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My Fan-Fiction Poem Collection: by K. W. Mullen

By: Km2

Chapter 1, These are the fan-fiction poems that I\'ve written and posted on this site, so far, all piled up in one spot; per your convenience, hehe. ;)

Gollum's Plunge (His Final Thoughts)


Those blasted hobbitses.

Dirty, thieving, little Bagginses.


At last it's ours; ours at last!

It's beautiful shinyness. How it GLEAMS!

It's finally come back to it's master.

Cursed Frodo! Drasted Bilbo! Worst of all, stupid, fat, lazys hobbitses!

But we have it; have it again.

Our birthday presentses. We love it!

I love it...

It means the world to us.

It's so special; and precious.

My precious...

-Gollum- -Gollum-

Our precious means the world to us.

We love are preciouses.

We would kill for it; in particular, those nasty, little hobbitses.

We would die for our precious.

Just to hold it one more time, to feel it in our hands.

We would do anything to keep our precious, forever; our most favorite of birthday presents. Yes.

We would die for our precious.


My precioussss!...

And then, he, Gollum, was gone;

a fiery death, melted away, along with the One Ring,

cast into the fiery cracks of Mount Doom.

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