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La Push Is like one big messed up Family

Novel By: MissEbbiePaige
Fan fiction

Its the new generation of wolfs and imprints. with the new alpha imprinting on his best friend things cant be easy. Whats the fun in that?

(Sequel to Pinky Promise. You don't HAVE to read it but it will help you out with some of the Details.) View table of contents...


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I flung my carry on bag over my shoulder as i walked off the plane to meet my Parents and twin brothers. I couldn't wait to see them after spending the past 2 months at my grandpa's in Maine. I saw them waiting at the gates and i immediately flung myself into dad's arms.

"Daddy! I missed you so much!" I smiled.

"Hey Princess! Gosh you've gotten so big! You might break my back!" He chuckled.

"Maybe you need to work out some more! I love you though, even if you are gaining a few pounds." I giggled kissing his cheek.

"Hey I think he looks great." Mom smiled holding out he arms to hug me. I gave a quick hug to my brothers being only 12 they aren't my biggest fans. You see Seth -my dad- imprinted and married my mom when i was 5. He's not my biological father but he adopted me and i quickly became Paige Elizabeth Clearwater. The thing i kinda lost out on was this native american genes like my brothers who are tan with dark eyes. Me on the other hand have long curly brown hair and blue eyes. Im slender, which is a way of not saying anorexic and not like a whale. Im a normal healthy 17 year old girl.

"How was your Trip Princess?" Dad asked as we walked towards the baggage claim. He's called me princess since the day he meet me. The only time he calls me Paige is when i did something wrong. The nickname eventually grew on everyone and now all the elders -dads old pack- call me princess.

"Brett came to see me." I sighed. "We yelled at each other a lot and grampa told him to leave."

"Why did he yell at you?" Mom asked.

"He tried to tell me i should come live with him and his new wife. Then he got mad when i called him Brett." I rolled my eyes as dad picked up my over size duffle bag off the cart.

"I told you before you went out there that you needed to talk to him about everything. He is you dad sweetie whither you like it or not." Mom said softly. She knew i hated this subject.

"No he's not! Why can't you let me decide what i want to do? Your trying to put me in a hard situation telling me i should go visit him more and i should call him. I don't want to. I've never thought of him as my dad and i don't want to start!" I huffed as we pilled into dads tahoe.

"Princess theirs no need to yell. Its not that we want to put you in this situation but if you don't go willingly he's gonna take us to court. He wants to see you."

"Why now? In like 7 months i turn 18 so let him take us to court. By the time he gets the orders go through and we actual go into court it'll be like 2 months before i turn 18. Once i turn 18 Im not even talking to him and no one can force me."

"Sweetie he only sees you a few times a year. What if this year you go spend christmas with him and his new wife?"

"Yeah your about the same age." Dad snickered.

"Yeah i know. She's just another neckless. He's 34 and with his 4th wife. I told him next time instead of sending me a neckless with a card saying 'sorry you missed the wedding put i got married to some girl way younger then me and heres some pictures.' I want a matching bracelet." I giggled.

"Why don't i get two dads. Double the presents and Bretts rich! What the hell!" My brother Chris pouted.

"Have him. I don't want him." I muttered.

"Boys! You are very lucky! Stop complaining." Mom scold taking dads hand as we drove towards La Push.

"We're just saying her dad bought her car for her 16th so we're expecting one." My other brother tyler stated.

"He's NOT my dad will everyone STOP calling him that!" I groaned.

"Sweetie..." Mom started.

"NO! He stopped being my dad 12 years ago when you signed on the dotted line. What ever if half of my chromosomes are from him. I wish they weren't! I wish i was half dads! I wish everyone would stop reminding me that Im only 50% part of this family!" I felt my eyes gloss over.

"Princess your not 50% in this family. We love you no matter who's chromosomes you have. Honey no matter what you want he still is you biological father. I have never ever regret signing the adoption papers! Just promise him you'll visit soon. I don't care if you chose to go out soon and get it over with or put it off until spring break. Its not up to me its your choice but one way or another your going."

"What ever." I mutter and put my ipod ear phones in. and watched out the window. When we passed the 'Welcome to Forks' sign dad told me to take them out.

"Sweetie i have to tell you something so you can be prepared tonight when everyone comes for dinner."

"K?" I looked around questionably. The boys looked all pissy well mom looked happy.

"they get all the attention cause Im to young to turn into a big wolf. Those assholes...." tyler muttered.

"We had a few boys who phased and imprint. The boys are still learning to control their anger so lets not have any wise comments ok? Lets just have a civil dinner." Dad started.


