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ThunderCats Legacy

Novel By: kman134
Fan fiction

The ThunderCats are back in an all new adventure. Read as they save the Galaxy from the most evil beings in existence, using elements from both the OS and NS. View table of contents...


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Chapter 6:


Taking them six hours, the Giantors marched to the Berbil Village. Full of anger, they waved their primitive bludgeons, singing their war cry, which sounded like loud grunts and tribal chants.

The ThunderCats were prepared; however, the Thunderkittens were ordered to stay in the Berbil Village, which they didn't want to. Unsheathing their weapons, they waited for their enemies to come at them. The Giantors did the same.

"Who leads your group!?" shouted the first Giantor.

Lion-O spoke first, adressing himself in a formal manner: "I am Lion-O, Lord of the ThunderCats and I forbid you from harming these gentle creatures!"

The Giantors started to laugh, not because of what the young lion just said but because of the fact that he was a young lad. The laughter from the Giantors made him furious.

Lion-O was about to order the other ThunderCats to attack but not without being interrupted by Cheetara. "Lion-O, we mustn't act without thinking. If we do, it would lead to an easy defeat for us." Lion-O nodded and consulted with his comrades on how the battle would play out: "Okay, I'm all ears on this."

As general of the Imperial Thunderian Army, Panthro would be the one to speak first, "I say we divide and conquer. Let Tygra use his invisibility to sneak up and ambush them. After he takes out a few of them, we'll take advantage of the confusion and take the rest of those brutes down."

Cheetara had a different plan in mind. For being a cleric, "Stealth is the perfect maneuver in battle. So, if it is your wish, my lord, send me in and I will use my ability to strike at their leader."

Those were all good plans. The only person who didn't contributed was Tygra since he was skilled in military strategies. The leader of the Giantors roared with anger, "Are you Talshaks going to fight us or not?"

"Talshak?" Lion-O repeated to Tygra with a raised eyebrow. The tiger shrugged with no comment. Then he said, "The universal translators in our insignias must not be able to understand their language, perfectly."

"I don't know what 'Talshak' means but it's clearly an insult!" Lion-O yelled, raising the Sword of Omens and was prepared for battle. "If it's a fight you want, then it's a fight you'll get!"

Lion-O lifts up the Sword, shouting"HO!" as the Sword extended, rushing into battle while Cheetara tried to stop him, yelling "Sire, wait!"


Instead of doing Panthro's or Cheetara's plan, they decided to do both and try to save their king from getting killed. Using her speed, Cheetara ran up to the Giantor leader and struck him right in the head with her bo staff. Tygra, using his invisibility, started knocking out four or five Giantors, leaving the remaining ones in a state of confusion.

Many Giantors ran and swung their clubs at Lion-O but their attacks were proven to be frivolous and futile as the Lord of the ThunderCat's reflexes were far more evasive, swinging and grazing them with the Sword of Omens, watching as some blood was spilled onto the soil.

Injured and weak, the Giantors regrouped and retreated back to their home, shouting out names like "demons" and "witches" directly to the ThunderCats as they grabbed their fallen brethren and ran.

The ThunderCats stared at Lion-O, examining the way he was breathing, heavily. Cheetara, being his guardian, walked up to him and placed a hand on his right shoulder, saying, "Lion-O, are you okay?"

"I'm fine!" He replies, abrasively. "Never felt any better."

"That's a lie and we've observed it with our own eyes," Tygra stepped in and started to talk to their king.

Panthro continued, "Lion-O, you fought without thinking, you could have gotten yourself killed. Also, you used anger instead of patience. Being a warrior means you must be able to control your anger or else, it would lead to uncertain consequences." Wise words from an older generation.

Lion-O took a deep breath, turning around to face his friends, saying, "You're all right, I acted hastily, letting my pride and anger get the best of me. I could have done something so inhumanly that I wouldn't even forgive myself, even you guys wouldn't forgive me."

He looked down, regretting the action he had committed, with all expression lost on his face, besides sadness until he felt a hand on his right shoulder. Looking up, Lion-O sees the face of the beautiful Cheetara, smiling and saying, "No matter how you think of it, we would forgive you." Tygra and Panthro walked towards their young lord, giving him a pat on the back with Tygra saying, "We are your friends and we will help you in any way" and Panthro saying, "Yeah, kid, you're still a young lad with much to learn. Over time, you will gain more wisdom and you will become a good king like your father."

That, actually, made Lion-O a little bit happier.

12-minutes-later, as the ThunderCats returned to the Berbil Village, many Berbils ran and cheered, congratulating them on their victory, but it's a small victory for they are not done with their objective.


Deep in the Black Pyramid, in the Desert of Sinking Sands, Mumm-Ra stood and looked into his pool and observed the changes brought upon Third-Earth in the past millenniums he had slept through. Seeing the many new landscapes and territories, rarely any sign of human life. Just as the Ancient Spirits of Evil had told him, First Earth is no more and Third-Earth has been born. This new world was going to be his new dominion.

With one wave of his hand, the images in the reflection of the pool changed, showing the progress of Castle Plun-Darr. "Hmm, it seems that my new, Plun-Darrien friends have acquired themselves some slaves."

Bovine in appearance, the Brute-Men were strong enough for heavy lifting but not bright enough to be organize. These semi-intelligent creatures were powerless against the awesome might of the Plun-Darrien Legion or their advanced weaponry and, in just one day, the Brute-Man were became their slaves.

On the bridge, where the entrance of Castle Plun-Darr was located, one Brute-Man fell onto his knees in agony, dropping what he was carrying and placed both his hands onto his abdomen.

"Get up, slave!" said the lizard taskmaster, pulling out his whip and striking the Brute-Man's back. "Get back to work, or else!"

