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ThunderCats Legacy

By: kman134

Chapter 1, The ThunderCats are back in an all new adventure. Read as they save the Galaxy from the most evil beings in existence, using elements from both the OS and NS.


Chapter 1:


Thundera, a once great and bountiful empire; now, a burning rock left to die. The planet was thriving with life but a kind of life that babbled many and that life was feline life. The Thunderians were a race of feline humanoids that lived in an aage of peace and prosperity. To many, they appeared more humanoid than feline. Their ears were pointy like a cat but they were on the sides of the head like a human, their feet and hands were like a human but they had claws like a cat, and the markings on their face resembled that of a feline but the bone structure had some resemblance of a human. The Thunderians were once advanced and were a powerful force across their star system but not anymore. What’s interesting about the cats wasn’t their technology but something else. On Thundera was a group of nobles who defended and protected the weak and the helpless. They were called ‘ThunderCats’ and they were led by the Lord of the ThunderCats.

Leaving the planet was a small ship—a flagship—leading a hundred colony ships carrying the majority of Thundera’s population. In the front of the flagship was an insignia, the Eye of Thundera, they called it, which had the appearance of a black cat in a red circle, and piloting the ship were the ThunderCats, themselves. Two cats were sitting in the control room, Panthro and Tygra.

Panthro was the oldest member and the biggest, standing to about seven feet. He had huge muscles with broad shoulders. He appeared to have a bald-like head, excluding the blue fur, and grey sideburns that are connected to the remaining hair on the back of his head, forming a warrior’s tail. Dressed in a red waistcoat, a general in his day, he had a few stitches on his chest, showing years of fighting on the battlefield. He wore metal gauntlets that were like boxing gloves and black pants held up by a belt with the ThunderCats insignia as a belt buckle.

Though having knowledge of fighting, Tygra was not much of a warrior. He was a cat of science and architecture, building many structures for the people of Thundera. He was a young man, about 29-years-old, with his head covered in a green hood, leaving his face exposed. He had a handsome face with red-orange fur with black stripes and white areas. He wore a steel breastplate with the ThunderCats insignia in the center of where his heart is. Sleeveless, Tygra wore a pair of green wrist guards on both hands. Around his neck was a black oxygen mask with two black tubes on each side, connected to a circular disk with air filters on four sides on his back.

The two were the only ones in the control room.

“Pressure’s stable. Anything on your end, Tygra?” asked Panthro. Panthro had a deep voice, making him sound tough like a warrior.


“Oxygen levels are okay,” Tygra replied. He stared at the monitor, watching as Thundera burned. “Look at it. Thundera, our home world, is no more. Do you think Jaga is right about there being a planet suitable for us?”

“Tygra, you know I never doubt Jaga,” Panthro stated. “I believe there is a planet out there for our people and you should put more faith in that.”

Tygra looked at the elderly general, trying to not stare at the scar on his right eye, and declared: “You know I’m not a cat of faith, Panthro; I only the logical side of things. If there was any empirical evidence on the matter, I would change my point of view but I’ll hold my tongue and see what happens. After all, Jaga’s been right on many occasions.”

The panther nodded his head and continued monitoring the systems. Tygra did the same, also.

The floor in the corridor was cold but that’s what you get when you don’t wear shoes; only spat-like coverings. Cheetara walked down the corridor towards prince Lion-O’s room. She was very beautiful, having long blonde hair with spots that stopped to her waist, luscious lips, and a pale pink upsweep around her eyes. She was dressed in her usual cleric uniform, composed of a black, bra-like breastplate with the Thundercats insignia in the center, a blue leotard with a large hole on her abdomen and on her chest, exposing her cleavage and leather bracelets with gold coverings on her wrists and a tan skirt around her waist held up by a leather belt with two pouches on her right side.

She stood in front of the princes’ bedroom door, pressing a button on her right to open it. Walking in side, she saw the young prince, Lion-O, sleeping so soundly in his bed. She smiled at the young cub’s sleeping face but that smile faded when depressing thoughts started flowing through her head: “How am I going to tell Lion-O about…”

Interrupted, she heard a faint voice calling her name. “C-Cheetara,” it was coming from the boy, Lion-O, calling his guardian in a voice of fatigue.

