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ThunderCats Legacy

Novel By: kman134
Fan fiction

The ThunderCats are back in an all new adventure. Read as they save the Galaxy from the most evil beings in existence, using elements from both the OS and NS. View table of contents...


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Chapter 7:


It was a beautiful day on Third-Earth. The Berbils' enslavement to the Giantors and to the Trollogs was over now that they have friends like the ThunderCats.

"All right, Lion-O! Today, I'm going to teach you some hand-to-hand combat! You think that sword is going to protect you your whole entire life! Well, what would you do if it was knocked out of your hands, Nothing; because you didn't know how to fight with your fists!" Panthro stood in a battle pose with his hands lifted up and flat while Lion-O's hands were balled up into fists.

Cheetara was sitting on a mushroom-like seat with the kits observing Lion-O's training. The young king threw in the first jab while Panthro blocked each attack. Then, when it was Panthro's turn, he started chopping while Lion-O tried to dodge but his reflexes weren't effective enough and so he was knocked down, easily. Crossing his arms, Panthro shook his head in disappointment. "Kid, you have to be more efficient in combat." he walked up and helped Lion-O back on his feet. "You have to sense when the enemy is going to strike. Then you'll be able to take 'em down."

"I'll keep that in mind, Panthro," Lion-O replied while he turned and walked away, rubbing the sore on his back and got back into position. 10-minutes-later, Lion-O fell, again, on the ground but this time it was face first.

"Lion-O, you can't just rush into an attack," Panthro retorted. "Again, you have to know when your opponent is going to strike!"

Lion-O then took a deep breath and concentrated. As Panthro struck the first blow, Lion-O could now see Panthro's fist coming towards him before it happens. With one dodge and with just one uppercut, Lion-O was able to take Panthro down.

What a punch! Everyone who saw it were impressed, including Panthro who looked like he was about to vomit his lunch. Lion-O could hear his friends, both the Wilys and Cheetara, clapping and cheering for him.

Standing back up, Panthro placed his right hand on his abdomen while he congratulated the young lord, "G-good job, kid. If you need me, I'll be taking a break."

Walking away, Panthro was overhearing the cheers and praises Lion-O got from the Wilys and Cheetara while he tried to find a place to sit. Sitting, he crossed his arms and began to contemplate.


He was remembering the schematics of his secret weapon but his train of thought was interrupted when he felt the fabric of his vest being tugged. He looked down on his side and noticed it was Ro-Bear Bill with the company of his adviser, Ro-Bear Bob, and the freed Berbil slave/co-leader of the Berbil Village, Ro-Bear Belle.

"What do you fur balls want?" inquired Panthro in a stern tone of voice.

As leader of his village, Ro-Bear Bill was the first to speak, "We have brought the tools you requested." He hands Panthro the toolbox. "May I ask why you require these?"

"That's a surprise," Panthro stood up and walked away with the toolbox in his right hand. "Now, if the others ask where I am, tell them I'm in the bathroom."

Panthro was walking out of the village and into the forest. Five hours of walking, he, finally, walked into the old spot where the ThunderCats campsite was set up but that wasn't where he wanted to go. In fact, he passed the old campsite and ran another two hours 'til he reached the crashed flagship. What was Panthro up to?

Back at the Berbil Village, Tygra was working on the new defense system around the village; hidden sentries able to stun their targets with orbs of paint. Since Panthro wasn't around, it was up to him to set it up but since he wasn't an engineer, he would have a hard time doing so.

"Hey, Tygra, need any help?" the tiger turns his attention and sees the young king, being accompanied by Cheetara and the Wilys, "Because we've got nothing else to do."

"No thank you, Lion-O. I am capable of handling this myself," Tygra replied, waving his hand, nonchalantly.

"Are you sure? You seem to be having a hard time reading the schematics and setting up the sentry," Cheetara remarked with both of her arms crossed. "You know, we would be happy to give you a hand."

"No, no, I got it! I've been watching Panthro how to do this kind of thing, before," Tygra spoke too soon, accidentally, crossing the wires and causing the sentry to go crazy, firing paint balls at everyone, and everything, it sees.

"HIT THE DECK!!!!" Lion-O exclaimed. The sentry fired many rounds of paintballs in every direction, hitting everything in sight. Not just everything but everyone, as well.

Even Wilykat was hit: "OW!" right in the backside. Rubbing the sore on his backside while hiding behind a bunch of barrels, He asks the others, "So, how are we going to stop that thing!?"

"Don't worry, I'll bet it'll run out of paintballs in no time," Lion-O assured until Tygra retorted, "Yeah, that's going to take a while, Lion-O."


"Why's that?"

"Well, because put in enough paintballs to last more than five hours."

