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Bloody Masquerade (Black Butler) Completed

Novel By: Lady Wolf
Fan fiction

Countess Amelia Rosecord was on the brink of death from a stab wound. Seeing her life fade away, she feels the pain of regret and the hunger for revenge. Sebastian, a demon, senses this and makes a contract with her. In exchange for saving her life and helping her achieve her vengeance, he gets to devour her soul when the task is complete. But when Sebastian spends years by her side, he begins to feel something he never has for any master...love. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 10, 2010    Reads: 630    Comments: 6    Likes: 3   

It was so unbarebly cold that night; the kind of cold that pierced you from within and shattered everything it touched. Amelia remembered there was ice on the puddle which laid eye level with her only inches away. The unforgiving cobblestones provided little barrier to hinderance the steady flow of crimson leaking from her chest. It dripped softly into the small pool of water turning the crystal piece of ice a bloody red. The tiny faucets of glass filled with her blood and danced in the ripples of the frozen breeze. She wasn't sure why this stuck in her mind so, it was such a small detail, but whenever Amelia closed her eyes, it was all she could see. What she heard, however, was much more horrific. The screams of her older sister echoed through the frozen night as the large man plunged himself into her again.

"Let her go! Please, let my little sister live!" She begged as he continued to ravish her. A horrible, wheezing sound escaped the hole in Amelia's chest where the man had stabbed her only moments ago. She knew she wasn't going to live, but for some reason, her older sister couldn't accept that she was on the verge of death. Even as the man stole her virginity from her, Victoria pleaded for Amelia's life. That's how it always was for them though. Victoria had protected her for as long as the young girl could remember. When the sharpened knife pierced through her chest, she fell facing away from the assilant, but her ears picked up everything. Every scream, every cry, the sickly slap of flesh on flesh as blood mixed with desire and then she heard it. It wasn't a loud sound, in fact, it was so faint that Amelia's fear almost drowned it out, but it was unmistakeable. Her heart froze as she listened to Victoria's last breath fade away on the evening breeze. Then it was quiet, so deftly quiet, that she was sure she had already passed on as well.

It wasn't until she heard the heavy footsteps, that Amelia was aware merciful death hadn't embraced her quite yet. The man stopped and bent down to look at her, "Hm, can't play with you can I? I was hoping you would be as tight as your sister was, maybe even tighter since your younger and everything. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. The boss will be happy either way." He started to get up to leave when a voice that hardly sounded like Amelia gasped, "N...name?" Her attacker stopped and laughed, "Well, what's the harm? You are done for anyway. The name is James, James Merlot. Later, blue eyes." Then he was gone. Amelia listened until the echo of his footsteps faded away. As she laid dying on that snowy, cobble stone road, all that was left were questions. Who was James Merlot? What kind of person was his boss? And of course, the ever ecompassing question of why? Why would he do this to them?

A single tear escaped down her pale face as she shivered from the death which was slowly creeping upon her. It was hard to describe what it felt like, being aware that she was bleeding out, but it was painful. She could feel her organs searching for the ever present life flow and failing. Her pulse slowed, her body burnt from the cold and her heart, her young, strong heart; so full of hopes and dreams, still willing to fight and so impossibly broken from the loss of her sister, finally stopped.

"You're dying," a voice penetrated the silence of her mind. "I'm already dead....aren't I?" she asked without words. The voice replied, "Very near, you have less than a few seconds before your mind will shut off completely."Amelia tried to focus on the voice. It was clearly male, but different than any she had ever heard; soft, slightly melodic, but with a definate underline of power. "Who are you?"

"A demon."

"What do you want?"

There was a small flapping noise, a bird, maybe? The voice replied, "I want to make a deal with you. I witnessed the brutality which just took place and while it's too late for the other girl, you seem to have a stronger will to fight. I'm willing to fulfill one wish for you, for a price however." Amelia's eyes widened, "Bring her back! Bring back Victoria!" The voice hesitated, "I'm sorry, but it is too late for her. I have no place bringing back the dead, her soul has already been reaped. But you, I can heal you. If you make a contract with me, I will protect you and lend you my strength until your goal is achieved, although once it's done, your soul will be mine to devour. Understand?"