“Well, good morning Lion-O. Did you have a nice nap?” asked Cheetara in her usual, sultry voice. Even the prince’s tired face made her smile.

The prince examined his room, realizing that he was in a different environment. He was not in his usual room nor was he in the palace, asking: “Cheetara. This isn’t my room. Where am I?”

That’s when the smile faded away, explained: “You’re in a flagship, Lion-O. We brought you here while you were still asleep.”

“Cheetara, why am I on a flagship?”


“I’ll…I’ll explain later,” she still couldn’t tell him, not yet, that is. “But, right now, I have to take you to another part of the ship. Jaga ordered me to wake you up and bring you to…”

“Snarf!” the sudden roar of Lion-O’s pet, Snarf, interrupted the young cleric, causing her to turn her attention away from Lion-O and towards the little creature that slept by the foot of his bed.

Snarf was a very odd creature. He was neither cat nor lizard but more of a mixture of both. A furry face with only its pink nose and adoring green eyes standing out of the light coat, ridiculous long ears with yellow tufts of hair that trailed down his spine and at the end of his tail, the rest of Snarf’s body was round and red with his underside looking almost reptilian-like.

“Hey, Snarf, how was your sleep?” said Lion-O, holding the little creature close to him. “Cheetara, can Snarf come with me to meet Jaga?”

The young cleric smiled and replied, “Sure.”

20-minutes-later, Cheetara and Lion-O walked to another part of the ship to the council chamber with Snarf behind them. When Cheetara opened the door, she and Lion-O saw Jaga, staring out at the glass opening, feeling distressed from what he was seeing.

The Head Cleric was standing still, dressed in a blue cassock and holding a wooden staff with a green orb on the top, contemplating while rubbing his long beard.

“Hello, Cheetara,” greeted Jaga. He knew it was her without turning his head. “I see you brought the young prince with you like I asked.”

“Indeed, Jaga,” Cheetara bowed her head, respectively, to her teacher. Lion-O ran to Jaga, giving him an affectionate hug. That was the only time Jaga turned around. The old jaguar smiled and patted the young prince’s head. “Jaga, it’s good to see you!”

The Head cleric smiled, letting out a light chuckle as he padded the young prince on the back. “Haha, it’s good to see you too, Lion-O!”

“You wanted to see me about something!?” asked Lion-O, tilting his head to the left. Like Cheetara, the smile on Jaga's faced diminished into a frown, sad at what Lion-O's reaction would be.

“Come, Lion-O, let me show you something,” Jaga requested, bringing the young prince to the window. “What do you see, Lion-O?”

“I don't know. All I see is a burning star.”

This wasn't easy to tell him. So Jaga found the strength and told Lion-O, “That is not just a star, Lion-O. That is what's left of our home. Thundera.”


Losing all expression on his face, Lion-O didn't believe what he was hearing. “That's Thundera!? That's my home!? Our home!? No! No! No!” he thought. Lion-O soon noticed the colony ships flying behind the flagship, which brought relief that his people survived. “Jaga, I want to know who survived; Tygra, Panthro, Wilykit and Kat, did they survive?”

“Indeed, Lion-O. Tygra and Panthro are piloting the flagship as we speak and Wilykit and her brother Wilykat are in their rooms.”

“...And my father?”

The old jaguar sighed, answering the young Princes' question, “I'm afraid that your father—King Claudus—did not make it.” Jaga continued, explaining: “As the King of Thundera, it was his duty to lead the remaining soldiers against the League of Plun-Darr while we escaped with the rest of the colonists.”

Lion-O felt tears flowing from his eyes down his cheeks. He didn't want to believe this was happening. As Lion-O ran out of the council chamber, Cheetara tried to stop him but Jaga placed a hand on the cheetah and said in a wise tone of voice, “Let's leave the young prince alone for a while, Cheetara. He'll need time to process all of this.”

