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Heart of Hope Chapter: 3

By: nenao

Chapter 1, Kip enters the life of a wolf pack member instead of a loner...

Chapter 3


Kip was shaking. These wolves looked much more well-fed and stronger. "Speak!!" barked the male," or face me!" Kip closed her eyes with her tail between her skiny legs. She half expected to feel teeth clutching around her neck. Instead, a voice came from behind the frighting male." Stop, Hatch!" He ordered." We will not harm any wolves unless is necessery. This loner, in fact, is about your age! Probably a bit younger! Would you hurt someone that is younger than you?" Kip was surprised to hear that this wolf was standing up for her. She expected to hear the other male argue about territory rights. But he just bowed his head. " Forgive me, Beta Jay" Jay? What a strange name, especially for a male wolf... Kip noticed that the male who challenged her was looking up at her with his gold eyes. Kip wasn't sure if she was meant to find them attractive or not. What she did know was that they had the word unwelcoming written all over them. Jay looked down at Kip with curious, yet gentle eyes. "You must be tired." He guessed, " Although, you seem to turn down pretty fast towards a fight." Kip could never argue with that. Kip tried to stay out of harms way, and was pretty good at it. Her thoughts were interupted by jay." How would you like to join the pack of tall moutains?" Kip's eyes widened. Would she? It was better than being alone, with no one. "alri-" she was cut off by Hatch " There is no way this loner is going to join our pack, right?" he said, dissapointed. "That is what this young wolf thinks, Hatchet." explained jay." If she does happen to join, i want you to treat her with the same amount of respect you show your pack. Do you understand, Hatch?" Hatch growled with anger. Which had started to fade when Jay flicked his tail for silence. " i aprove," said Kip.

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