Amelia tried to think about it, but already her focus was disappearing. She could feel her life slipping away, her chance at vengeance for her sister and herself. But he would devour her soul? When she was avenged, the voice would eat her completely? Could it possibly be worth it? "I don't mean to rush you, but time is running out. Do you accept this contract? Will you give me your soul in exchange for revenge?" The voice inquired as Amelia grasped her last second of life to reply, "Yes! I accept the conditions! Grant me my vengeance against the ones who wronged my sister and I. When that is complete you may have my soul. I accept!"



"Good morning, young mistress," a voice woke Amelia from her dreams when the curtains opened. A blinding light met her eyes as she yawned, "Good morning." Trying to rub the sleep out, Amelia watched through one tired eye as the dark man retrieved a creme colored dress from the expansive closet and held it up. Sliding out of the large, silken bed, she grabbed it and walked behind the delicately painted oriental screen to change while he filled her in on the day's schedule.

"Mistress, today you have a meeting with Count Bornes. He has some concerns about the plan to expand the Forte opera house. He would like you to take a final look at it and give the word before they begin any kind of construction. Then you will have lunch and a walk around the gardens with Madam Cloe." Amelia rolled her blue eyes, "Is there any way we could avoid that? I'd much rather spend the rest of the afternoon at the Forte, then at least I will have reason to hear a fat lady sing."

The butler gave a slight chuckle and repiled, "I'm sorry but no, it can't be. Madam Cloe may be a bore, but she is a representative of the French affairs. Her friendship would be a valuable asset to the Rosecord international expansion." With a sigh, Amelia lifted off her night gown and placed it on the screen. Taking a peek down, she rested her dark eyes on the mark etched between her supple breasts. The night she was contracted, she recieved a tattoo where the fatal wound would have scarred her soft skin. A purple, complex star pattern, encircled with a deep, black chain claimed her as his. The demon whom she made a deal with and the man standing not five feet from her.

Bending down to catch a peek between the folds of the screen, Amelia took in his image and remembered the first time she saw him three years ago.

She had to turn her head up to take in all of him when she asked, "What's your name demon?" The man answered, "I am yours now, you may call me whatever you wish." Amelia racked her brain, trying to come up with something and found nothing, "What do you like to be called?" The demon's red eyes scanned her face in quiet surprise at being asked his preference on anything, "My former master called me 'Sebastian Michaelis', I had no objections to it." Amelia nodded, he looked like a Sebastian, "That is what your name will be then. So...how does this work? What happens now?" He glanced down at her pale face, "From the pieces of your mind I touched, I gathered that you are a noble's daughter, that means you will have an estate. I shall stay by your side both night and day until your wish is granted. Until then, I will take the form of your butler so as not to arouse any kind of suspicion. Understand Ms....?"

"Rosecord. Amelia Rosecord, Countess Rosecord...now...." Amelia replied softly as he knelt down in a graceful motion, "Countess Amelia Rosecord, I dedicate my heart and body to you.Any order you instruct, I will follow without delay. No matter where you go, what path you choose, I will be at your side until the end. I will protect you and help you accomplish your wish. Please give me a command." Amelia's fourteen-year-old self stood straight and fought back tears when she glanced to her sister's dead body, "Bring forth the vengeance I seek. Make James Merlot and his organization pay for this affront on my life and for taking my only family from me. Give me the strength to show them what pain really is."

A small smile graced his face as he crossed a smooth arm over his chest, "Yes, my Lady."

~~~Author's note~~~~~~ I do not own Kuroshitsuji or Sebastian (though I wish I did!) Please stay with me and enjoy the story! Thank you!


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