Lion-O ran down the corridor and wasn't looking where he was going. 13-years-old; he was too young to suffer this much trauma. Without looking where he was going, Lion-O bumps into someone in front of him, falling backwards and landing onto the floor.

Rubbing his forehead, Lion-O felt the pain surging through like being hit with a brick. Lion-O didn't see whom he ran into.

“Hey what's the big idea...Lion-O?” said the silhouette that Lion-O ran into. The young prince looked and saw who it was, exclaimed, “Wilykat!”

Standing up, Lion-O was surprised to see another familiar face. WilyKat was about the same age as Lion-O, dressed in a tanned tunic and black pants held up by a brown belt with pouches around it, unlike Lion-O who wore a sky blue, armor-like tank top with dark blue pants held up by a blue belt with the ThunderCats insignia as a belt buckle around his waist.

“By the gods, Lion-O; I haven't seen you in a while. How's it been?” Cheerfully, asked Wilykat.

“Fine” was all Lion-O said. Wilykat noticed the sad expression on the prince's face, saying, “You know, don't you, that Thundera is no more?”

Lion-O didn't say anything to Wilykat. He just simply nodded his head, avoiding eye contact.

Wilykat walked Lion-O to his room, saying, “Come on; let me show you my room. My sister would be happy to see you.”


20-minutes-later, Wilykat stood in front of his bedroom door with Lion-O, opening the door and stepping in. Lion-O saw Wilykat's sister, Wilykit, lying down on her bed and staring at the ceiling, up into space.

“Hey, Kit, look who I brought!?” called Wilykat, getting his twin sister's attention.

“Kat, can't you see I'm trying to...” With just one look, Wilykit became speechless from seeing Lion-O.

“L-Lion-O, Is that you!?” Wilykit exclaimed with her cheeks all red.

For being twins, Wilykit looked nothing like her brother. Her hair was red with a black line in the middle of her scalp, tied in a pony tail, which her brother had red hair with two lines on his scalp and white sideburns. She was dressed in a blue top with one strap with an asymmetrical skirt with six different, hanging pieces: three pink and three blue. The only thing the two were similar was that they had tails.

“Hey Kit. Good to see you.”

Wilykit got out of bed and ran towards Lion-O, hastily; excited to see the young prince, again, but her smile died down from seeing the sadness that Lion-O was expressing. “So, you know that Thundera's gone, don't you?”

Now, Lion-O did hear a word Wilykit said. In fact, he wasn't even standing where the twins were. He was too busy looking at his surroundings by examining the shelf that was a few feet away from the ThunderKittens and close to their beds. While Lion-O was distracted, Kat looked at his sister with a sly smile and said, grinningly, “You have a crush on Lion-O, don't you?”

Wilykit's face flushed from that comment. “N-no I don't!” Kit whispered to her brother. Wilykat responded to that by pinching his sister's left cheek.

“Yes you do! I can see it on your face! You like Lion-O!”

To even anger his sister, Wilykat walked up to Lion-O, shouting, “Hey, Lion-O! My sister has a c...” but before he could finish his sentence, Wilykat was interrupted by his sister covering his mouth with her right hand.

“What?” asked Lion-O, tilting his head while looking at the cubs.

“N-nothing! You know my brother; always saying things to get attention!” that comment pissed Wilykat. Wilykit could feel Wilykat shouting from the vibrations under the palm of her hand. Lion-O turned back to scanning the shelf. Removing her palm, Kit stared at her brother, giving him the evil eye, which made him feel squeamish.

He had always been afraid of his sister's stare. To him, it was like being stared at by a thousand owls. Walking up to Lion-O, Wilykit tried processing words to comfort the prince.


“Um, Lion-O, I know this is hard on you but don't worry; we're here and we'll help you get through this,” She said, placing a hand on Lion-O's right shoulder. “We're your friends and we're here for you.”

Lion-O felt Wilykits' touch as soft and he felt relieved to have such good friends but the moment of comfort was interrupted by Jaga who stood in front of the opened door.

