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Twilimum: Twilight meets Maximum Ride

Novel By: Jacobella22
Fan fiction

Pretty self explanatory? No? okaaaay... Characters of Twilight meet the characters in MR. Now do you geddit? (yep) Thank goodness! I was getting a little worried there! LOL View table of contents...



Submitted:Apr 25, 2008    Reads: 395    Comments: 3    Likes: 0   

Part 1: Introductions

"What a dork" Edward mumbled, too deep and fast for anyone to hear except for his family and me. Jasper and Emmett chuckled but were abruptly silenced when Alice bounded forward and gave each of the Flock a greeting kiss on the cheek. "Hey!! That's so not fair! I don't get a greeting kiss whenever we meet!!" Jasper complained. Alice turned back to her beau "First of all, we just met Max and her lovely flock" she explained "And second, you get way too many kisses!" Jasper seemed satisfied but punched Emmett and Edward when they hooted at him.

"What a jerk" Fang thought. "I totally agree, Fang!" Angel chimed. Fang looked down at her at scowled. "Sorry" Angel's smile faded and she hung her head. "So, Mr. Patterson forced you into this, huh?" I asked, breaking the awkward silence. "Uh, yeah." Max replied, hesitantly. Edward stiffened as I nudged him in the back, urging him to say something. "Uh, so you are all siblings, am I correct?" he asked, looking away. "As a matter of fact we are…" Fang butted in. "Fang!" Max hissed. "I have a feeling these kids aren't going to get along very well" Carlisle muttered "You're dang right we aren't" Edward hissed back "Their freaks!" throwing an accusing finger at the Flock. "And you guys aren't?" Angel and Nudge simultaneously jeered. A growl ripped up through Edward's chest. I clawed furiously for Edward's hand and found it immediately. "Edward… give it up, please." I whispered tugging at his arm. But Edward was already leaning forward, teeth bared and growling "Edward… don't you dare!" Carlisle bellowed at Edward from behind "We do not growl at our guests under my roof!" Edward stepped back but never relaxed his guard.

"He's like a dog!" Fang jeered. "Hey!" Total barked, with a twinge of offense in his voice. "Oh… it's not over… uh, Fang! In fact, it hasn't even begun yet!" Edward snarled. "Edward!" Carlisle interfered. "Ms. Martinez, Mr. Blatchelder please… let us go head into the kitchen so we can talk" Esme flashed her white teeth "Carlisle… why don't you join us, hmm?" Edward growled but stopped because Carlisle had begun to drag him into the hallway, away from the Flock and the rest of the family. "Edward Cullen!" Carlisle roared "Who do you think you are? How dare you...." Edward pushed past him and found his way back into the living room where me and the Flock sit nervously fidgeting. "Bella..." Edward whispered, jerking his thumb upward and nodding his head in the direction of the stairs. I jumped from the couch and raced up the stairs, Edward following close behind. "I don't want anything to do with them..." was the last thing Edward and I heard from the Flock that night. Edward said he was thinking the exact same thing.


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