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It's only 2 weeks to Rosalie's 16th birthday, and in those 2 weeks she finds out who she really is and why she is here. Along the way she discovers her who real family is and why she was put into foster care until now… View table of contents...


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Chapter One

I awoke to silence. This isn't right; normally Dye and Cam were awake and yelling at me to go to school. I got changed in a rush to find out what was going on. As i rounded the corner to the kitchen to heard a man voice that i didn't recognise so i hid at the corner and listen to him say "It's close to her birthday, we will be back tomorrow to pick her up and until then don't try and leave town!". After i heard the front door close i went into the kitchen and saw Dye and Cam with tears stringing down their faces, they hadn't even realised i was their until i said "What was that about?". They turned around shocked and wiped away their tears. "Um...i. It was nothing Rosie. Just some man not understanding that some rules", replied Dye.

"Come on darling, your gunna be late for school!", added Cam. I quickly ate breakfast and rushed out to the car. For some reason i kept thinking about what that man said and replaying it over and over again to see if i cold understand it, but i couldn't. I didn't get what they were talking about or why they were talking about it. I didn't even get a chance to see the man's face. "Here we go Darl, is it okay if you walk home this arvie?" asked Cam.

"Yeah, see ya!" i said as i got outta Cam's Ford Ute. I waved goodbye as he drove off and then started heading towards my friends. As i got to them they cheerfully ran to me and embraced me like i hadn't seen them for weeks. These kids are weird but i must admit i love them to bits. As they retreated to the seats the bell rang, Sara came and grabbed me by the hand and dragged me to our first class. History, yay not! The only reason this class was fun at all was because Sara was in it; we had the most fun together out of all of us. We were 15mins into class when i looked up and saw the most popular kid Sam staring at me. At first i turned around to see if he was looking at someone behind me but as i turned back-towards him he was definitely looking at me. I spent the rest of History either looking at my books or talking to Sara. Our History teacher Mr.Nolan said something about an exam coming up as the bell rang, but i don't think anyone was listening since we all walked out the door.

I was sitting in English with Mike when our teacher said we needed to get into pairs. He then said that we had to be partnered with people we didn't know so well, and of course all the boys come towards me when all of a sudden Sam grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me over to where he was standing. "Sorry, didn't mean to hurt you", he said apologetically. Mr.Parsons then said "Your objective for this week is to get to know your partner, and on Friday you will fill out a piece of paper about what you haven't learnt about them".

"Great!", Mike yelled in a happy tone. He was partnered up with a chick i didn't know but i think he'd had a crush on here since year 9. As we headed out to lunch Sam said "Do you wanna meet up at Marville tonight?".

"Yeah sure", i replied. The rest of my class flew by like a breeze. The 3 o'clock bell rang and i headed home. On my way home it felt like someone was following me and every time i turned around no one was there. So i decided to listen to music to get my mind off of it. When i arrived home Cam and Dye were sitting in the lounge, the TV wasn't on i was a little freaked at what was going on so i went into the lounge to find a suitcase in the middle of the floor with my name written on it. "What's that for?", I questioned as i pointed to the suitcase.

"Darl its bout time we had a chat to you", said Cam with worry in his voice. "You see, the man who was here this morning. Well he was talking about you", he said more shakily.

"Sweetheart, we were hoping that they would leave you alone but obviously not. I don't know how to say this nicely but i may as well just get the truth out their... You're not our daughter, we adopted you. The man who came here this morning, he was the one who brought you to use when you were little. He told us to guard you with our lives and that he would return to get you when you reached the age of 16", Dye said whilst she had tears running down the side of her face.

"You're not exactly normal Darling, you are more then what we are. More powerful and more important which is why we agreed to care for you and now you have to do with them. To be who you really are, and what your meant to do!", Cam said.

"And what is that?", I questioned.

"Well, your a hunter. You will go with those men tomorrow. Be trained and hunt down creatures who disobey the rules and protect us all. You see that is what you are meant to do and you will like it there at the Academy. I'm really sorry we didn't tell you about this earlier Sweetheart", replied Dye. Just as they finished i grabbed my jacket and the car keys and stormed out the door. These people were insane, either they had too much to drink or those men did something to them this morning. When i pulled out onto the main road i remembered i was supposed to meet Sam and so i drove to Marville, to hopefully get away from those crazy people.

I had learnt a lot about Sam within the 2 hours i was with him and he probably learnt a lot about me but it didn't matter now since i was most likely leaving town in the morning. When i arrived home the suitcase was still in the middle of the lounge floor. I decided to leave it there and went straight to bed. If they were telling the truth, then i was in for a lot of work. I woke up the next morning to Dye sitting next to me. As i turned over she said "Get changed, they're here". It took me 10 minutes to shower, change and brush my hair. When i walked into the lounge i saw a man in his 20's and Sam, it took me a while to register that that was Sam. The most popular guy in school, and he was here in our home. "Hi Rosalie, it's nice to see you all grown-up. I don't know if you remember me but I'm..." the man said.

"Bryce", i cut him off "I know i remember".

"Well that's a start, now your suitcase is in the car so let's get on our way", he said with enthusiasm. It took me 5 minutes to say my good byes and get into the black SUV. We were in the car for at least 20 minutes, going down these dirt roads i never knew were here. Just as i started to dose off Sam said "Were here". We pulled up at the front of a huge mansion engraved on the gate was Marville Academy. "Here you will learn and be trained to be a hunter alongside creatures like Werewolves, Fairies, Vampires, Shape shifters, Witches, Warlocks and so on", Sam explained. 10 minutes later we were inside the mansion and i was shown around, i was taken to my room and was told that Sam and Bryce would come and retrieve me in the morning and until then i was to settle into a very large bedroom which was upstairs from my dorms lounge room. Supposedly we were sectioned off and that we were given specific dorms. I was fine with that the other girls in my dorm were only a couple of feet down the hall but i was glad that i got the biggest room out of the lot.

I awoke at 12 at night to things being thrown at my window. As i went over, and opened the window i saw a shadow move and then a rock come flying through my window past me. When i looked back the shadow was gone so i shut the window and went over and read the note stuck to the rock. It read..

Dear Rosalie,

Whilst you are here you should watch yourself. Things are not as they appear. Don't trust anyone! I'm sorry i through the rock at you but it was the only way to let you know. It's not safe to talk on grounds. Meet me at the gate tomorrow after your classes.

P.S. Don't tell anyone about this note or about meeting me tomorrow


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