“There you are, young prince. Cheetara and I have been looking everywhere for you.”

“Hey Jaga; so why were you looking for me?”

“Come, I must show you something in the armory.”

13-minutes-later, Jaga brought Lion-O to the armory where he showed something awesome. A sword made from the rarest metal in the galaxy, it was about the same size as a dagger but that was because it was sleeping; reserving its power when needed to be summoned. In the hilt of the sword was a red stone with a black line in the shape of a cat's eye in the center. Below the Sword was a golden Gauntlet that was able to contain the Sword.

“What is it, Jaga?” asked Lion-O.

“That, my boy is the fabled Sword of Omens,” the Head Cleric explained while bringing Lion-O closer to it. “You see, Lion-O, this sword is a cultural artifact of Thundera; wielded by the previous kings of Thundera and Lords of the ThunderCats, including your father, Claudus.” Jaga grabs the sword and hands it to Lion-O. “Now, the sword has been passed down to you, Lion-O. You are the new King of Thundera and the new Lord of the ThunderCats.”

“But, Jaga, how can I be king without a kingdom?”

“Do not worry, Lion-O. Your people have survived Thundera's demise and, for that, Thundera will live on. In both us and the Code of Thundera...”

Before Jaga could continue, a large explosion occurred. The flagship was under attack. Lion-O placed the sword back on its hanger and ran to the control room with Jaga in front of him and the Thunderkittens behind him. A-minute-later, Cheetara arrives, standing behind the young prince.

“Report, what’s happening!?” Jaga puts on his helm and watches the monitor. “Where's the attack coming from?”

Tygra was the first pilot to respond, “We don't know but we've just lost colony ships 5&16.”

“I'm picking up an image of one of their ships on the monitor,” Panthro didn't like what he saw on the screen. It was a fleet of stellar fighters. Green, menacing, and destructive, they attacked many of the colony ships. “It's the Legion! Somehow, I knew they would attack us, sooner or later!”

“Are you sure!?” Cheetara spoke up.


“Positive, I ran the image in the computer and it's a perfect match. That fleet is of Plun-Darren design,” None of them liked the sound of that, thinking that they had gotten away from the Plun-Darr Star System. Tygra was sending messages to all colony ships, telling them to arm themselves.

Leading the fleet was a ship, larger than the other stellar fleets. This was the Plun-Darren mothership. Its design was too grotesque, too demented, too frightening to describe.

Walking down the corridor and into the control, a large lizard man with the appearance of a komodo dragon stands before his comrades. Wearing x-shaped chest bands and a brown kilt was considered the height of lizard generals with the exception of the bovine head-like medallion around his neck. His eyes were yellow with red edges, his scales were blue-green and hard, and his teeth were so sharp that they could pierce through a rhinos' skin.

“Report, what is the status of the Thunderian colonies!?” demanded the lizardman, taking his seat in the captains' chair.

“One of our fleets has just taken out two of their colony ships, Slithe,” reported the ape man on the right. “I am ordering the rest to spare the flagship.”

“Excellent, Addicus,” said Slithe, giving a slight “hiss” like a snake. “Once the cats are exterminated and the Sword of Omens ours, the Plun-Darren Empire will dominate the galaxy.”

“Can't we just save a few cats? I'm getting very, very hungry,” said the jackal man, letting out a deranged laugh while licking his lips.

Addicus retorted, “Everything you do disgusts me, Kaynar!”

“Besides, we cannot spare a single cat. If one or more cats are spared, then they will do whatever they can to defeat us,” Slithe added.

Kaynar didn’t say anything. He just crossed his arms and pouted. Kaynar's mental status has always been put to question. Even Addicus had been twisting his head left and right, thought: “What the hell is wrong with you?”

The defense system of the colony ships were activated as ion cannons were preparing to fire. Many of the colony ships fired, taking out a quarter of the Plun-Darren Legions’ fleet. As the battle continued, many Thunderian ships were destroyed while some had scattered to the unknown parts of the galaxy.

