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Days Of Our Lives FanFiction: Lisa and Stefano's Weekend Getaway... (Flashback).

Novel By: JohnCenaFan316
Fan fiction

I Don't Own Any Names Or The Soap Opera. View table of contents...


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Chapter 1- the road to the Victorian Cottage.

A Victorian Cottage, a bottle of wine, a roaring fire all the elements for Romance,

Yet how could Lisa feel anything but contempt for her husband,

After seening him locked in a passionate embrace,

With a woman young enough to be his daughter,

It was a winding road that lead to the tiny victorian cottage nooked into a hill,

Lisa watched Stefano with gilded eyes, scanning the handsome face,

The Bold "Dimera" nose, finally resting on the insert dimple locked into

His rugged right cheek,

"Maryland is Georgeous This Time Of Year, Eh Lisa?", He queried glazing his lips

with a charming smile as he addressed her, "Almost Perfect, wouldn't you say",

Lisa reverted her attention to the lovely drive, trying to focus on anything other

then her unrequited lover, How could he just sit there so cool?, so collected?,

Five years She'd given him, He was the father of their five children (all boys, ages 4 to 17), It deeply grieved her to know that he had casually tossed those wonderful years away for that-that rag-muffin of a girl, Rather, Chloe Darling, as She overheard Stefano Refered to her,

Three Months Ago, She would have trusted him with her life, Of Course, all that had been washed away, The First encounter occurred when She had paid a visit to Stefano's Office (Dimera Empire Incorporated), Hoping they could enjoy a romantic lunch together, There was an Itailan 'hole-in-the-wall' that She'd went to with a friend one day, and the establishment served the best rosemary bread She'd ever tasted.

There, on the side of his desk, had rested Chloe Lane in a red, low-cut dress, supporting a silk scarf that Lisa wanted to strangle the woman with, She had been whispering to Stefano, and Lisa could never erase the disturbed reaction on his face If She'd lived to be a thousand!, But Stefano was so slick, he had nonchalanty soothed over the moment, passing Chole off as a business acquaintance, Like an idiot, Lisa had Swallowed his ludicrous story, Hook, Line, and Sinker.

One Month Later, upon visiting that out-of-the way Italian restaurant, She caught them huddled together in the dark corner, their hands locked beside a wax-coated bottle, only the light illuminating Stefano's face as Lisa slowly made her way to her table.

Awkwardly, he had attempted to explain the cozy situation, failing miserably, Chole had discretley vanished. Two weeks later, Stefano had her eating out of his hand again, Lisa feeling ridiculous and childish for ever believing he could cheat on her.

But everything changed last week, Lisa made a decision to postpone her shopping trip and suprise Stefano at home, He'd been so wonderful to her, He even offered to take their four of their five sons, Tyler (age 4-years-old), Dustin (age 7-years-old), Jonathan (age 10-years-old), and Mark (age 13-years-old), out Trick-Or-Treating Last Halloween, while their 17-year-old son, Elliot was at a Halloween Party, especially by planning the romantic trip to a lovely Victorian cottage in Maryland.

Lisa hurried home that day, pausing at the market to gather some fruit, cheese, and wine, Stefano and her were going to have the most romantic weekend!.

She remembered everything. that's how it always is in the end. One takes in every sight, every sound, every moment.

Here's The First Part, The Continuing Part will be up in a moment.



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