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Sakura's Dying Love

Novel By: lovewritter94
Fan fiction

Naruto and sakura have finally made it to the next level and with sasuke along side nothing could be better until a mission goes wrong and may vause Naruto's death. View table of contents...


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"Naruto..please..baby wake up...please..Naaarruuttooo!!!" I yelled as my tears flowed down my eyes,his stiff body laid on the hospital's emergency bed.Tsunade-Sama ordered "Kakashi take her out" "Hai" he nodded as he began to pull me out of there as I begged to stay,once outside the room I saw hinata and ino,their eyes looked swollen and their noses bright red.I looked at both of them and threw myself on them and sobbed,they hugged me back and cried as well.We calmed down when Kakashi sensei came over and smiled and said "don't worry Sakura,he's going to be all right,its naruto after all" his reassurance and smile calmed me down.I wiped away my tears and nodded "you're right sensei, naruto is not the type of guy to give up specially now that everything has been going his way" I took a deep breath."girls take sakura home to rest"kakashi ordered "hai" ino and hinata said at the same time."if anything happens please call me or something "I said.Kakashi sensei nodded and I walked out of the hospital.My friends and I walked in silence until I got home "thank you girls" I smiled "sakura-chan I think it be best if ino and I slept over tonight"hinata timidly said."I'm sorry but I want to be alone tonight"I replied "sakura,please just tonight"ino asked.I shook my head and thanked them for walking me home and shut my door.I headed up to my room and decided to take a shower,when I was done I laid on my bed staring at the moon with a picture of team 7 held close to me.I started to get flashbacks of how this mess had happened.

"Below!"I yelled as I punched the ground and broke to pieces.Hirami of the land of the sound came out as he huffed his last few breaths."you 3 will not beat me! "He growled,he quickly made hand signs and yelled "secret harmony justsu!"he placed his right arm outand aimed it at the 3 of us we quickly dodged it, the guy huffed louder and sasuke said "you're done" the guy began to cackle "I have one more tactic" naruto and I got ready for his last attack all of a sudden ,he made his hand signs and the attack headed towards sasuke,everything happened so quickly that I hadnt realized that naruto had gotten hit instead of sasuke,the guy had done two different attacks within a few seconds,the first one was for sasuke as a diversion for us to focus on him and keep our guard down and that's when naruto got hit when the second attack had hit him.I had no idea wether to punch the living hell out of that creep or head over to naruto first but seeing naruto hurt had made me run towards him,I quickly placed my hands over the area that had gotten struck and what worried me was that it was so close to his heart."Don't move naruto"I ordered,he coughed up blood and tried to say something "save your energy"I added,my healing wasn't really doing nothing but kind of clog up the blood and so I had to stop and use my bare hands and pressed hard against his chest to put pressure on it and manage the blood from spilling,Sasuke had finished the guy off and came over to us and asked "Is he okay?" "We need to get him back to konoha quickly"I ordered,I was trying my hardest to keep calm because that's what a medic ninja must do but it was hard seeing the man I cared for hurt and on the verge of death,Sasuke nodded and carried Naruto,we had placed a rag on the wound and raced towards Konoha,once we got there they placed him on the hospital bed and the nurses went to call Tsunade-Sama,I stayed with naruto as I tried to use the medic tools to try and stop the bleeding but my hands shook so damn hard that it made it impossible,I felt naruto's hand grasp mine,his breath was heavy and unsteady and murmured "I-I love you s-sakura"even he was in pain he formed a smile and before I could answer tsunade came in and quickly got to work.

I now here laid on my bed wishing I'd seen that coming and rescued Naruto."Sakura"I heard a dark and plain voice say,I sat up and saw sasuke by my door."What are you doing here?"I snapped,not only was I the only one to blame but so was sasuke's,he noticed the tone of my voice and stepped closer,I grabbed my head lightly and stood up "I just wanted to make sure you were okay"he answered,I chuckled and said "Okay?...I'm far from that" "sakura it's not your fault"He touched me lightly on my shoulder and all of a sudden for some reason I felt that none of this would have happened because of him,I grabbed him by the collar and spat "Then it's your fault!",he looked at me with those dark eyes of his and he knew damn well that he couldn't escape my grip and I knew I could get him back by making a single movement of my hand on to his head."Sakura,I know you're mad at yourself and at me but you have to realize that it was no one's fault",tears spilled down and i let go of him and i started to cry,sasuke hugged me and said "Its okay,everything will be allright" "what if he..he dies" "his love for you will make him fight against death" he was right,I knew naruto would not give up our love that easily,sauske stayed with me until I fell asleep that night.


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