All that remains was the flagship; the one ship the Plun-Darrens had spared. The mothership sailed closer to the flagship, close enough to board it, sending a metal tube with edges so sharp that they pierced through the ship. The ThunderCats prepared for battle. The Plun-Darren assaulted and destroyed anything in their way, looking for something that's important.

“Where is it!? Where is the Sword!?” exclaimed Slithe, tossing boxes and miscellaneous items. “It's got to be around here...somewhere.”


Just then Slithe noticed the door to the armory with the ThunderCats insignia on it. “You, men, open that door! The sword must be in there!”

Marching down the corridor, a unit, consisting of apes and dogs, scanned the area. Then out of nowhere, a flash of yellow light appeared and took them out, one by one, leaving only one dog left. The yellow blur slowed down, revealing the entity to be none other than the cleric, Cheetara. She stopped and stood in front of the dog and took out a small bar. With one press of a button, the bar became a long, bo staff. Swinging it around, the dog soldier became intimidated and ran. It just goes to show you that no one may underestimate Cheetara. She realized that the armory is unprotected and so she ran to the armory. The Sword of Omens must be protected at all cost.

Another unit storms into the control room where they ran into Panthro and Tygra. Pulling out his bolo whip, Tygra presses a button on the side of the handle where his thumb is. From the whip was an electrical current, covering Tygra and making him invisible. Panthro, on the other hand, pulls out a pair of nunchaku and charges at the unit, striking them with every blow. The few that remained were mysteriously struck down by an unknown force and when they all fell, a surge of electricity appeared and, out of nowhere, Tygra appears but it didn't end there for another unit appeared in the control room and began firing. Tygra charges with his bolo whip, wailing the three, red orbs at one of them right in the face. Dodging their fire, Tygra, suddenly, started to hyperventilate, effecting his vision in the process. Tygra almost passed out but that was before he placed the mask around his neck onto his face, which helped him stabilize his breathing. Back in action, Tygra lashed his whip and took out the entire unit.

“Tygra, let's move! We have to get to the armory before they do,” Panthro ordered, sheathing his nunchucks back into his belt. With quick speed, but not the same speed as Cheetara, Tygra and Panthro ran to the armory.

A lizard carrying a blowtorch walks up to the armory door and started burning a hole through it but little did they realize that the Thunderkittens were behind that door. Wilykit and Wilykat had the only one shot. They each took a capsule from their belt and threw it at the Plun-Darrens, exploding yellow and purple smoke, which blinded them in the process but they kept on marching. When Slithe and his two generals, Addicus and Kaynar, stormed into the armory, Jaga stood in front of the Wilys and hammered the end of his staff to the ground, shouting, “You will not obtain the Sword!” and from that, a flash of bright light appeared before them. It frightened Addicus and Kaynar, but not Slithe, and while Jaga was distracted, Slithe ran passed him without making a sound.


The lizard commander ran into the section of the armory where the Sword of Omens was located. The Sword of Omens would be in his grasp if the young prince didn't stand in his way.

“Give me the sword, cub,” Slithe demanded, threatening Lion-O by holding up his mace. “Hand it over or this will get ugly!”

Trying to hold up the Sword of Omens, Lion-O was prepared to defend himself against the reptile. “Don't...don't make me use the Sword of Omens on you!”

Slithe just laughed at Lion-O's threat. Slithe lifted his mace, preparing to strike the young prince when, all of a sudden, the Eye of Thundera glowed and growled, giving Lion-O the strength to lift it off the ground.

Shocked, Slithe became frightened by the Sword's immense glow, causing him to retreat back to the ship.

Tygra and Panthro ran down the corridor and towards the armory but before they could get there, the two were stopped by Addicus and Kaynar who were blocking their way.

“Look, Addicus! Appetizers!” said Kaynar, dementedly. Addicus was still uncomfortable being around Kaynar, stating: “Is there a time when you don't act crazy!?”