They all looked at Tygra with critical eyes. Then Wilykit says "Lion-o, use the Sword of Omens!' but Lion-O replies with wide eyes "I can't! I need concentration to use the Sword's powers but since that thing is firing like crazy, it's going to be hard to do so."

It was now up to Cheetara as she ran with lightning speed, leaving only a flash of yellow light behind. Next thing you know it, the sentry ceased firing. Lion-O, Tygra and the Thunderkittens looked up, seeing that the sentry was not moving and noticing the battery compartment was open and empty.

"You can stop worrying, now. I've already took care of it," They all turned in surprise with Cheetara standing beside them. Even Tygra looked like he was about to have a heart attack. Sneaking up on people without them being alarmed was sort of a habit Cheetara had.

Reaching out her hand, Cheetara places a small, cylander, metallic object in Tygra's right hand, "I think this was very important for your sentry."

"It was," Tygra stated: "This was the sentry's Thundrillium battery Panthro made from the ship's Thundrillium reactor before we relocated to the Berbil village."

"When did that happen?" Lion-O inquired.

"Oh, right when we were packing up our stuff," Tygra asserted, smiling, closing his eyes, and waving his hands, nonchalant.

When he opened his eyes, his arrogant expression turned blank. He saw the angry expressions on his comrades' expression, even Ro-Bear Bill and the other Berbils crossed their arms and stared at Tygra.

"Look, I'm sorry," Tygra apologizes. Standing up, he dusted off the dirt on his pants and looked at everyone with an honest face. "I didn't know what I was doing. You offered to help but my stubborn arrogance got in the way. I should've just let you help me, then we could have avoided this whole incident."

Tygra heard nothing but silence. The silence was broken by Lion-O, commenting, "Tygra, your not the only person who makes mistakes. Hell, we all make mistakes and that just shows how nobody's perfect and if everyone was perfect, then it would be boring and creepy."

What Lion-O said, actually, made the somber tiger chuckle, a little. He stood up and saluted the young lord, saying, "ThunderCats-HO."

"ThunderCats-HO," the others saluted and replied in unison. The thing Tygra did, he began apologizing to the Berbils and asked if he could clean up the mess he caused.


4-hours-later, the Berbils asked the ThunderCats to follow them. They didn't know why but they didn't argue. So, the ThunderCats just did what the Berbils asked and followed them. There was something missing and the ThunderCats were aware of it. Panthro was missing! They knew he would return by sundown and they didn't worry if he was captured because "no one can capture the Great Panthro," which was what they were' all thinking.

"We are at our designated area," Ro-Bear Bob stated.

No response was made, only the sound of 'awe' was heard, along with their jaw dropping. They were standing on the site of a city in ruins with crumbling skyscrapers and vines everywhere. They walked on the road leading to the city, passing a sign, saying, "Welcome to Raleigh" and continued walking for another hour.

Lion-O walks up behind Ro-Bear Bill and asks him, "What is this place?"

"We do not know. This city was like this when we came to this planet," Ro-Bear Bill states, turning around and facing the young king. "There are theories of an advanced race that lived before the creatures of Third-Earth appeared but we do not have much evidence to prove it."

"Why are you giving this to us," Cheetara inquired.

"There are some raw materials you can use," Ro-Bear Belle explained. "We can use it to build your new home."

"By 'we' you mean 'you'll help us.' I don't that will be necessary, we don't want you to be harmed in the construction of our new home," Tygra stated, lifting and waving his right hand in non-hostility.

"It would be no trouble for you are our friends and we'd be happy in doing so," Ro-Bear Bill assured the tiger.

Shrugging his shoulders, Tygra gave up and said with a smile, "Guess I can't argue with that."

And from that, the ThunderCats and their new found allies started construction of Cats Lair but, unbeknownst to them, a figure was observing them in the trees; a silhouette with cat-like reflexes, hoping from one tree to another, leaving the forest and ran across the desert. From the light, the silhouette revealed itself to be a woman; a beautiful, tribal woman dressed in animal skin with bronze skin, green eyes, and brown hair, stretching down passed the back of her neck, even having a slim curvy body, yet having the posture of a scout. She kept running for seven miles and would only stop to drink from the water of the nearby oasis. Out of the desert, she ran into a jungle area where she entered into a village. In the village were people like the tribal woman but there no men, only women inhabited it. The scout climbed up a rope and onto the wooden floorboards of a large tree house.


Entering the tree house, the scout soon kneel before a more beautiful tribal woman with long, black hair stretching down to her waist and brown eyes, wearing a tanned, one piece dress made out of animal skin, sitting in a very decorative chair, giving her the position of queen.

"Nire erregina, albisteak i inbaditzaile duten ausartzen zure lur trespass," the scout addressed, speaking in an exotic tongue.

"Jarraitu," the queen replied with a wave of her hand. With that the scout told the queen everything.

Now, just what kind of predicament will the ThunderCats have to face, next?


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