"Josh took over as Alpha for Sam. Because Jake still phases he just wants beta. Matt phased second even though we thought he would be first having double the genes as everyone else with Leah and Embry." Aunt Leah and Uncle Embry where my favorite couple. One thing we came a crossed was shape shifter can't imprint on each other and Aunt Leah went to Alaska with Jake for a while and quit phasing. When she came back human Uncle Embry imprinted on her! I loved that story i used to make her tell me it all the time. "Zack phased after that and imprinted on Kellie. You should have saw that happen! talk about funny! Collin was breathing fire while Rebecca cried and gushed about how much her girl is growing up! Then Toby phased and surprisingly he has a really mellow temper compared to how bad Paul was."

"Oh my god! You guys didn't even call me?! I mean my best friend and my cousin phases and its all 'Oops did i forget to mention?' Then Zack and Kelly! Didn't see that coming! I always thought like Matt. I know Aunt Leah and Rebecca where close so they had play dates with him and Kelly all the time!"

"It was shocking. You want to know something else? Claires 4 months pregnant." Mom clapped.

"Great! another babysitting gig! I promised Grace and Brady I'd watch Robby saturday night along with Lindsay for Quil and Claire because Grace and brady have a date night and Claires taking Quil to um settle! yeah settle so i'll have them over."

"You know Im sure with the boys running patrols now you'll be getting more phone calls cause Kelly will be spending a lot of time with Zack." Mom smiled as we pulled up at the house.

"You have an hour. Go." Dad chuckled already know i really wanted to shower and look good to show of the tan i got this summer. I've always be the pale one in the group with everyone else being native american. I ran in the house showering, blow drying my hair. I let my ringlet curls fall to below my shoulders before applying my make up. I pulled on a denim mini skirt with a gray swoop neck sweater. I wanted to show off to everyone that i grew up this summer. I'm now a C-cup! my dream after having no chest until a year ago and now they grow like crazy! I also grew an inch bringing me to 5'2 and a 1/2! I slipped on my gray flats with pink stripes and my silver chain with the white gold ring Grammy Sue gave me. She told me it was the promise ring my grampa Harry gave her when they where 15. I always wore it. I smoothed out my sweater before walking down the hall. I knew almost everyone was here already. I could hear all the boys yelling at the ref on the TV for making a 'Stupider call then the last on.' as dad puts it. I got to the living room and it was full of dads old pack. The new pack wasn't here yet i guess.

"PAIGE!" Uncle Embry smiled getting up to hug me.

"My favorite uncle!" I joked.

"Well Im glad i top Edward!" he laughed setting me back on the ground. Oh yeah thats a story and a half. Sue married Charlie and now i have a Step-vampire-uncle Edward. Making Nessie my cousin and Jake my cousin as of 10 years ago when they got married. Messed up i know!

"Wow Paige got a tan!" Brady joked.

"Chhh just cause Im not quileutae doesn't mean i can't be tan!" I joked over my shoulder as i walked in the kitchen to see all the girls. I greeted them all with a hug. I winked at Kelly, she just giggled and blushed looking down.

"Where are the kids?" I ask. I always loved little kids and wanted to be a teacher.

"Out back. Can you make sure they're including Lindsay, Jess and Robby?" Rebecca called as i walked out the back door.

"PAIGE!" they all yelled. I've been the main Babysitter of the pack since i was 12 and Robby was born, shortly followed lindsay who are both 5 then Jess thats 4. I babysit Logan and Molly a lot too who are 11. I picked up Jess first. She was always so little for her age making it easy for some one of my slender build to pick up.

"Hey guys! I missed you!"

"will you play in he sand box with us?" Lindsay smiled sweetly.

"Sure." I let her pull me while still carrying Jess to the sand box dad made me when i was 6. Even if i lived 7 minutes to the beach every little kid wants a sand box. I was helping them dig a mot when i felt a pair of warm arms wrap around my waist and pull me up spinning me around.

"PAIGE! I missed you! I had NO one to make fun of all summer!" The deep voice chuckled putting me down. I turned around to see my cousin Matt.

"I'm sorry but by the looks of things the summer was good to both of us." I spun around quickly to show myself off.

"You grew and your tan!" He smiled hugging me again. I was always close to matt.

"You well...where to start?" I giggled.

"Paige!" I heard a chorus of husky voices call. I turned towards the woods to see Zack, Toby and woooooo. I couldn't take my eyes from his. He changed! He was easily 6'5 now and was ripped! He's was portent though. Not like those guys who had way to much muscle for their body. His eyes where a deep brown and his hair was a long buzz cut that was spiked up in the front.

"Seth's going to murder you!" Some one, maybe Toby said. I was to focused on my hot best friend Josh to look.

"Paige." he breathed starting to walk towards me again.

"SETH! SAM!" Matt yelled as Josh stopped in his tracts just out of reaching distance. The back door burst open and out came all the guys. At the loud sound i snapped out of my trace.

"I, uh what happened?" I asked looking between Josh and my dad hoping to get an answer. thats when it hit me. Imprint.


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