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Cursed Clouds

Novel By: neji chan
Fan fiction

After TenTen-san's death, due to a mission, Neji-san and Lee-san begin to develope feelings for each other. Set in Shippuden. View table of contents...



Submitted:Jan 3, 2009    Reads: 477    Comments: 8    Likes: 1   

The fierce winds pushed against their soaring bodies as they flew through the trees. Their mission was simple, play hide and seek with the lord of the land of cloud's daughter. Yes, you heard right, three of Konoha's best ninja were being reduced to play games with a small child. When they had first heard this, Neji-san nearly passed out, for he had never been good with kids. "We're here." The two boys turned their heads to a now pointing Tenten. They jumped from the tree tops and landed softly on the moist, dark green ground beneath them. A few more feet and they'd be at the Cloud-sama's mansion. "Sugoi!" Tenten exclaimed, her amazement getting the best of her. The sight before them was magical to say the least. Soft, green grass painted the ground, accompanied by a multitude of flowers in various colours-and that is just the vegetation! The manor itself was a sight to behold. It was painted a soft, cream colour and accented with white lace-covered curtains, which shielded the perfectly clear windows from the harsh summer sun. Feeling a bit nervous, they advanced closer to the polished door and knocked gently. A few moments had passed and rather than being accompanied by the sound of a door opening, they were greeted by a small mammal pouncing at them! The creature landed on Neji's back, sending him onto Lee. "Tag, you're it!" She yelled, the mischievous glint in her eyes matched her voice perfectly. Neji felt his face get red-hot, from embarrassment-he hoped, and quickly removed his body from Lee's.

Would you guys stop flirting for five seconds so we can get this mission over with!" Tenten's statement followed an exasperated sigh. Lee's mouth then dropped to the ground and his eyes became wide, well, wider. "T-TenTen-san, you shouldn't tease us like that!" "Yes, the day Lee and I become an item is the day hell freezes--" The sound of an old man's laughter pulled them from their quarrel. "I'm terribly sorry about that, you see, when I told Aina-chan about her little play date she got excited."


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