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ThunderCats Legacy

Novel By: kman134
Fan fiction

The ThunderCats are back in an all new adventure. Read as they save the Galaxy from the most evil beings in existence, using elements from both the OS and NS. View table of contents...


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Chapter 2:

ThunderCats are loose

Searing out of the sky like comets, the suspension capsules took separate paths; the sheer force of their passage struck the surface of Third-Earth, sending a shocking power across the continent. One pod opens, awakening the small creature, Snarf, from years of hibernation. The little creature sees another pod, a mile away from his.

Snarf scampered to the other pod to see who is inside it. With one look from the glass frame, he saw who it was and it was Lion-O. Scratching it with his paws and trying to open it, exclaiming "Snarf!" When the pod opened, a flash of blinding light appeared and standing up out of the pod was a silhouette of an older cat, about in his 20s, with an average build and long, spiky red hair that reached down to his waist. Snarf was excited, recognizing that it was his master. Running to him, Snarf was picked up by Lion-O and petted on the head.

"Snarf, it's good to see you!" said Lion-O, excited to see his pet. "Wait; did this capsule shrink, or something, because it seems to have gotten smaller?"

Putting Snarf down onto the ground, Lion-O notices his hands have gotten bigger and, also, noticing how his arms have gotten stronger. He sees a puddle of water and walks up to it. Lion-O kneels down, seeing his reflection in the water.

"By the gods, I've grown!" Lion-O acknowledged, seeing how matured he looked. He noticed how the clothes he was wearing were full of rips and tears.

While Lion-O continued looking at his reflection, Snarf spots a metallic object sticking out of the ground. The little whatever he was runs to the object and tries to pry it out of the ground with his teeth. Once the object was out, he took a good look at what it was. It was the fabled Sword of Omens. Snarf brought the Sword to Lion-O, carrying it in his teeth.

"What'cha got there, Sarf?" Lion-O asked, turning his eyes away from his reflection. He grabs the Sword out of Snarf's mouth and examines it. "Wait, this sword looks familiar but I...I can't remember where I've seen it before."

As soon Lion-O picks up the Sword of Omens, a surge of power travels through his body and straight to his mind. Eyes blinking, he places the sword's guard up to his eyes. "Sword of Omens," the guard already wrapped around his eyes as his teal orbs glowed, "Give me sight beyond sight."

He wanted to know where the other ThunderCats were. So the Sword showed him where their capsules were located. Removing the sword's guard away from his eyes, Lion-O placed the Sword in his belt and ran to the location of where his friends were.


3-hours-later, with Snarf following behind him, Lion-O ran as fast as he could but he stopped and hid behind a bunch of rocks. He spotted a ship-Plun-Darren ship-landing on the surface to where the capsules were. As the hatch opens, a battalion of Plun-Darren soldiers marched out and waited as their superiors walked out as well. Lion-O couldn't believe his eyes. It was the same, three Plun-Darren generals from before: Slithe, Addicus, and Kaynar. They saw the capsules and ordered the soldiers to round them up.

"Finally, after ten years, we've finally found them," Smiling, Slithe kneels down and looks at the capsules his men rounded up. "After we open these capsules, we'll 'interrogate' the ThunderCats into telling us where the Sword of Omens is located and after that...well, it will be a shame to see a great species go extinct."

"And when we're done, let me have their carcasses to feast on," Kaynar added, cracking a demented grin on his face.

Slithe ignores Kaynars' deranged request and turned his attention to the suspension capsule Cheetara was occupying, "Well, we don't have to kill all of them. We could keep on of them to 'entertain' us for a while." He stared at Cheetara, lecherously, licking his lips and coming up with perverted thoughts.

Lion-O wouldn't allow that to happen. He stood up from behind the rocks and roared, "Leave them alone, PlunDarrens, or face my wrath!"

"Who the hell are you!?" Slithed shouted, not being about to recognize the now grown-up Lion-O.

Lion-O didn't respond. Instead, he held up the Sword of Omens, waving it at them. "He's got the Sword of Omens!" Addicus shouted, causing Slithe to order, "Get him!"

Before the Plun-Darren soldiers came close to where Lion-O was standing, they weren't prepared for what was about to happen. "Thunder..." The blade grew as Lion-O slashed the air in front of him. "Thunder..." A second slash. "Thunder..." the lion slashed a third time before he pointed the sword upward. "ThunderCats-HO!!!!"

From that last slash, The Eye of Thundera morphs from being an eye to the ThunderCat's insignia, firing a beam of red light into the sky and forming into the insignia. After the symbol appeared in the sky, all the ThunderCats eyes opened and glowed yellow. Next thing you know, the doors on their capsule exploded and flew in the air, letting the ThunderCats out. From the looks of it, they haven't aged at all, unlike Lion-O.

"Oh no, this can't be happening," said Kaynar.


