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WTF!!! I AM A CAT!!!!

By: MythicalTrinity

Chapter 1, Trinity is 16, and gets a cat necklace from her ex-boyfriend. What she doesn\'t know is that when she puts it on, she\'ll never be able to take it off again... Because she turns into a cat. Blaine out.

Trinitys POV

    I sat down on the couch, and resumed to Black Ops. 

"Ha! Got you!" The guy l killed used a lot of colourful language.

    "Hey, settle down sailor." 

I was about to say a retort of a more rainbow-y vocabulary when my brother barged in with his friends.

   "My turn." Cris said. l scowled at him and turned off the console.

Chow-Chow, my tabby cat, jumped onto the couch.

   "Hey Chowy!" He hissed, and his silver fur bristled.

l went up to pet him and he bit me.

   "Ouch!" He never scratches me. Huh...

l ran up to my room and flopped onto my bed. l then blacked out.

C3 C3 C3

I woke up to music. That damn LMFAO. It wa louder then usual. l hopped out of bed and knocked on Cris's door. He opened his door and looked down at me. Wait... Down? I know l'm a little smaller than him, but not 5 feet smaller.

  "Is thos Chows new girlfriend? Hey guys, Chow is gonna get another litter."

Fuck it...........

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