoking out of his pipe. . . While he inhaled he glanced up at kakashi, locking eyes with the jonin he exhaled and smiled. Naruto watching the old man couldn't take the silence any longer and burst out. "Old man why did you bring us here?!" the young kunoichi known as Sakura clenched her fist and made a face at naruto before letting her fist pound against the blonde hair boys head "Shut it Naruto! Don't talk to lord hokage like that!!" upon getting hit with much strength by Sakura he lay motionless on the ground with a pained look in his facial features "S-Sakura that hurt.." Sasuke, like always, simply looked at naruto and made a disgusted face "Hn.. Baka.." seeing how his students were getting a little impatient he waved his hands from side to side "Now now, don't kill each other. Lord hokage has something important to say to us so lets pay attention.." With that lord hogake stood up and walked to the open window which overlooked Konohagure. "Team 7 will be receiving a new member today. I know it's sudden and I know it's an uneven balance to the group but I find no other group suited for this task, with kakashi in charged I trust this new member will get along just fine.." Upon hearing lord hogakes words naruto sat up with his legs crossed "So.. Who is he?" Lord hogake simply smiled and turned to face the group of genins "It's not a he.. It's a she." Sakura flinch a bit her inner self lashing out "CHAAAA!!! A girl!? She better not get close to my Sasuke!!" shaking her head lightly she took a breath and spoke "Who is she lord hogake?" "Her name is Kikiyomi Uchiha." All three genins gasped. Sasuke took a step forward in surprise a he had never heard of this member this so called Kikiyomi. "What!? That's a lie! All the Uchiha are dead, and there is none by the name of Kikiyomi, I should know! The Uchiha clan was my clan!!" Letting the genins get their questions out lord hogake simply took another drag out of his pipe and nodded a bit "Yes, Sasuke, I understand what your trying to say.. But.. Kikiyomi is truly an Uchiha. I recon you never heard of her before only because she was kept a secret, only a few selected uchihas and jonins were knowledgable of her. One of these was Your father, itachi, kakashi, me, and ibuki. She isn't an ordinary girl-" Sasuke still thinking that this was all a lie cut lord hogakes sentence off "No! I don't beilive you!!" Sakura seeing that her dear beloved was angered raised her voice "There is no way lord hogake! How could she have survived then..!" Kakashi knowing all to well that this outburst would happen raised his voice in a tone with authority "Enough team 7!! Let lord hokage talk!" hearing this sudden yell from kakashi made the two genins quickly shut their mouths and listen. Lord hogake seemingly unfazed by kakashi's outburst began to speak once more. "She survived that night.. Because she was under mine and ibukis care, you see as I said before she isn't a normal Uchiha... But enough of that. I want you to meet her." With these final words spoken the door to lord hogakes office opened slowly. A girl with long black-blue hair stepped in. She wore tight dark blue mid-thigh legging shorts along with a dark purple shirt. Her skin tone was pale, almost as pale as snow. Raising her hand up to her face she brushed aside her long bangs, revealing her light turquoise colored eyes. Letting her hand fall back to her side she tilted her head as her eyes locked onto sasukes, her left eye brow then raised. Lord hogake pleased to see Kikiyomi smiled as the other genins stood there speechless and motionless. "Ahh Kikiyomi! So glad you could join us." Kikiyomi lifted her eyes from Sasuke and smiled slightly at lord fourth "Please Sarutobi, call me Kiki.. And I'm glad to be here.. In the very least to say." her eyes then returned to sasukes. Kakashi also delighted to see her raised his middle finger and index finger up into a peace sign "Yo Kiki." Smiling she stepped forward and lifted her hands up behind her head "Kakashi! You sexual book worm xD!!" kakashi hearing this old teasing comment smiled and rubbed the back of his head "Now, Kiki, don't embarrass me." shaking his head lightly lord hogake looked back at Kikiyomi. "Well Kiki I'm sure you'll be glad to know that you'll be joining kakashi's