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Neekas and inlalaland stuff

Novel By: inlalaland
Fan fiction

This is the story that Neekas and I are writing. But it changes alot and you will have to go back and forth between our pages to read certain chapters, so beware. =) View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 29, 2012    Reads: 82    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   


"I think we missed our exams today," Aaron said. He leaned back in his chair and unintentionally fell with his back against the front of Ben's house.

"Dude. My mom is asleep. I don't want that dumb, raggedy chair hitting my house and making a bunch of noise."

"You're such a momma's boy."

"Shut up," Ben retorted, and took another sip of his mind numbing drink. He missed too much today. Exams, which he could always make up, but also his satisfaction from today-- the day that he would never see again. He couldn't be upset about that especially when his day was like every other day. School, home, and all over again. Life was chiseling away at him though. It wasn't all that it seemed. It was a specious, empty void of habits, those habits being drinking and smoking. He had to quit. "Bah," Benjamin shrugged, not really meaning it. "We can make them up."

"Yep. Just like the other fifteen freaking assignments."

"I dunno. I just feel like the whole thing is pointless. I don't wanna work at any job that involves any book smarts."

The statement was followed by laughter from a partially sober mind and another sip. Aaron continued to gaze straight in front of him at the view of nothing but quiet emptiness, and Ben flexed his arms behind his head to rest it in his palms. Today just felt tired. The neighborhood-- Pennsylaviania either needed something to happen, or needed to raise someone famous. And until then, Benjamin would probaly drink himself into the point of no return. Maybe if he was lucky, he'd be reincarnated into Kurt Cobain. "You have any gigs this weekend?"

"Uh, no. Why?"

Benjamin shrugged. Maybe not Cobain, but himself. . . "I need something to do on the weekends."

"So? What's wrong with what you normally do?"

He looked at the porch coffee table. A fly buzzed in a circle a few times, then landed on his cup of beer. "What's fun about it?"

"And what's fun about being in a band?" Aaron challenged.


"If you want something to do on the weekends, make your own band."

That was what he was going for. And to be able to compete with Aaron was even better. Once Aaron saw the teethy, dorky grin on Ben's face, he sat up and double took.

"Aw man! You aren't gonna make some stink cover band, are you?''

Ben got up, smiled even bigger, and began humming the tune of Nevermind album song, Polly.


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