"The ThunderCats...they're loose!" Addicus added. The Plun-Darren soldiers turned their attention away from Lion-O and were now scared at the awakening of the other ThunderCats. So scared, they retreated to the ship without Slithe's order.

"Where the hell do you think you're going, cowards!? Stand your ground and attack!" Slithe was very irritated by his mens' cowardice. "Or do you want me to sick Kaynar on you' all?"

That was the magic response that made the Plun-Darren soldiers stop and charged at the ThunderCats. Ready for battle, the ThunderCats unsheathed their weapons and charged at the Plun-Darren soldiers.

Cheetara back away from a couple of soldiers while holding her bo staff in both hands until her back leaned towards Tygra's. They, literally, had each other's back, "Tygra, who is that lion over there?" Cheetara noticed the now adult Lion-O but couldn't recognize him. She continued while knocking out the lights of a few Pun-Darren soldiers, "I can't put my finger on it but he looks...familiar. It's like I've seen him somewhere."

"Well, whoever he is; he really needs to work on his battle skills," Tygra commented, noticing how Lion-O's fighting skills were crude, yet effective.

Using the Sword of Omens, Lion-O was able to defeat, at least, twenty soldiers. Some blood was shed but not a lot. Only grazing and injuring his enemies, Lion-O showed mercy to the soldiers, knowing that they were doing what they were told.

Panthro, with his nunchuckus, struck 30 to 40 soldiers. His martial art skills were unique among the other ThunderCats, judo kicking and striking at the enemy; giving them a disadvantage. The Wilys pulled out red and yellow rope from their pouches and uses it to hogtie, at least, 5 or 6 soldiers, tying them up and removing their weapons. Slithe, becoming irritated, called in a retreat, causing every Plun-Darren to return to return to the ship. Even the ones that were tied up had to hop back onto the ship.

30-minutes-later, after the Plun-Darrens fled, Tygra removed his hood and scratched the back of his head in confusion. "Okay...that was a bit too easy."

"Well, if it wasn't for our mysterious friend here, we wouldn't have been able to win," Cheetara added, turning her attention to the person standing in front of her. "Who are you, anyway?"

"Cheetara, don't you recognize me? It's me, Lion-O," Lion-O reintroduced himself. Everyone was shocked by what the cub said. 'How could this lion be the prince?' were the thoughts that was being processed in their heads but they took a good and realized it was him. Even Panthro was having a hard time processing this.

"Okay, how long were we in those capsules?"


"Oh; not too long. I just woke up a couple of minutes ago and found you guys in those pods," Lion-O retorted, humorously. He continued while holding the Sword of Omens up high for everyone to see: "Then, somehow, I used the Sword of Omens to awaken you' all before Slithe and his goons take you back to the Plun-Darr Star System."

The Wily's were unhappy about this because Lion-O had aged while they remained the same. Panthro patted the young prince on the back and said in an optimistic tone of voice, "Well, at least you grew up to be a strong lad."

"And handsome too," Cheetara added, which made Lion-O's face flush bright red.

"Yeah, but that's going to be a problem," Tygra retorted. Everyone was curious at what Tygra was talking about until he started to explain: "You see, Lion-O had, physically, matured but not mentally. In fact, he's still a 13-year-old on the inside so, now, it's up to us to help him mature and become a proper king and Lord of the ThunderCats."

Nodding their heads in agreement, the ThunderCats will do whatever they can to help Lion-O become a true lead; however, the Wilys left and went on a hunt for wherever the flagship crashed, which causes Lion-O to ask, saying, "Wait, where did the Wilys go?"

Somewhere, 4-miles-away from where the adults were, the twins were looking around the area of the new planet they're now walking on. Wilykit crouched down, taking notice of a purple flower. She plucks it and stares at it, smiling and fiddling with the flower as nice thoughts swarm through her head. Standing up, her train of thought was disturbed as her brother tapped her on the shoulder. A smile that can only be made by a snake, Kit was surpised when she saw Kat's expression by the time she turned to face him.

"Oh no, Kat, please don't say it."

"What, does my sister still has a crush on Lion-O!?" The way Kat talked made his sister's cheeks flush in embarrassment. "You know, since he's older, Lion-O will start going after women his own age, like Cheetara."

The realization scared Wilykit, making her think of negative thoughts on the cleric. Even though the cheetah has been her friend since the day they met, Wilykit wouldn't accept the thought of her prince being in the arms of another woman.

Wilykat notices her sister's angry expression and responses, mockingly, "Oooh, is my sister showing signs of jealousy!? Don't worry, I bet you'll still have a shot with Lion-O...when you reach his height!"

"Kat, shut up!" Wilykit snapped, causing her brother's smile to fade.


Placing the flower in her hair, Wilykit started walking and leaving her brother behind, that is, until he starts catching up. Wilykit walked farther away from the adults, feeling her spat-covered feet touching the ground, but she stopped when she saw something...relieving.

