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ThunderCats Legacy

Novel By: kman134
Fan fiction

The ThunderCats are back in an all new adventure. Read as they save the Galaxy from the most evil beings in existence, using elements from both the OS and NS. View table of contents...


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Chapter 3:


Cruising through the sky, the Plun-Darrien mother ship scanned the area for any sign of civilization but there wasn't any in sight. In the cockpit, bickering was now among the generals.

"This is your fault, Kaynar!" scolded Slithe. "If you had followed my orders instead of doing whatever you wanted, we could've done away with those ThunderCats and the Sword of Omens could have been ours!" As Slithe continued scolding, he punches Kaynar, giving him an uppercut to the waist.

Getting up, Kaynar charged at Slithe with a deranged grin on his face and sucker punching the lizard in the face, saying, "Well, if it wasn't for your constant straightforwardness and demanding that every soldier below your rank follows every detail you say, then we would have gotten the Sword and have a few pelts!"

Then the two turned their heads to Addicus who was just leaning against the wall. Slithe then shouts at the primate general, "Don't you have anything to say, too!?"

Addicus just shook him head, saying "no" nonchalantly. After that, the two other generals continued their senseless argument. The pilots flew in the a desert, over what appeared to be the ruins of a fallen civilization. There were tall skyscrapers that, slowly, sank into the sand over time, showing only the roofs. The city appeared advanced; however, the odd structure at the end of the city. It was a giant black pyramid with four obelisks around it, shooting purple lighting from the tips and into the sky.

As they prepare to fly over the Black Pyramid, the lighting from one of the obelisks fired and struck the ship, sending it crashing to the ground. The three generals walked out of their crashed ship, dragging the survivors before the ship exploded. Slithe stood in front of the Pyramid and cursed at the monument.

"What kind of creatures would build a monstrosity like this!?" inquired Slithes as he shouted and shook his fist at the Pyramid.

"I don't know, maybe some sort of advanced, yet primitive, society," Shrugged Addicus. The ape general stood beside Slithe on the right, observing the architecture of the Pyramid. He continued, "Well, whoever built this must've been advanced enough to build a weapon powerful enough to take down a mutant warship. Actually that's just my opinion."

Kaynar started to act strange, and not in his usual strangeness. He kept hearing voices-strange voices-in his head, telling him "Come, Kaynar. Enter the Pyramid and release me from my imprisonment!"


"N-no! Get out of my head!"

"You cannot resist my influence, Kaynar! Enter the Pyramid and free me from my prison!"

"Y-yes, I obey!" Kaynar ran and entered the Pyramid through the stony entrance with Slithe and Addicus running after him. Addicus shouted at Kaynar why he and Slithe chased after him, "Kaynar, where the hell are you going!?" which Kaynar responded, deranged, "Hey calls me! I must obey and when I do, he will leave my head!"

Inside the Pyramid, Kaynar ran into a large chamber with stone walls that had gathered dust over the years. In the center was a pool filled with blue liquid and surrounding the pool were four monuments. The monuments were demented in appearance, each staring at the pool with evil eyes, each having heads resembling the heads of a monkey, jackal, lizard, and vulture.

Addicus examined the monuments and remarked with "Okay, this is strange" before he turned his attention to Kaynar, seeing the deranged jackal standing in front of a tomb and watched as he tried to push it open.

"Kaynar, you idiot! We don't know what's in there!" roared Slithe, grabbing the jackals' shoulders and trying to stop him but Kaynar just elbows the lizard right in the stomach, causing him to fall onto the floor.

Opening the tomb, a bright, purple light appeared, blinding the jackal general and mesmerizing the others but it wasn't the light that mesmerized them; it was what came out of the tomb that surprised them.

It was hideous beyond explanation, wrapped in bandages and wearing a red cloak, with its face, menacing red eyes, and grin being the only things seen. It hands and feet were boney and claw-like and its' teeth were both crooked and fang-like.

Smiling, Kaynar knelled before the creature, praising it like some sort of god. "Master, I have freed you from your imprisonment. Now, free me from my insanity!" The creature spoke in a voice that sounded hollow and scratchy, "Yes, Kaynar, thank you for freeing me from my tomb. Here is your reward." but it wasn't any reward Kaynar wanted.

Instead, from its hands, a blast of purple lighting struck the jackal, sending him flying into the pool. The creature laughed, maniacally. Seeing the tremendous power from the creature, Slithe and Addicus were somewhat terrified by it.

"What...what are you?" Slithe muttered.

He did not respond. He just smiled. With one swift of its hand, strange hieroglyphics began to appear on the walls on the right. Then they translated into a language the Plun-Darriens could understand.

"Mumm-Ra!?" Slithe read the hieroglyphics.


"That is right! I am Mumm-Ra, the Ever-living source of evil on this pathetic rock," Mumm-Ra, finally, responded as he, slowly, walked down from his tomb to the generals. Standing in front of Slithe, he continues, "For centuries, I have be trapped in my Sarcophagus, unable to escape and force to sleep for an eternity, but, now that I am free, I can finally wreak havoc on Third-Earth, once more, back when it was once 'First-Earth.'"

Another wave of the hand, Mumm-Ra raises Kaynar out of the pool and places him on the ground next to Addicus, who stood behind the lizard general. His fur was dripping wet from head to toe. Kaynar shook himself dry; however, Addicus moved a few feet away to prevent smelling like wet dog.

"Now, what to do with the three of you?" Mumm-Ra pondered, rubbing his chin with his right hand. "There are two options: 1. I could destroy you and feed your remains to the scarabs or 2. We could work together and benefit from what the other wants."

Raising an eyebrow, Slithe responds to option two, "You mean an alliance? Then what's in it for us, besides our lives, of course?"

"Why power, of course, and the total destruction of the ones you call the ThunderCats. My sleep was disturbed by their presence, feeling the aura of righteousness festering from their souls."

"What about the Sword of Omens, Mumm-Ra? If we destroy the ThunderCats, then we must have it. With its power, the League of Plun-Darr will become a super-power across the stars."

The mummy grinned as thoughts of deceit formed in his head, 'Yes, the Sword of Omens will be yours but the Eye of Thundera will be mine. With its power, I will have dominion over Third-Earth and the universe, itself. These creatures will be beneficial for my conquest.'

The alliance was formed with a quick handshake by Slithe and Mumm-Ra and the Plun-Darriens were off on their spaceship, searching the area for a place to set up their base of operations, Castle Plun-Darr.


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