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Pokemon: The Adventure of Robert

By: MilkymanRobert

Chapter 1, This piece will be a Fan-Fic about Pokemon SoulSilver, but Filled with my own plot twists and characters. Based loosely of a recent Nuzlocke i just recently finished. We will be following the journey of Robert Smith as he tries to clear his father’s name, and defeat his longtime friend and rival Falkner. Will he be able to defeat all 16 gym leaders? Find out now!



“Any final thoughts for your fans out there Falkner?” questioned the rather cute blonde Reporter.

            “Only one, Thanks for supporting me through this amazing journey,” Commented the young blue-haired youth. “Especially my good friend from New Bark Town, Robert,”

            “You gotta be shitting me,” I muttered “He really just became a gym leader? Well this sucks.”

            Falkner was a friend from my town, about five years older than me, who had taken on the Pokemon League Championship. Scoring within the top five he was offered a gym role in the Violet City Gym. I only being fourteen couldn't wait to start my journey. Ya I know most people start at ten, but my mom wanted to keep me safe. So in other words she kept me to be a slave. Never mind that though! Tomorrow my tale will begin. And the world will know the Name Robert Smith! Look at Johto, here I come!

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