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The Adventures of the Black Rose

Novel By: Nigth and Day
Fan fiction

It is about a teenage boy how is the descendent of a legendary hero from the past. The young man teams up with four other warriors and an orphaned child on and adventure to save the world from demons! View table of contents...



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Have you ever heard of a flaming rock from outer space falling on some poor guy; and gives him some awesome super powers, and he saves the world?! Sadly, this isn't that story. This is the legend of the Black Rose. In other words, the story of how I became the Black Rose. It starts in a small town called Hell's Gate. The town gets its name from the little problem of the demon infestation, but we can get back to that later, let's start the story. It starts at a little orphanage named New Hope; I was an one year old when this happened.

Chapter #1

We'll rather die for Our Son!




"Jane we have to do this," said Tony. I know we have to Tony, but I…"Tony cuts Jane off; it's for the best Jane he will be safe there I promise!" Ok Tony, Jane replied. Mommy and daddy will always love you I promise, Jane says softly. (An explosion in the distance) They're coming we must hurry, Tony orders. (A house falls down and the demons spot the Knight's family) There they are, kill them! Jane, take Sebastian and run. I'll hold them back for as long as I can. No we won't leave you! Go Jane! Please, we are Sebastian's only hope of surviving. You must go now please! O…Okay I'll go. Thank you. Take care my son, grow to become strong and powerful, to protect the ones you love. No matter what! This is truly be a wonderful day to die! (Jane takes Sebastian and runs)

"Ah Tony Knight you stand in the face of death to protect your stupid family. Tell me Tony. Where is the boy?" It'll be a cold day in Hell before I tell you where my son is! "Hahaha…so be it then die!" (The Demon King and Tony fight when the demon stabs Tony in the chest) Death it is then live well my son. (Tony Draws his last breath and dies) "Find the women and the child! Go!" Don't worry Sebastian we're almost there. "I found them!" No! They're here, what do I do? (Jane spots a hole in the wall) What a hole? Sebastian stay in here and be quite baby. Don't worry mommy will be okay sweetie. There's the woman. Stay here honey don't move okay? (Jane hides Sebastian in the hole and pick up a small log and raps it in Sebastian's blanket then runs west to lead the demons away from Sebastian)

"She is trying to get away with the boy, after her!" They will never have our son Tony, I promise you that! (Jane runs around a corner) No! A dead-end! (The Demon King traps Jane) "Jane give me the boy and I might let you live!"(Laughing evilly) You will never have my son! You blood thirsty bastard! "Then I'll take him from you by force! Kill her and bring me the child NOW!" I love you Sebastian always. (The demons kill Jane and take the baby out off her hands not knowing it's a fake) Master we have the child. Bring him to me now! Yes master! Finally there is nothing that can stop me now! (Laughing hysterically now) What in the hell is this you fool? This is not the boy! Find him are you all will die!! Yes master!

Chapter #2

You Can Save The World!

(An old lade is walk down the street) It is getting dark out; I better be heading home (Sebastian crying) ahh, Poor dear. Where is your family? Well I can't leave you out here to die. You'll come and stay with me dear. (A solid gold tag falls from Sebastian's neck whit a black rose symbol on it) What is this a name tag? Oh your name is Sebastian Knight. Well Sebastian, let us go home. (Fifteen years later) Grandma do you need help feeding the kids today? Oh no dear (laughing) you are getting so big and strong. Thanks to you, our family's orphanage is still intact dear. Oh and Happy birthday sweetheart! Today you are fifteen; oh I'm so proud of you. Grandma I'm sixteen today. Oh that's right dear (laughing) I must be getting old, but the last time I check I was fifty-five. No grandma you're eighty-two and will be eighty-three on the sixth of June next year. Oh yeah that's right (laughing loudly now).

Grandma where is papa? Oh that's right papa wanted to see you in the back. Okay grandma I'll be back in a few minutes okay. Okay dear. I wonder what papa wants. Ahh…Sebastian, there you are my boy. I have something for you. Follow me. You had this bracelet on the night grandma found you on the street. The emblem on the bracelet is the mark of the Black Rose. That means you my boy, are the descendent of the legendary Black Rose himself; the saver of the world! What? I know this is a lot to take in my boy, but the world and its people are counting on you to save them from the evil demons that escaped from Hell all those many years ago.