"Kat, come over here and take a look what I found!" Kit called over her brother who was exhausted from following his sister. He replied, tiredly, "Just...just let me catch my breath!" Wilykat could, barely, feel the oxygen going in and out of his lungs but with one deep breath, Kat got back on his feet and continued walking.

When Kat finally caught up with his sister, his jaw dropped when he saw what was in front of him. It was the flag ship, or what's left of it, lying in a crater, covered in rust and burns from years in space.

"By all the gods, it's the ship!" Wilykat exclaimed. "We've got to tell the others what we've found."

Before Wilykat could leave, his sister grabs him by the collar of his shirt, yanking it and causing him to fall onto the ground. "Wait, Kat! We can't just tell them the ship's here without making sure nothing's out of place."

"What do you mean 'out of place'? Everything from the ship fell out when we crashed landed on this planet."

"What I mean is, Kat, haven't you ever wondered where the Clawshield went? Lion-O wasn't wearing it while fighting with the Sword of Omens," Wilykit pointed out. Kat started to realize it now. Lion-O wasn't in possession of the Clawshield and that is the most important relic when in need of defense. Kit continued, "That's why I think it's still in the ships armory. If we find it, then we can give it to Lion-O and he'll reward us with praise."

That was when Kat's realized expression changed to a mere grin, saying, "You just want to find it so Lion-O would like you, right?"

"Sh-shut up!" Wilykit snapped while her face flushed red.

"Well, it's true!"

"No it's not!"

"Yes it is!"

"No it's not!"

The taunting continued as the twins entered the ship. They walked down the corridor, noticing the damages that have befallen onto the ship. Still, Kat continued tormenting his sister.

"Admit it, Kit, you like Lion-O. You just want to do whatever you can to win his heart."

"Kat, you're sick!" she exclaimed. "Okay, maybe I did have a slight crush on Lion-O but, look at him, now! By the time I'm twenty, he'll be an old man!"


Yet, Kat continued teasing his sister but the teasing stopped when they made it to the armory, or what was left of it. The Wilys stepped into the armory, examining the interior, hoping to find what they were looking for. Right where the mantle stood; the Clawshield was lying on the floor; untouched and unused for a decade.

"Finally, we found it!" Wilykit asserted. The young Thunderkitten picks it up. "Once we get this thing back to Lion-O, he'll have a proper container for the Sword." 'And get Lion-O's attention,' she thought, smiling to herself, but as Wilykit picked up the Clawshield, she heard a loud growl coming from the shadows.

The growl became louder and louder; sounded like it was coming closer and it sounded very, very hungry. It was creature of tremendous size, covered in scales and spikes, with claws sharp enough to cut through flesh and steel. Eyes glowing red, it walked out of the shadows, revealing itself to the young ThunderKittens, licking its lips from thinking how delicious the kittens would taste. With its red eyes focused on the cubs, it raised its right claw and swooshed striking at the twins with brute strength but it missed. The Kits ran for their lives, watching how the creature's power ripped a hole through the armory's walls.

Wilykit held the Clawshield close to her chest as tight as she could when she and her brother ran out of the flagship with that monster behind their tail.

Meanwhile, Cheetara 2-miles-away from where the other adult ThunderCats were, searching for where the Thunderkittens had wondered off to.

While she ran, Cheetara stopped, feeling the vibration of the communicator on her belt going off. She removes the communicator from her belt and answers it, "Cheetara here. What's up, Tygra?"

"Cheetara, have you found the Kits, yet?" Tygra sounded very concerned.

"No, not yet, but they're around here...somewhere."

Just then, Cheetara started hearing the screams of the Wilys, 2-miles-away from where she was standing. Cheetara ran to their location, which took her 20-seconds to arrive, but when she arrived, she saw the Wilys being chased by the ferocious beast from the ship. Standing on a hill, Cheetara called Tygra on her communicator: "Tygra, we have a problem."

"What is it, Cheetara," Tygra asked. "Did you find the Kits?"

"Oh, yes I did, and I found something else," Cheetara replied, sounding surprised.

As Cheetara scouted for the Wilys, the rest of the ThunderCats were setting up camp at where the suspension pods were located. Tygra was talking to Cheetara on his communicator when he exclaimed, "They're what!"


The others turned their heads at Tygra, stopping what they were doing, which was setting up tents they made; well, actually, Panthro made, out of leaves and broken branches that were lying around. Tygra stepped down and walked to the others. Panthro watched Tygra walked. "Let me guess; Cheetara found the Kits." He took a heavy sigh. "And, from the sound of it, they're in trouble."

Now, the next thing you know it, Lion-O, Tygra, and Panthro grabbed their weapons and headed to the location of the crash site. Good thing Cheetara gave Tygra the coordinates.

