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A Fan Fiction About a single mother who travels to La Push to set eyes on our very own Seth Clearwater. With a 4 year old girl and his imprint being a package deal...a package he doesn't know about just yet. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 23, 2009    Reads: 463    Comments: 4    Likes: 4   

I pulled up to the little 2 bedroom fully furnished house in the small Indian Rez of La Push. Far away from My parents and ex boyfriend. I looked in the mirror at my little princess. My 4 year old daughter Paige, Yes I'm only 20, single and NOT a slut! I've only had one real boyfriend and i got Pregnant. She looks so much like me blue eyes, light brown hair. Hers was curly (Like Brett's) while mine was strait. I started thinking back to the day i left, i was 2 months pregnant and my parents being the rich snobs they are tried to get me to have an abortion just like Brett (the father). he told me he wasn't ready and wouldn't help me. I took all the money i could get my hands on. I emptied out my life savings, checking and college found. I start to run around the country. We never stayed long in any town because people would comment on my age. I lifted Paige out of her car seat so i wouldn't wake her. I walked into the cute little house and down the hall to a bedroom, i think it was the master because it had a king bed like it said on the Internet. I decided i'd let her sleep with me tonight because it is a new place. She was stirring slightly as i ran to the car to get one of the suit cases that i knew had some PJ in it.

"Mommy." She cried slightly as i walked in the room.

"Shh honey don't worry you can sleep with me tonight." I whispered changing into my pink pajama bottoms. I crawled into bed snuggling up next to my darling baby girl. No matter how hard things get it would all be worth it. I love her and would not change anything that's happened in the past 5 years. I woke up to Paige kissing my check. I took a nice shower and got dressed. It was so nice that all my clothes still fit. You see my dad's a judge and my moms a nurse so i never went with out anything! I never had to buy me clothes so that saved us money. I changed into simple jeans and a tee shirt. We had to go get some grocery's, find a job and day care for Paige. I buckled her in her car seat and was off to the little market about 5 minutes down the road. I sat her in the front of the cart and started down the isle I was in the fourth isle when someone hit my cart.

"Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry i was trying to stop him from grabbing the cookies." A petite girl smiled at me. She had huge scars down the side of her face. He dark chocolate eyes looked like she was embarrassed.

"No its fine. I know all about it." I giggle looking over at Paige.

"She's so cute. I'm Emily by the way." She offered me her hand.

"I'm Emma and this is Paige." I nodded over to where Paige was playing drums on her lap.

"This is Josh."

"We're new here and i was wondering if you knew of a day care?"

"That would be me." She giggled slightly. " I watch him and 2 other kids. I would love to watch Paige while you work and all."

"I don't have a job yet but that would be great!"

"My friend Jacob owns a garage with a bunch of my other friend and they desperately need a secretary. Its right down the road."

"That would be great! Do you think they'd mind if i dropped my resume off?"

"No not at all. They have no business people skills. They are so desperate. Here's my address, you can drop Paige off at what ever time tomorrow." She smiled handing me a piece of scrap paper with an address scribbled in pen. The day past quickly. I finished at the store. Unpacked our few pictures, clothes and miscellaneous other things. I got Paige settled in her room with her sport toys. She's big on sports especially soccer. I tucked her into bed before i made my way to my room. I feel asleep soon after my head hit the pillow.

I woke up to Paige shaking me again. I got her some cereal and sat her on the couch while i got ready. I put on my black pants with a pink sweater before i got Paige dressed. We drove to Emily's listening to music that we both new most of the words to.

"Paige! Emma! Come in! This is Claire, she's 9. This is Zack, he's 2. Then this is my son Josh, he's 4 just like you!" Emily smiled motioning to all the kids in her living room.

"Have fun sweetie I'll pick you up later. Be good, i love you." I kissed Paige's check before setting her down next to josh. "Emily thank you so much! I'm just going to the garage so i shouldn't be long." We small talked for a few more minutes about cost and all before i set off for the garage. I pulled up next to a sign reading 'La Push Garage' I walked into the door labeled office. I stepped in the door and waited. almost 5 minutes past and no one came. Wow Emily was right they really need someone. I walked over to the glass sliding doors crossed from the desk leading to the garage. I saw 4 cars lined up each with one guy underneath and one playing under the hood.

"Excuse me?" I asked over the drills. Everyone stopped what they where doing to look at me. "Um Emily told me you guys where looking for a Secretary?" I looked at all the tall, muscular grease covered guys. The one who was under a red PT cruiser was way hot! those hazel eyes where stirring intensely at me. His mouth hanging open.

"Yeah! Come into the office. I'm Jake the owner." The tallest one of all shut the hood of a blue jeep. I followed him back into the office as he shut the door.

"Here's my resume." I smiled handing it to him. He looked threw it for a minute before looking up at me. I knew i had more then enough experience for this job.

"you want to start tomorrow?" He smiled sheepishly.

"Sure. what time?"

"We open at 8 and it's 100% casual. Just jeans and a tee shirt's great. We close at 5 and its $14 an hour. You just got to answer our phone and book appointments. Sound good?" His smile widened.

"Sounds perfect!" I laughed looking at all the guys who had stopped what they where going and gathered on the other side off the sliding door.

"Come on in guys!" Jake joined me in the laughter. "This is all the guys. Jared, Quil, Sam, Seth, Collin, Brady and Embry." I looked at the tall hazel eye Seth who still had the same expression on his face. Widened eyed and mouth practically on the floor.

"Hello. I'm Emma."

"H-hi Emma. I'm S-Seth." He stuttered. I couldn't help but giggle at him.

"Ok guys get back to work!" Jake ordered. We talked a little while just telling me how things go around here.


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