Wait, how am I supposed to save the world with nothing but my bear hands? Not with you bear hands my boy, but with the Black Rose strongest weapon the Rose Blade. The strongest sword in the world, but there is one sword that matches its' stealth and power. The Demon Sword, Kin Ore. That's the only thing that can prove troublesome to you my boy. Grandpa, I don't know what to do or say it's just too much. Its' okay my boy. You will one day. Yeah I hope it's not too late when I do grandpa. Boys, it's time to eat! Okay sweetie, Sebastian and I are coming, grandpa yells. Take is son it's yours after all. O-oh thanks grandpa thanks a lot. Come let us go before mama gets mad at us Sebastian. Okay papa.

Chapter #3

 Combat practice!


Today Sebastian I'm going to teach you how to fight with your hands, swords, and knives. Okay first we'll start with your hands. Just follow me, and you will have this down in on time okay. Yes sir! Now watch my feet and my hands okay. First a right! And now a left! Now you try Sebastian. Okay papa. Ahh! No that is not quite right my boy. Like this. Think with your heart not with your head okay. Okay papa I'll try. Ahh! Nope try again Sebastian. Okay.

(Sebastian does a great punch) There you go my boy! Now try kicking. Okay. (Sebastian does a perfect on the first try) Yes that's it Sebastian keep it up! You're a neutral with you feet Sebastian. Okay for the rest of the week it is all about hand to hand combat, Than fighting with knives for two months, And then swords for the rest of the year. Okay Sebastian, but when we start practice there is no stopping. Do you still want to learn my boy?

Yes sir! (Papa starts to laughs) That's my boy. A year has now past and Sebastian is now seventeen. Ahh…my boy you have mastered sword fighting. Yes thanks to you papa. Lets go home Sebastian. Wait grandpa there is something I been meaning to tell you! Oh…what is it my boy. I think it is time for me to leave and start my journey to find out more about the world and the Black Rose. (Papa exclaims) Mama and I always knew this day would come. It's just because I… Papa cut Sebastian off; No there is no need to explain your reasons my boy. Come on lets get home and tell mama the news and then we can get you pack for you journey. O…okay papa.

Chapter #4

The Journey Begins!



(Mama crying) Please do not cry mama. I'll come back someday, and check in on you and papa. You're too young to leave Sebastian. (Grandma begs) Please wait one more year. Mama Sebastian is seventeen and he knows how to protect himself well. Yes I know, but I don't want my baby to leave! Grandma I well be okay. I promise I'll be safe. (Sebastian hugs mama) Okay, but you better come back home in one piece. I love you grandma and you too grandpa. We love you to Sebastian. I'll come back home soon. (Papa walks out of the living room and returns with a backpack) Okay Sebastian here is everything you'll need to start your journey.

Oh…yeah you might need some money so take this to. This is all the money we have saved up for this day. It's only sixth gold piece, but I am sure you'll find away to get more if need be. Thank you papa I will. Well you better be off if you want to make it to Kiwi City before nightfall. Okay I am off guys! Good bye Sebastian. Bye my boy. Take care! Your grandfather and I will be waiting for you here. One hour later, well now I can officially say I'm lost. I wish papa pack a map to Kiwi city. (Back at the orphanage) Honey what's that piece of paper on the table? Huh… oh that's just Sebastian's map. S-Sebastian's map! Oh no I forgot to give Sebastian the map to Kiwi city! Wait is not that his sword over there too! Oh god he is probably lost unarmed in the woods somewhere by now!

(Sebastian in now in Coconut Woods) Which way do I go now? It's almost night time I better set up camp here. (A demon jumps out of the trees and attach Sebastian) What was that? A demon! (The demon swings his axe at Sebastian but missed) Where is my sword? No I left it in the living room! "Die human!" (Ahh) Man that was a close one. I got to get out of here are I am done fore! Huh the woods? I can hide in the trees. "Where are you little human! I know you're here I can smell you." Dang there is no where I can run and I can fight him with my bare hands with that armor on. "There you are!" Ahh! (The demon attacks Sebastian but miss) Prepare to die human!

