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WWE FanFiction: Survival.

Novel By: JohnCenaFan316
Fan fiction

It's Kind Of Like The 1993 Movie, Alive: 20 years Later, With a WWE Twist In It, and I don't Own Any Of The Names. View table of contents...



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John Cena sits in a chair, and is about to be interviewed by someone.

"So, Mr. Cena, Or can I just call you John?".

"You can just call me, John Cena", John Cena replied.

"Ok, Just Tell us about the ordeal that you and your fellow superstars and divas went through?".

"Where do you want me to start?", John Cena asked.

"From the begining".

"Ok, It all started on an Airplane", John Cena said.


Chapter 1.

The Airplane Was Flying up in the sky, John Cena and the rest of the WWE Superstars and Divas were on their waiy to a City for a Big wrestling event, and everyone was talking.

"Hey, Zack Ryder, would you please turn that radio down, It's annoying me", Damien Sandow said.

"What, I can't hear you".

"I said turn that raido down", Damien Sandow said.

"What, I can't hear you, I'll just turn my raido down", Zack Ryder replied as he turned his raido off.

"Now, what did you say?".

"Your Welcome", Damien Sandow answered.

Suddenly the airplane started going out of control, and everyone was screaming, until it landed on a snowy mountain. They got out of the crashed airplane.

"What Happened?", Daniel Bryan asked.

"I don't know, But I think the pilot and co-pilot had bailed out on us", Dolph Ziggler answered.

"Little Jimmy's Getting Cold, I told you to wear your coat", R-Truth said.

"Oh Will You Please Get a Life, Little Jimmy Isn't Real", The Miz said.

"Now See what you did, You hurt Little Jimmy's Feelings, Now Aplogize to Little Jimmy, Right Now", R-Truth said.

"Ok, I'm, Why am I talking to Thin Air", The Miz said.

"Hey, You didn't Aplogize to Little Jimmy".

Suddenly The Miz and R-Truth started aruging, Then Zack Ryder and Damien Sandow Started Aruging, Then The Rest Of The Superstars and Divas Started Aruging with each-other, Everyone Execpt John Cena. He couldn't even take it anymore, he went back inside the damaged airplane, came back out with sound-horn, he pushed the button, Until it sounded loud, that Everyone stopped Aruging with each-other.

"Ok, Now Look this isn't helping by getting on each-other's throats, so i think that we should work together If we're going to survive", John Cena said.

Until The others understood, and they applogized to each-other.


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