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renesmee is sixteen, she is discovering the world around her and she knows that she is different.
her and jacob are just friends and she has no other other intentions of romance with him other than the occasional stolen glance at his good looks, but when nessie meets the gorgeous gabriel James, who isnt exactly human, jacobs protectiveness goes into overdrive and the imprint is revealed, nessie isnt happy. View table of contents...



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I was scared
Huge, angry dogs chased me; I ran through the thick forest with unnatural speed and leapt over a flowing stream without any hesitation. My long golden curls whipped in the wind behind me, and my pale skin was flecked with light from the sun, it looked like diamonds. The horrible animals were growing ever closer, I could smell their blood, sweet, hot, I inhaled the scent, something inside me burned and as if someone had flicked a switch, I abruptly came to a halt.
I swiftly turned around to find three large dogs, all in different shades of brown; they quickly surrounded me and bared their teeth, growling.
I too, bared my razor sharp teeth, fangs, some would call them...
A feral hiss caught me off guard momentarily. Was that me? I wondered
It sounded nothing like the deep, rumbling sounds of these dogs; it must have been me…
My father said it was rude to hiss at my family, he said it usually happens if I feel threatened, and in this case, I definitely felt threatened, but no longer scared, I readied myself to pounce…
"Renesmee, NO!" My aunts familiar voice called to me, I craned my neck around to see my aunt Alice, and Uncle Emmet rushing toward me at full speed. I also noticed another wolf-like dog at their side. It was Jacob. My Jacob. His face was determined.
The beasts growled louder and in a blur, Alice was at my side
Emmet and Jacob rushed past just as one dog took their first lunge at me, Jacob caught it by the throat and shook him with all his strength, I heard a piercing yelp, and a thud, Jake dropped the animal to the ground, he was dead. The two remaining dogs were still trying their luck with Emmet, they were circling him. Jacob came up behind one and let out a fierce growl.
The fight continued until only one dog was left. His eyes were clouded with panic as he made an attempt to escape, running in the opposite direction; Jacob began to give chase, wanting him dead, no doubt
"Jacob, let him go, he's not worth it" Emmet said
Jake let a frustrated sigh escape him but obediently padded back towards us,
But then disappeared through the trees.
"Nessie!" Aunt Alice began
"You could have been seriously hurt! What were you doing out her alone?!"
I looked at her and tried to find an excuse "I was…I needed some fresh air" I said,
It wasn't that far from the truth.
"Wait, you should know what I was going to do!"
"I was kind of occupied, I was following Carlisle and Esme, they're still not back" Alice sighed
"You okay ness?" Uncle Emmet asked
"Im fine…where's Jacob??"
"He's over there" Alice pointed to a big tree "he's just phasing"
As if he heard his name, Jacob came out from behind the tree in human form; he wore only denim cut-offs. I couldn't help but stare at his bare chest for a moment, tan skin and a nice six-pack, I mentally scolded myself for thinking these things about him and forced my eyes up to his face, and he didn't look happy.
"Nessie...you should be more careful, you could have been hurt, or seen!" he said,
I glanced down at my hand, it still sparkled, I also noticed my nails, the black polish was chipped I'll fix that later I thought, and shoved my hand in the pocket of my hoodie. "I only wanted some time to myself…" I whispered
"Renesmee, aren't you listening? The forest is dangerous for your kind, especially when you're so young!" Jacob said, he sounded so much like my parents, despite him only being sixteen, like me.
"Yes dad!" I said sarcastically "I know it was stupid, im sorry, okay? Im sorry!" I yelled
I shrugged Alice's hand off my shoulder and ran the last few metres home to our cottage.
"Nessie, you missed lunch, are you okay?" mum asked as I came in the door, she was sitting on the lounge with my dad
"Yes, Im fine…" I said, but tears were welling in my eyes
"You don't look okay" she said, dad looked up from the ball game on TV
"Renesmee, really, what happened?" he asked, he knew me so well
"It's nothing dad, im fine, but im going to bed now" I quickly walked to my bedroom and shut the door just as the tears started flowing. I didn't like fighting with Jacob, he was my best friend.


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