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The Vampire Slayer Diaries

Novel By: K L Copley
Fan fiction


This is a cross over of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and The Vampire Diaries.

The Buffy charactors takes place around the 6th season.
The Vampire Dairies takes place around the 3rd Season.
I probably will not be using all of the cast thats in that particular season so if they are not included in the novel then forget about them.

I do not own these charactors this is just a fanfic of my two fave programmes.

Buffy and the Gang follow Angelus to Mystic falls and find that Angels' soul was taken away so that Angelus could join Klaus and Ripper Stefan in making the Hybrids. Now Buffy's friends and Elena and her gang must work together to stop Klaus from creating the hybrids and taking over the world. View table of contents...


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Buffy stood in the middle of the Graveyard waiting for Xander to catch up. He came running slowly puffing and panting.

He stopped next to a generic tombstone and leaned his right forearm on it with his left arm on his side. "Geez Buff, I feel like my whole side is a stitch." He dunked his head taking in a deep breath. "Maybe I should start working out"

Buffy gave him a little smile. She loved Xander like a brother and she knew he loved her back. "I'm sorry Xand, but with Angelus out here somewhere I can't just sit around and wait for him to come to me" Xander stood up straight.

"And I'm not saying you should, just, you've kind of been on Angelus overdrive for the last two week" Xander stepped up closer to Buffy.

"I know Xand, but if Angelus kills somebody, it would be my fault" Buffy confessed. She knew Xander would understand, all her friends understood, that's why they were still her friends. All her old friends from her old school didn't understand, they thought she was a freak, especially when she burnt the gym down.

"Hey, you didn't make dead boy loose his soul..." Xander thought to himself for a minute. "...This time. Somebody took it from him. So if Angelus kills somebody it's not your fault"

Buffy shook her head "Nice try Xand but I'm still the Slayer which means I have to protect the people of Sunnydale"

"You need to give yourself a break -" Xander started to say but a familiar voice drifted through the wind.

"Yeah Buff, give yourself a break." Buffy looked up to see Angelus crouched on top of a crypt. He was wearing black trouser and dress shoes with a black shirt. He was also wearing Angel's black duster which was flowing gently behind him in the wind. "It's not your fault if I kill anybody" Angelus laughed then jumped off the crypt but he didn't land on the ground where he should. Instead he landed behind Buffy. Before she could turn around he grabbed her by the shoulders and kissed her hard on the lips. He pushed her back and she almost stumbled. She was too shocked for words but thankfully the Slayer part of her wasn't. She put her arms underneath his and pushed upwards. Angelus started laughing. "I love it when you're feisty"

Buffy felt the anger seep all over her body. "Go to Hell" She said as she spun around and kicked him in the gut. He flew backwards and crashed into a few headstones and landed in a heap on the floor. Xander stepped back a bit further so Buffy had her space to fight. He had been fighting alongside Buffy long enough to know how she thinks in a fight.

Buffy whipped out a stake from an inside pocket of her black leather jacket and stood with her feet apart, ready to fight.

"Now that was fun!" Angelus said as he got to his feet. He did a shrug like motion to bring his jacket back up and onto his shoulders. He started walking towards Buffy; he was close enough for Buffy to lunge at him. Suddenly he was gone.

Buffy spun around to Angelus' voice. "Over here Buff" Angelus was behind Xander holding him by the throat. Xander wasn't giving her the pleading eyes that most people would do in this situation. He just stood there with belief in his eyes, belief that Buffy would save him. "Are you not feeling so hot?" Angelus taunted her.

"You know what I want to feel? This stake going straight through your heart" Buffy lifted her eyebrows at Angelus.

"Quit lying to yourself Buff, you can't kill me. I'm wearing your boyfriend." Angelus laughed again. Buffy was getting edgy and his laugh didn't help.

"Just...Stake...Him" Xander said in a strangled voice.

Angelus looked down at Xander's face. "Yeah Buff, just stake me!" Buffy didn't know what to do. If she wanted to stake Angelus, she would have to go through Xander and even after killing him she would have killed Angel too. "Do it Buffy!" Angelus shout at her. Buffy shook her head and let the stake drop to the floor. Everything went in slow motion. Angelus shouted "Do it!" just as the stake was nearly at the floor, Buffy kicked it out of midair. It sunk into Angelus' shoulder as he roared out in pain. He pushed Xander into Buffy knocking them both to the floor. Xander rolled off of the top of Buffy and they both lay on the ground.

"He's gone" Buffy said as she laid her head back on the ground. "Did you do it?"

She turned her head to see Xander rubbing his throat and nodding. "Yeah I put the tracker in his duster pocket."

"Thank god the plan worked." Buffy said as she got to her feet. She held a hand out to Xander who took it and she pulled him to his feet.

"Let's go tell Will to start the tracking" Xander said as he started walking through the graveyard towards the Summers Residence. Buffy walked next to him hoping her boyfriend didn't kill anybody else.


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