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ThunderCats Legacy

Novel By: kman134
Fan fiction

The ThunderCats are back in an all new adventure. Read as they save the Galaxy from the most evil beings in existence, using elements from both the OS and NS. View table of contents...


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Chapter 5:

A Warm Welcome

The ThunderCats sat at a long table, stretching to about 12 feet. The food looked delicious and it came in all sorts; meat, vegetable, and bread.

"This looks delicious, Ro-Bear Bill," Lion-O complimented, taking a bite and savoring the flavor. "Gods of Thundera, this is better than those food rations we have!"

Tygra, observing the food, became curious as to how the Berbils have such a variety of food. "I've been meaning to ask, Ro-Bear Bill, but how can you have food like this?" Tygra inquired to Ro-Bear Bill. "Because, when I look around, all I see are trees; no live stocks, no fields, and no bakeries...just trees."

Ro-Bear Bill started to explain: "Well, you see, Tygra, we, Berbils, grow our food from those trees. The food you see before you are from our previous harvest. Meat fruit, veggie fruit, bread fruit, and candy fruit."

"Candy fruit!" hearing that word, the twins jumped up with excitement. Ro-Bear Bill continued.

"Yes, Candy Fruit. We do not eat the food we grow. Instead, we trade our harvest with the other inhabitants of Third-Earth and, in return, they give us the resources we need to survive or to form bonds of friendship. This planet is so chaotic and hard to strive on. We need all the help we can if we want to survive."

Standing up, Lion-O took out his right hand in front of Ro-Bear Bill and said with a childish grin, "Well, don't worry about it, Bill. As long as the ThunderCats are around, you won't have to be afraid of surviving on a planet like this."

They both shook hands and continued the feast. After the feast, the ThunderCats returned to their campsite but not to stay. They returned and packed their stuff and headed back to the Berbil Village. Snarf, sitting on Lion-O's right shoulder, yawned from boredom.

"Don't worry, Snarf, we're almost there," Lion-O reassured the little Snarf while carrying his sleeping bag under his right arm. Like the others' weapons. With the Sword of Omens and the Clawshield back in his possession, Lion-O could, properly, lead the ThunderCats.

When the ThunderCats returned to the Berbil Village, they soon saw it was being under attack by husky, bulldog-like humanoids carrying blunt instruments. They started setting the trees on fire and destroyed the wagons and buildings with their clubs. The Berbils ran for their lives but some of them were captured by these 'monsters' and thrown into wagon cages.


Cheetara looked at Lion-O and saw the anger in the lion kings' eyes. She said with a concerned expression on her face, "We have to help them, Lion-O! If you lead, then we will follow!"

Lion-O nodded to Cheetara's comment, raising his right fist in the air, exclaiming "ThunderCats-HO!"

They dropped what they had on the ground and ran to aid their new friends. The monsters turned and saw the ThunderCats, running towards them with their weapons unsheathed and preparing to attack. Snarf, however, jumped off of Lion-O's shoulder and ran for cover. The monsters retaliated, releasing the Berbils and charged with their clubs in the air, preparing to strike at the ThunderCats. Lion-O pointed the Sword of Omens at the savages, firing a bolt of electricity from the blade as he exclaimed "HO!" and shocking five of them, watching as they fell to the ground.

Tygra, with his bolo whip, turned invisible and, stealthily, attack three at once and when he became visible, one of them grabbed him by the throat, that is, until Cheetara, with her quick speed, ran and saved Tygra after she whacked the brute that was strangling him with her bo staff.

"Thanks, Cheetara," Tygra responded while Cheetara carried him, princess style. "Um, c-could you put me down, please." This was an uncomfortable situation he was in. "I-it's kind of embarrassing to be carried like this."

Cheetara placed Tygra down on the ground, saying, "Oh, sorry about that" and ran back to the battleground.

With all his might, the great Panthro swung his nunchucks and knocked out seven of those beasts, even jump kicking one in the face. "You think you can just come in and start harassing these little creatures! You think you can just bully them and make them your slaves!" Panthro stands his ground and waited as more of them charged at him, which they did, and from the tip of the handles, Panthro releases a type of gas that was so fowl, it sent them all running.

As always the kits used their tricks to fool the savage beasts. There last trick was a flame pellet Wilykit threw onto the ground, creating sparks of fire, scaring the savages to a hasty retreat.

Regrouping, the savages started to charge all at once, but not to just the ThunderCats. No, they started to charge at the Lord of the ThunderCats. They may have underestimated the lion king. As Lion-O raises the Sword of Omens in the air, he, slowly, started swinging it left and right. While doing so, it began to generate a powerful force field. With one thrust of the Sword, Lion-O launches the force field at the beasts, knocking them five feet away from where he was standing and launching them to the ground.


Lion-O walks up to the beasts and responds with a stern look in his eyes while pointing the Sword of Omens, "Leave this place and never return" with a growl to finish it off. Nodding their heads, the beasts dragged their fallen brethren and retreated to where they came.

The other ThunderCats observed their Lord with concerned looks. With his back turned, Lion-O sighed and turned around. The stern expression he had faded, becoming the kind, childish expression he had before. "What are you' all standing around for? We gotta help the Berbils out of those cages," Lion-O ordered, running to the cage wagon and stood, seeing Ro-Bear Bill and ten others pleading for help. Lion-O responds to them "Hang on; we'll get you out of there." Lion-O pointed the Sword of Omens and with one "Ho!" he strikes the lock with a bolt of lightning, breaking it and releasing the Berbils from their shackles. The other ThunderCats freed the other Berbils from those aweful cages and, in return, the Berbils ran and thanked the ThunderCats by cheering in glee.