Kaynar shrugged and replied, “Not really.” It was Kaynar VS. Tygra—cat vs. dog—a rivalry that has occurred since the beginning of time. Kaynar charged, slashing his battle ax like a maniac (Which he was) while Tygra, simply, dodged his attacks. The only thing Tygra was getting was a cool breeze and with his oxygen mask on, he could fight that psycho for a long time. To Kaynar, it was like fighting air and the fighting went on for, at least, thirty minutes.

“Come on, is that the best you got!?” Tygra taunted Kaynar, noticing how out of breath and with just one poke on the chest, Kaynar fell like a tree to the ground.

Panthro and Addicus were circling around, face-to-face. “Well, Well. I guess I get to fight the legendary general, Panthro,” Addicus commented. “It will be an honor fighting you.”

Addicus held his baton and leaped in an attacking motion with Panthro blocking his attack with his nunchucks. With one sliding of his right foot, Panthro trips Addicus and watches him fall.

“Retreat,” Slithe ran from the armory and back to the mothership, ordering all Plun-Darrens to do the same, including Addicus and Kaynar. Kaynar and Addicus got up off the floor and ran back to their ship with Kaynar looking back at Tygra, saying, “Another time, ThunderCat, and I will have your head. Ahahahaha!”


The Plun-Darrens were gone with the mothership flying away. TheunderCats regrouped in the armory, checking to see if Lion-O was okay. Tygra, panthro Cheetara, the Wilys, and Jaga ran into the section of where the Sword of Omens was and saw Lion-O, holding the Sword up in the air like it was a feather. Just how did he require the strength to do so? Placing the Sword back on its holder, Lion-O was being stared at by the other ThunderCats who were giving him worried looks.

“Lion-O, are you alright?” asked Tygra. “Have you been hurt in any—“

Before Tygra could continue, Wilykit ran up and wrapped her arms around Lion-O's neck, screaming: “Lion-O! I was so scared that you might have gotten hurt!” but she unwrapped her arms and backed away; embarrassed of what she had done. She could even hear her brother snickering.

“Guys, I'm fine,” Lion-O confirmed to everyone. “Really, there's nothing broken or bruised.”

30-minutes-later, after Panthro patches up the hole in the ship, the ThunderCats were in the control room, seeing what a mess it was.

“By the gods, this is terrible,” said Panthro, examining the damaged that had been done to the control panel. “The navigation system is fried, the autopilot’s damaged, and the cup holder is broken. I guess we'll never that planet you envisioned, Jaga.”

“On the contrary, Tygra, I still know the location of where it is but it will take years to reach it. That is why I must pilot the ship while you' all must stay in the suspension capsules,” Jaga stated. Hearing that, everyone started begging Jaga not to pilot the ship.

“Please, Jaga, let me pilot the ship,” Tygra begged. “We need you and your wisdom to lead us.” But Jaga denied the offer, saying, “Only I can guide the ship to the new world.” he, also, added, “You must all learn live without me but even if I am gone, I will always be with all of you in spirit.”

They' all nodded their heads and walked into the suspension chamber. Jaga watched at all of the ThunderCats each stepped into their own suspension capsule, all except for Lion-O who ran and gave Jaga a hug goodbye. Crying, he says to Jaga, “Goodbye; Jaga. We'll miss you.”

Jaga hugs Lion-O and lets him go so that he may enter his suspension capsule. 12-minutes-later, Jaga returns to the control room, sitting in the pilot seat and taking the wheel. He piloted the flagship straight to star system of where the new planet was. Seconds turned to minutes, minutes turned to hours, hours turned to days, days turned to months, and months turned to years. Ten years had passed and the ship had finally reached the new world; sadly, Jaga started to age and to wither.


Jaga remembered the autopilot was damaged, thinking, “I have finally reached our destination but, sadly, I will not be around to see it. Since the ship's autopilot is damaged; I hope that the ship can survive the impact.”

Jaga removed his hands from the control panel, growing weaker from the trip. As the ship flew closer to the planet, Jaga withered into cosmic dust, leaving only his clothes behind. After the ship came close to the planet, the ship began to burn from coming in contact with its atmosphere, causing multiple explosions to occur around the ship with many of the suspension capsules flying out of the ship like meteors to the ground.

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