group as of today.. These three in front of you will be your team mates. Team 7, introduce yourselves." as always naruto stood up and pointed his thumb at himself "My name is Naruto Uzumaki the greatest ninja alive! I live and breath ramen and soon I will be the hogake!!" rolling her eyes slightly Sakura raised her hand in a sort of greeting "Hi, my name Is Sakura Haruno." lastly sasukes turn was up. His eye brows scrunched together he simply stared at Kikiyomi. Kikiyomi staring right back smirked and placed her hands at her hips "What punk? Did you forget your name or something?" Sakura hearing kikiyomis words made her insides boil her inner self acting up again. "JUST YOU WAIT YOU LONG HAIRED FAKE UCHIHA!! NO ONE TALKS TO SASUKE LIKE THAT!!" Sasuke gritting his teeth together slowly but surly started to speak. "My name is.. Sasuke UCHIHA." Kikiyomi already knowing this looked at her fingernails intensely. "Never heard of you." kakashi already stressed out let out a small sigh of exhaustion "Kiki introduce yourself n.n'" Putting her hand back down she smirked once again and tilt her head to the other side. "My name is Kikiyomi Uchiha. I'm the strongest kunoichi in this village. And also the strongest Uchiha. Hmph!" Sasuke getting irritated clenched his fists together and closed his eyes and only let out his usual "Hn.." Lord hogake being pleased with the results of the introductions sighed, "Alright. Sakura, naruto your dismissed." Sakura and naruto looked at each other and shrugged. They then began to walk towards the door Sasuke following behind. "Sasuke you stay," lord hogake glanced up at him. Sasuke stopped in his tracks and turned back around to face lord hogake. "What.." Lord fourth set his pipe down on his desk and waited as naruto and Sakura left his office. Once they had left lord hokage sat back down and motioned for Kikiyomi and Sasuke to step forward, "Sasuke, Kikiyomi will be staying with you at your apartment.." both Sasuke and Kikiyomi spoke up in surprise. "WHAT!?" Kikiyomi motioning with her hands pointed at Sasuke, "He looks like a rapist, lord hogake!!" Sasuke quickly losing his temper slammed his fist against the lords desk. "You don't honestly think I have room for her at my place do you!?" "Enough! Kikiyomi, right now sasukes place is the only place I can think of where you can stay. Sasuke, I know you have enough room for her." Kikiyomi and Sasuke then turned to face each other with the same nasty smirk on their faces a little electricity shooting form both of their eyes, finally they would both agree, "Fine.." FFW》 Sasuke leading the way to his apartment thought to himself •Why the hell do I have to get stuck with a brat like her?• Kikiyomi only followed him, her eyes glued up to the darkened sky •when was the last time I was out..• shaking her head gently she sighed •That's right.. Never• Sasuke finally reaching his home stopped abruptly, Kikiyomi not noticing crashed right into him "What the!! Watch where your going brat!" "Watch where you stand peacock!" Sasuke now extremely annoyed just opened the door and slipped out of his ninja sandle, Kikiyomi did the same as she followed him inside. "Ok.. Your room is straight and to the left. The bathroom is the one one in the middle.." Kikiyomi looked around the apartment, surprised at how clean it was. "I'm guessing you don't do much around here..?" "Hmph, it's non of your business..", with these words Sasuke walked into the kitchen and placed the keystone the table top. Kikiyomi mean while scanned the livingroom and hallway. Raising her voice a bit she yelled back at Sasuke, " The one on the left is mine right?" Sasuke feeling some what calm now walked into the hallway and stood a couple of feet behind her, "Yeah.. That one is yours." Kikiyomi for some strange reason brightness up; as if she had just won a grand prize. Sasuke astounded by her quickly looked away and began to think to himself, •what the hell am I doing!?• Sasuke quickly regaining his appearance opened his bedroom door and began to walk in , just befor he closed his door Kikiyomi poked her head out of her door and smiled brightly. "Hey peacock, goodnight!" Sasuke only looked away and responded, "Go to sleep brat.. Goodnight.."


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