"Are you alright, Ro-Bear Bill?" asked Cheetara who was standing beside Lion-O as the other ThunderCats got together.

"Yes, Cheetara, we're all alright," Ro-Bear Bill assured. Looking around, he examines the damage done to the Berbil Village. "But it will take us days to rebuild our village."

A hand was then placed on Ro-Bear Bill's shoulder. Lion-O smiled and proclaimed, "Don't worry; we'll help rebuild your village."

Ro-Bear Bill nodded and replied with, "Thank you, Lion-O." Then he turned his attention to the others, "Thank you, ThunderCats."

They' all went to work; lifting wooden blocks and mixing in concrete. The Wilys were in charge of helping paint the Berbil huts.

Wilykit, with her artistic vision, started painting one mushroom hut pink with green polka dots; however, Wilykat started painting the same hut red with yellow stripes. "Kat, what are you doing!?" Wilykit was not pleased with what her brother was doing. "Don't you know I'm doing this hut!?"

Wilykat smiled and retorted with his arms crossed, "No, I did not! I was too busy making this hut cooler than what you were doing to it!" He began waving his right hand, nonchalantly. "Besides, I'm better at painting than you are, sis."

"Are not!"

"Are too!"

"Are not!"

"Are too!"

Their bickering went on for ten minutes right before Wilykit did the unimaginable. "If I'm not a great painter, then how could not do this," Wilykit lifted her brush and painted a pink mustache on her brother's face.


"What did you do that for!?" Wilykat exclaimed, grabbing his paintbrush and painted a circle on his sister's top. "There! Now, your clothes look better than before."

Both angry, the kits lifted their brushes and started striking each other with paint. Their bickering came to a halt when Lion-O walked over, saying, "Okay, what's going on, you two?"

"Lion-O, Wilykit painted a mustache on my face!" Wilykat complained and pointed.

"That's nothing; Wilykat ruined my top by painting a brown circle!" Wilykit, also, complained.

A frown appeared on the young lord's face and said to both twins, "Well that's no good." he then dipped his finger in one of the paint buckets. "There's one thing you forgot to add." He presses his paint covered finger in the center of the brown circle on Kit's top. "You forgot to add a dot."

Kit was surprised by Lion-O's action, blushing and covering her top with her arms: "Lion-O, why did you do that for!?"

Wilykit could see her brother laughing so hard with his hands on his abdomen but that was until he felt paint pouring on his head, pink paint. Wilykat looked up and saw Lion-O holding a can of paint over his head while a grin was formed on his face.

"There, now your mane matches your mustache," Lion-O commented right before the Thunderkittens tackled him and attacked him with paintbrushes, drawing mustaches, dots, and circles on his face and other parts of his body.

After the face painting, the three laughed, knowing how much fun they're having. Cheetara was watching her lord and the kits from a distance, smiling from seeing Lion-O playing with his childhood friends.

Lion-O and the Wilys sat on the ground, covered in paint and laughing so much air out of their lungs.

3-days-later, with the help of the ThunderCats, the village was restored to its old self.

After the Berbil Village was rebuilt, the Berbils thanked the ThunderCats but not before Lion-O asks: "What were those things?"

"They are called Trollogs and are from the mountains in the east," Ro-Bear Bill explained. "They come and take Berbils; sell us as slaves and when the ones they captured are broken, they go out and take more of us to replace the others. We try to fight them but we are not capable of doing so." Lion-O could see the sadness in Ro-Bear Bill's eyes. "We need your help, ThunderCats. We know the Trollogs will return with the help of their masters."


"And who are their masters?" Lion-O inquired.

"The Giantors live on the same mountain as the Trollogs. Like my people, the Trollogs are, also, slaves to the Giantors, forcing them to steal my people. In return, the Giantors would reward the Trollogs with leaves from the Krawberry bushes, the only food source they are able to digest."

"Don't worry, Ro-Bear Bill, the ThunderCats are here to help," Tygra assured, pounding his own breastplate with his right arm.

"Yeah, and besides, if these 'Trollogs' and 'Giantors' think they could just make our new friends, or anyone, into slaves, then they're going to have to deal with us, first," said Panthro. The Berbils rejoiced, knowing their new protectors will end the Giantors reign.

Five miles away from the Berbil Village, there was a group of mountains filled with caves. This was the home of the Giantors, living in some of the caves. The other caves were being used by their Berbil slaves to mine one thing the Giantors want. One type of metal all Third-Earthers find valuable. Gold.

Up in the mountains, in a cave, the Giantors were not happy with the progress their servants, the Trollogs, made.

Ugly and tall, the Giantors were the rulers of their region on the continent. They stood about 15-foot-tall and had the warty face of a troll, which is the result of cross-breeding. They wielded clubs and were dressed in raggedy tunics.

The Trollogs stood in front of five Giantors who were sitting around a bonfire, sharing conversations with one another.

The Trollogs begged the Giantors to give them the leaves as a reward for trying but one of the Giantors, in its ruthless nature, grabbed a bowl of Krawberry bush leaves and through them into the fire. The leaves burned red; the same color as the fire. The Giantors then prepared for battle, gathering their brethren and marching towards the village.


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