No! I can die here my journey just started! Ahh! I can't die here. I want allow it! What my bracelet is glowing? Die! (A Black sword comes out of Sebastian's bracelet)Huh this sword protected me from that attack. Did this sword come from my bracelet? This mark on the sword it's the emblem of the Black Rose. How did you block my attack human? Huh that sword it can't be! "Sebastian there are three moves that I know of that the Rose Blade can use. The first one is the Black Flame (Heki Nora). This flame can burn anything. Wow! What are the other two grandpa? The second one is the lighting slash (Reni) and the last one is the energy blast (Dicou). This blast shots your sprit power at your enemy." That's it! Die demon! Heki Nora! (A giant black flame brust out the blade and engulf the demon) (The demon dies)I killed him. This sword has the power to slay demons. Well that's what grandpa told me. Huh a light? That must be Kiwi City.


Chapter #5

The beginning of a new friendship, Kiwi City!

I have finally made it to Kiwi City! I better find a map. If I don't I might get lost again! I heard that this is a merchant town. I wonder who seals maps here. Hey kid. Want to buy a chicken? Oh…no thanks sir. Come on kid buy a chicken! No sir I don't want a chicken. Come on buy it! Look old man I don't want to buy your stupid chicken! Man you could have just said no. (A house goes down in flame) Huh what was that? Ahh demons! Don't worry old man I want let them hurt you! Forget me protect my chickens! I should just let you die here. The Winds will roar Fuji Hanta! (The demon is blown to pieces)Huh where did that come from? "Oh thank you Master Kenji. You have saved me," an old lady said.

Hey chicken guy tell me. Who is that man? Oh do you mean the demon slayer Kenji. So he is a demon slayer is that right. Hmm I can use someone like him on my side after what happed tonight. Excuse me sir are your new around? Huh…oh I am just pasting thought. By the way I am Sebastian Knight. I am Kenji Orosato the demon slayer of Kiwi City. So Sebastian what bring you around…huh… that sword it wares the Black Rose emblem dose that mean you're a descendent of him? Yes I am the descendent of the Black Rose. Please let me join you on your quest! Hahaha…man this is easier then I ever thought it would be! Well I guess you can tag along with me.

Thank you Sebastian! I promise my bow will not let you down. So where are we going? Well I really don't know yet. I am just going wherever my feet take me. Is that so? I guess we have two problems on are hands. Why do you say that Kenji? Well we don't know where we're going and because that demon we killed is the leader of the death pack, and his pack just saw what we did. Wait, what do you mean we! You killed him not me! You two killed are leader you'll pay with your lives! Its not we I didn't do it, it was him! Kill the demon slayers! Ahhh! All great now look what you got me in Kenji! Die humans! Winds will roar Fuji Hanta! Black Flame Heki Nora! (The rest of the demons are wiped out) Hmm…looks like we make a great team Sebastian. Yeah I think we do Kenji.

Yo Kenji by the way you wouldn't know if there is a mapmaker in this town would you? Oh there is one at the far end of town. A Mr. Glen I think. Okay I'll be back! Where are you going Sebastian? To the mapmaker of course! We need a map if we don't want to get lost going to the next town. Oh Okay! I'll go and get more food then. We'll meet back here in ten minutes Kenji.


Enter the Dark Forest!

What a hundred gold pieces for a map! Are you kidding me! Nope take it are leave it kid! Okay I'll take it. Let me see how much gold I got. Twenty, fourth, sixth dang I don't have enough! What do I do? I need this map. Hey look a demon! Huh w…where? (Sebastian grabs the map and runs) Bye sucker! Hey get back here you didn't pay for that! Help thief. Hahaha…yes I got a map. Now I just got to find Kenji, and then I can get out of here. Excuse me ma'am how much for the apples? It's Two for one copper piece, sweetie. I'll take ten then. That well be five copper pieces. Here you go ma'am. Thank you come again, sweetie! Huh…why is Sebastian running so fast this way? Ahh there he is. Get back here thief! Man that old guy just want give up!

