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Days Of Our Lives Fan Fiction: Dimera Legacy

Novel By: JohnCenaFan316
Fan fiction

I don't own any names, or the soap opera. This Story is about the lives of Stefano Dimera, his darling wife, Lisa, and their four children, their 4-year-old daughter, Julia Dimera, their 8-year-old son, Matthew Dimera, their 10-year-old son, Tyler Dimera, and their 13-year-old son, Lance Dimera. View table of contents...


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Chapter 1.

Stefano Dimera stood between two open French doors that lead to a courtyard in the back of the Dimera Mansion, He looked up at the clear blue sky, the sun shining down the Midwestern town of Salem, he heard the birds singing, he heard footsteps coming from behind him, he turned around, and saw his darling wife, Lisa Dimera, wearing a beautiful tea-rose like blouse, and skirt, on her feet was white socks, and white paten shoes, around her neck was a light-gold chain, on the light gold chain was two phoenix's on both sides their beaks were touching each-other in a shape of a heart, there was tiny diamonds for eyes, in the middle of the two phoenix's was a dark blue diamond. the sunlight was shining on the windows, and it was shining on the dark blue diamond, which reflected in Stefano's eyes.


"Lisa, you look so beautiful", Stefano said as Lisa walked-up to him, "Oh, Stefano", Lisa replied. as they started kissing each-other. "Where's the kids?", Stefano asked as he looked around behind Lisa. "Julia, Tyler, Matthew, and Lance is on their way down", Lisa answered. "Oh, good", Stefano said. suddenly they heard footsteps coming down the stairs outside the door that led to the living room of the mansion, They saw their 4-year-old daughter, Julia standing in the doorway, fallowed by her three brothers, 8-year-old Matthew, 10-year-old Tyler, and 13-year-old Lance., they were wearing their school clothes, and had their book-bags with them too.


"Morning, kids", Stefano said as he looked at their four children. "Morning, Daddy", Julia said. "Morning, Daddy", Matthew said. "Morning Daddy", Tyler said. Morning Daddy", Lance said last of all until Lisa looked at the clock. "Oh I think we better get going, or they'll be late for school", Lisa said she said good-bye to Stefano, as she led Julia, Matthew, Tyler, and Lance through the foyer, and out the door, leaving Stefano alone in the mansion. He breathed a long sigh. "what a lucky man i am, I have a wife who i love so much, and four wonderful children, what more could i asked for?", Stefano asked himself. Suddenly his peaceful silence was shattered by the sound of the telephone ringing.


Stefano was a little worried on what to do, He decided to answer the phone, he went to the phone that was sitting on his desk, He picked-up the receiver. "Hello?", Stefano asked until he heard a female voice on the other end of the phone. "Hello, Stefano, I'm Sonya Larson, your father, Santo Dimera and my father, Kenneth Larson were Best Friends, and We were friends too", Sonya Larson said. Stefano was stunned about who was on the other end. "Now I remember, So what do you want, Miss Larson?", Stefano asked. "My Father, Kenneth had his share of the money in your father's company, "Dimera Empire Incorporated", But then Your Father took it all from my father", Sonya said. "What happened to your father?", Stefano asked. "My Father had sadly passed away", Sonya answered. "I'm sorry for your loss, please accept my condolences", Stefano said. "Thanks, but I told my father on his death-bed, that I would carry-on what he started, so now I want my inheritance back", Sonya said. "Sonya, I'm sorry, but why after all these years, why?", Stefano asked. "Stefano, If you don't give me my inheritance, I would have to do it myself", Sonya answered as she hung-up the phone.


Stefano was stunned at what he had heard from an old friend of his past, He decided not to tell his wife, Lisa about it, he didn't want to worry her, about an hour later, Lisa, Julia, Tyler, Matthew, and Lance returned to the Mansion, they ate Dinner, Lisa noticed something wrong with Stefano, that night, Lisa was in bed in the master bedroom, She was reading a magazine, with the table lamp was her only light, while Stefano was laying down beside her, "Stefano, you were so quiet at dinner, is there something wrong?", Lisa asked. "Nothing's wrong, Lisa", Stefano answered. "Stefano, I have to know?", Lisa asked. "Lisa, I don't want to talk about it", Stefano answered. "Ok", Lisa replied. they went to bed.


The Next Morning, Stefano, Lisa, and the kids were having breakfast, after breakfast, The kids went off to school, while Lisa went off to work at the Salem Hospital, Stefano was also about to go to work, when He got another telephone call, it was one of the head boss's, their was an emergency meeting in New York City, and It was going to at the Waldorf-Astoria. Stefano decided he should go there, he thanked the head boss, hung-up the phone, he wrote a note to Lisa, he set up a flightplan on one of his privet jets, he grabbed his cell-phone, he went out of the mansion, he headed out to New York City.


About an hour later, Stefano arrived in New York City, he got into a limo, drove off to the Waldorf-Astoria, another hour later, he arrived, and went into a board room, sat down, another hour later the chairmen came into the room. "Ladies and Gentlemen, Thank you for your time, We have received word that Someone has been buying up every single stock, Until we find out who it is, There won't be no getting more stock", The Chairman said. Everyone was shocked at what had happened, after the meeting was over, Stefano was walking toward an elevator, a million thoughts were rushing in his head, Until his cell-phone started ringing, he picked it up, he answered his cell-phone. "Hello?", Stefano asked. "Stefano, you have to come home right now", Lisa answered. "Oh, what is it, Lisa, is something wrong?", Stefano asked. "Yes, Something's wrong, It's Julia, Please come home, I'll explain when you get here", Lisa answered. "Ok, I'll be there in a moment", Stefano said. he hung-up his cell-phone, he went in the elevator, he went out of the Waldorf Astoria, got into a limo, went back to the airport, got into his privet jet, he headed back to Salem.


About an hour later, Stefano returned to Salem, he went straight to the Dimera Mansion, when he arrived at the mansion, he saw Lisa rushing out of the front door. "Oh, Stefano thank god you've arrived", Lisa said as she hugged him. "Lisa, what is it, what's wrong?", Stefano asked as he let go of her. "Well, Julia was on her horse, Trailblazer. practicing for her fence jump, when something happened", Lisa said as she and Stefano went inside the foyer, and was going up the stairs. "What happened, Lisa?", Stefano asked as he fallowed her up the stairs. "just when She made it to the last fence, the horse started acting crazy, I was yelling at Julia to hang on, until something happened", Lisa answered as they walked down the hallway and stopped at Julia's closed bedroom door. "What happened, Lisa?", Stefano asked with a worried look on his face. "Well the horse threw her off, and landed on her legs, I was screaming, luckily the stablemen that was in charge of the stables, got control of the horse, and the grounds-men got Julia out of there, took her to the hospital, and found out that She's paralyzed, and I had ordered that the horse to be put down", Lisa said as she put her hand on Julia's doorknob. "Oh No, My Sweet Little Girl", Stefano said as he put his hand on his heart. "Julia's in her bed, and She's been asking for you", Lisa said. "Ok, I'll go see her", Stefano replied. "Ok", Lisa said as she opened Julia's bedroom door Stefano went in her bedroom. Julia saw her daddy.


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