Without any form of transportation, the three ThunderCats had to run. Oh, how they envied Cheetara's paranormal speed. After arriving, they saw Cheetara having her hands full; fighting the creature while the Kits ran for cover. The creature launched the first blow but his claws were no match for Cheetara's speed as she dodged every blow. Cheetara leaped on top of the monster's tail and ran to the top of its head. Standing on top of the creature's head, Cheetara unsheathes her bo staff and strikes it into the monster's right eye, piercing through its iris as blood began to flow. The creature tried to grab Cheetara but she jumped off its head and, safely, landed onto the ground. The rest of the ThunderCats started to cheer, causing Cheetara to turn to the others and smile, that is, until the creature regain focus, snatching Cheetara with its left claw.

"Umm, a little help here, guys!" Cheetara pleaded. The creature opened its mouth, preparing to devour Cheetara.

Lion-O unsheathed the Sword of Omens from his belt, watching as it grew from dagger to sword. He ordered the other ThunderCats, "Distract that beast. I'll get Cheetara!" he raised the Sword up. "ThunderCats-HO!!!!" The other two ThunderCats unsheathed their weapons and followed Lion-O's plan, charging at the monstrous beast in their way. Tygra cracked his bolo whip onto the ground, in front of the creature, causing sparks to appear, making the monster take a step back. Using his nunchucks, Panthro strikes at the monsters' tail but even that didn't cause it to let Cheetara go. Lion-O, on the other hand, leaped into the air and struck the creature's right hand, severing it and watching as it fell but before it fell, it released Cheetara with Lion-O catching her before hitting the ground and carrying her to safer ground, 10-feet-away from the beast.

"Thanks, Lion-O," said Cheetara, smiling in Lion-O's arms princess style.

Putting her down, gently, Lion-O rubbed the back his head and blushed a little. "W-well, it was nothing."

The moment broke when the creature roared as blood poured from its stump of a hand. Lion-O and Cheetara saw Panthro and Tygra fighting the creature.

"Oh, yeah, I forgot about him," Lion-O emphasized, smacking his forehead in an irritating gesture.


"Yeah and if you're not busy, we could really use the help at any time!" Tygra retorted, dodging every step the creature made with its feet. "And by 'anytime,' I mean now!"

Panthro jumped onto the beast's head. His nunchucks' chains became longer, wrapping it around the monster's neck. "The bigger they are, the harder they fall." but the creature wasn't easy to be stable. It kept shaking its head, causing Panthro to lose his balance and fall to the ground but he landed, safely, on his feet.

Lion-O holds the Sword of Omens, saying to Cheetara, "Well, let's finish this", and they both jumped into battle. Lion-O and Cheetara strike the beast with such strife. Lion-O slices the beast through its chest while Cheetara hits it belows the legs, sending it tumbling to the ground. Lion-O then stood on top of the creature and sending the Sword deep into the creature's throat, putting it out of its misery.

Lion-O took a minute to think, wondering what the hell that creature was. He jumps down and stood in front of the beast, saying, "What the hell is this thing."

"Who knows? Maybe, one of the fauna of this planet," replied Tygra who was standing on Lion-O's right. Panthro standing on Lion-O's left added, "2 hours on this planet and I'm starting to like it."

Just then, they noticed Wilykit and Kat hiding behind a couple of rocks from the others. "Kit, Kat, get over here," called Tygra.

The twins came out from behind the rocks and walked up to Tygra but they avoided eye contact. Tygra didn't look happy as his arms were crossed and his hood was pulled back to reveal his angry expression.

"Just what were you thinking running off like that!?" Tygra started scolding the twins, seeing how ashamed they were feeling. "You two could've gotten yourselves killed! We don't know anything about this planet and because of that, it's important to stay together with the rest of us!"

The Wilys started looking at the others, noticing the same look they were giving them as Tygra was, except for Lion-O who was just rubbing the back of his head and avoiding eye contact with the twins.

The tension broke when Lion-O started defending the Kits, saying, "Oh, come on, Tygra, they're just kids! You know how curious kids can be and I should know, I was kid before I became...this!" Lion-O, also, adds: "Besides, we didn't let them explain why they left the group!"

Nodding their heads, the twins opened their mouths and explained everything and after their explanation, Wilykit walks up to Lion-O, presenting him with the Clawshield. She bows to him and hands the relic, "This belongs to you, my king."


Lion-O grabbed the gauntlet and took a good look at it, exclaiming, "I knew I was forgeting something," sheathing the Sword of Omens inside. clipping the Clawshield on the right side of his belt, Lion-O gives the order to "Return to camp." While walking, the Kits walked beside their leader, asking him, "are we still in trouble?" with which he replied, "Oh big time but we'll postpone your punishment after we get back."

Things are going to be weird on this new world. T'll next time.


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