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The future of the leaf

By: Maiden of the moon

Chapter 1, The village hidden in the leaves has had a major change from the past. Everything has changed, the village, the villagers, the atmosphere and so have the threat...

"Naruto, Naruto wake up! Your going to be late!" Cried out a voice "Wha...?" He replied groggily "Urgh as lazy as ever, get up before I drag you out of here and into the hokage's office" she replied back "Arghh" he cried out, and he got out of bed faster than you can say ramen. Naruto and his wife walked through the calm streets of konhoa, everywhere was calm and people said hi to them whilst they headed to the hokage's office. On the way the couple saw old friends together, like Ino and Sai, they waved to them so naruto went to talk to them. "Sai and Ino how are you, first week is going well I hope" asked Sakura "yes haha it's going great what about you two, Sakura Haruno and Naruto Uzamaki together" replied Ino "well". Started naruto then Sakura grabbed his hand and jerked him to the side and shouted in his ear " your gonna be late moron!! Naruto gave a nervous chuckle and waved them off., Sai had finally mustered up the courage to ask her out. Finally took him long enough. They also saw Neji with Hinata, the perfect couple Naruto thought. Naruto had almost walked into the hokage's door because he was waving at shikamaru, still alone unfortunately. Naruto and his wife entered the hokage's office when suddenly Konohonamaru burst through the wooden doors. "Hokage, hokage!" He screamed, Naruto turned around "Yes" naruto said then he smiled

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