Let's go Kenji we're leaving now. Okay, but why the rush I haven't finish shopping yet? Shut up and just run! Twenty minute later, (breathing hard) Sebastian why were we running out of town? Ahh…I can't tell him that I stole the map. Well because I was so excited about getting the map. I could wait to start our journey. I couldn't control myself. Oh okay, but where are we. I have never been in these woods before. Sebastian checks the map to see where we are. Oh yeah the map. Well we were in Kiwi city and we ran this way. Ah that means we're in the Dark Forest! What?! Do you know what this mean Sebastian? No what? We're in trouble. How is that? It is just the woods! No this is not an ordinary forest this is the Dark Forest! This forest takes the things that you're most afraid of and brings it to life.

(Sebastian laugh hard) I'm not afraid of nothing! This stupid forest can never scare…ahh! What is it Sebastian! Huh…oh just a little spider. (Laughing loudly) Yeah nothing can scare you right. Yeah very funny Kenji you kill me. Jerk! Hahaha hey don't get mad Sebastian I was just…Ahh! Giant spider! Run! Okay the jokes over Kenji! Ah…Kenji where are you going? (Spider Roars) Huh? Ahh! Wait for me Kenji! Four hours later, man we finally made it thought that godforsaken forest.

Yeah after being chase by a giant spider, three lions, five vampires, and a werewolf! I can't believe we're alive! You know? (Laughing)Yeah the same here Sebastian! It's almost morning now. Man we're running all night. Hey Sebastian check the map to see what town we are close to. Okay. Well we went thought dark woods so we should be in Shady Fields. If we keep going north we can reach Ross Town in about an hour. When we reach the town we can look for an inn okay Kenji. Okay let's get going then Sebastian. An hour later, man we finally made it to Ross Town. Hey look there is an inn! Let's go inside and get some sleep Kenji! Okay let's go Sebastian!


We meet again! Kenji vs. Ren!

Six hours later, man that nap felt so good! How do you feel Sebastian? I feel great, but I still can't believe they charged us ten gold pieces each. Yo Sebastian I need to stock up on some more arrows okay? I'll be back in a few minutes. Okay Sebastian I am just going to buy some new cloths. We'll meet back here in a hour. Okay Kenji. All right till then stay out of trouble Sebastian.

He talks like he knows what happed at Kiwi City. I wonder where the Taylor shop is. Hmm…"Dress Best" this must be it. Wow look at that blue suit. I wonder how much it cost. What! Two hundred gold pieces! Man every thing cost a lot. Look at this suit its black and white with a black rose on its back. It comes with an all black hat too. Man I want it! How much for it? Oh my god it cost a thousand gold pieces! God I hate being broke I need to find a way to get gold and fast! (A man walk in to the store) may I help you sir? (The man pulls out a knife) give me all of your gold or die, the man yells. Huh…hey what do you think you're doing? Say out of this kid or I'll kill you both! Hahaha…like that can ever happed by the likes of you! That is it I warned you boy die! Ahh! You missed me. Now it's my turn! Take this! Ahh! Thank you young man! You saved me! How can I ever repay you for this kindness? Oh you don't have…well there is one thing. Anything just ask and it's yours. Five minutes later, you look good master Sebastian. Is there anything else? Oh no the cloths are enough thank you sir.

Excuse me sir can I get three dozen arrows. Okay here you go. That'll be one hundred gold pieces sir. Here you go sir. Thank you come again. Well I am all done here I better be going…"Boom!" You are still as fast as ever Kenji! Well if it is not my old friend Ren Brock, the Axe Warrior! Long time no see Kenji. Yes I can say the same Ren. The last time we meet was five years ago, and as I recall we never finish are last battle to see who is stronger. Well how about we finish this once and for all right now Ren! I was counting on you saying that demon slayer! I wonder what is taking Kenji so long. (Smoke and sand fills the air) What was that? What is going on over here! Huh a battle?

Is that Kenji who is that he's fighting? You have gotten stronger Ren, but I am still faster! Winds will roar Fuji Hanta! "Boom" Argg! (Breathing hard) Don't think I am done just yet Kenji. The Earth will tremble, Kina Kin! "Boom!" Ahh! (Breathing hard) I got only enough sprit energy for one more Fuji Hanta. I got to make it count. It time! To end this! Winds will roar Fuji Hanta! I was thinking the same thing! The Earth will tremble, Kina Kin! "Booom!" Ahh! It looks like the same thing happed again Kenji. Yes I think it did. Just like always Ren.


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