Walking up to the taskmaster, Kaynar looked at the Brute-Man, saying, "Ah, what's wrong? Stomach pain? Don't worry; uncle Kaynar knows how to fix that." With a crooked grin forming on his face, Kaynar kicks the Brute-Man over the bridge and down to the unfinished moat.

Though it wasn't completed, one look from Castle Plun-Darr would bring chills down a person's spine. It was the monument of fear, with the entrance being that of a dragon while the rest of it appeared like a mountain. At each section of the Castle, a sentry was posted, using plasma cannons from the mother ship. Mainly, half the materials used to construct the abomination were salvaged from their mother ship.

Up on the balcony, at the top of the fortress, Addicus observed the Brute-Men and their hard labor, feeling a sense of sympathy for those simple creatures but, as a general of the Plun-Darrien Legion, emotions like sympathy were of little use in battle and should be kept to oneself.

"General Addicus! General Slithe requests your presence, immediately!" Entering the strategic chambers was Karnak, a lieutenant doberman.

Unfolding his arms, Addicus turns and face the lieutenant, "Tell him I'll be with him, shortly."

The lieutenant saluted and left the room, leaving the primate general to his thoughts, again.


Six hours had passed and the ThunderCats had traveled from the Berbil Village to Giantor Country, hiding and observing the surroundings through the unpicked Krawberry bushes. They saw one Trollog, carrying a broken Berbil, throwing it out of the gold mine and going back inside.

"Lion-O, why do people do bad things?" Wilykit asked, tugging on Lion-O's pants and looking at him with sad eyes.

"I don't know, Kit. It's one of those 'mysteries of the universe' like 'what is the meaning of life? What was King Leo's true intentions when he forged the Sword of Omens? Why does Tygra wear a loin cloth when he's wearing pants?"

Tygra looked at Lion-O with an annoyed look and whispered in a politically correct tone of voice, "Lion-O, I'll have you know that what I'm wearing is the traditional warrior attire of the Tiger Clan!"

Raising his arms in non-hostility, Lion-O, calmly, replied to Tygra, "Okay, okay; sorry, Tygra, I didn't mean to offend you!"

"So, what's the plan Lion-O?" Cheetara crawled beside Lion-O with her arm touching Lion-O's. Wilykit was not happy at how close Cheetara was to Lion-O, giving her an angry look but Cheetara didn't really notice it.

"Well, this is what I got, so far," Lion-O explained his plan as possible, turning around and looking at the others: "Panthro and Cheetara, you'll go and take help free the Berbil slaves while me and Tygra go and deal with the guard at the entrance. Wilykat and Kit, you know what to do."

After Lion-O explained his plan, they' all whispered, "ThunderCats-HO!" and split up.

Many of the Trollogs patrolling the mountains soon gathered together, standing in awe as something caught their eye. In the center was the Wilys, dancing while throwing pellets into the air, exploding into colorful lights. It was like a live circus performance. With one pellet dropping in a puddle of water, a giant ball appeared and Wilykat, suddenly, hops on and dances with Wilykit pulling out one of her lariats and uses it like a gymnastics streamer.

While the patrolling Trollogs were distracted, it was now Lion-O and Tygra's turn to deal with the ones guarding the gold mine. Using his bolo whip, Tygra wraps the tail around the first Trollog guard's leg, tripping him down and dragging him into the bushes while the other Trollog, startled by the disappearance of his companion, was then grabbed from behind by Lion-O and knocked out. Tied up and gagged with leaves (not Krawberry), the Trollogs were left unconscious while Panthro and Cheetara ran inside the cave to free the Berbil slaves. They witnessed the horrible conditions these Berbils were living in, mining gold with little time to rest, showing signs of corrosion and rust with most of their fur withering away.


Walking up to one slave, Cheetara startles her, saying, "Don't be afraid. We're here to help."

"W-who are you?" said the Berbil slave.

"We're ThunderCats and we're here to take you home," Cheetara responded with a warm smile on her face. The same expression was on Panthro's face, except it wasn't really warm.

The taskmaster was sleeping on the job, sitting on a chair with both his arms crossed. The key to the Berbils shackles was hanging on a hanger behind the Trollog; one key to set them all free. Using her speed, Cheetara, quickly, grabbed the key but the wind that was produced woke the taskmaster, becoming mad from the sight of the cheetah. This was Panthro's cue. From behind, the panther general grabs the taskmaster by the sleeper hold, limiting its circulation to the point of unconsciousness.

"Well, that should do it," Panthro remarks, releasing the taskmaster and wiping the drool off his arm and on his pants. "Now, let's get these guys out of here. I don't think the kits little 'circus performance' will keep those brutes distracted for much longer."

Cheetara nods her head in agreement and, one-by-one, the Berbils' shackles dropped to the floor. Leaving the cave, Cheetara gave Lion-O and Tygra the signal, which they gave the same signal to the Wilys.

"Thank you, ladies and gentlemen for being a wonderful audience!" Wilykat stated as he and his sister bowed. "But it's about time for us to go!"

Escaping, He and kit both threw and smoke pellet onto the ground, running to the ThunderCats while the Trollogs were stunned by the smoke.

With another six hours and night descending, yet again, on Third-Earth, the ThunderCats returned to the Berbil Village with hundreds of Berbils behind them. Ro-Bear Bill and the villagers ran, greeting their lost brethren. Even Snarf ran to his master, Lion-O. Smiles and joy fell upon the Berbils, throwing a celebration for both the slave's return and for the ThunderCats bringing happiness to their village.

Things were going to be different. Now, the Berbils will not have to fear for their new friends will find a way to protect them.


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