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Heart of Hope: Chapter 2

Novel By: nenao
Fan fiction

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Submitted:Oct 8, 2012    Reads: 15    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

Chapter 2

Kip stretched her legs, trying to shake off the nightmare that had visited her last night. Her ears twitched, hearing a twig snap only a tail length away on her left. sure enough, a movement caught her eye. she turned to see a plump hare racing across from one bush to another. Kip lowered herself into a crouch, ready to spring up and kill the hare. Her hopes had gone ahead of her and had been spoiled strangly by a passing hawk. it came flying down, making a sudden swoosh with it's dive. after grabbing the hare, it curved back up, but before it could get away, Kip sprang up, barly gripping her jaws on the hawks wing. "Hey!" she growled with a mouthful of hawks wing in her mouth." Give it back! Thats my prey!" The hare, hawk, and wolf fell foward, falling onto the forest floor.She bit into the hares neck as it landed in front of her muzzle. The hawk would have gotten away if Kip hadn't leap onto the hawk, sinking her white fangs into the mid-body of the hawk." Yes!" said Kip," This prey should fill me for about a week!" She didn't even think about how silly it was when she had talked to herself a minute ago. She was too proud of herself for her victory. Suddenly, a strange scent filled her nose and made her take a step or two back. "oh.... no." she told herself. Kip was inside a wolf's territory! The scent is everywhere! she thought, worriedly, And it is not stale! She lifted her head to scent the air and forest around her. In fact, other wolves are nearby!!! "What do you think your doing here on our territory?!" snapped a voice from behind Kip. She turned to see a male, about the same age as her, but he looked dangerous! Behind him. 3 or 4 more wolves had apeared.


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