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Angela's Secret

Novel By: NovelistJess
Fan fiction

This is a remake of Eclipse, the third book in the Twilight Saga, by Stephenie Meyer. I took one of Bella's quotes (I'd tell you, but it would ruin the secret. Sorry.) and got an idea with it, so here it is. Hope you like it! View table of contents...


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Mr. Banner was walking around the room, passing back the tests we took awhile ago. When he placed the perfect paper on the table next to me, it was a reminder to who was absent today. You would never imagine me to say this, but here it is: I'm starting to really hate these few, rare, sunny days that Forks presents me every now and then. Even though I know the Cullens, or at least two of them, were probably waiting for me outside, I still can't stand not having Edward sitting next to me. That empty seat just kept reminding me…

I looked down at my paper as Mr. Banner placed my test in front of me without a word. Well, I got a B, which isn't too bad, considering that the time I was supposed to be studying this was used in a much different way… Edward would probably be upset, though. He seemed to have taken it into his hands to prepare me fully for all the finals before graduation, and this was our last chapter test before the biology one. I sighed. Thinking about Edward just made his absence stronger.

I glanced down at my schedule that was taped on the front cover of my notebook. I had long since memorized it, but I still had this habit of peeking at it. Oh great, this'll be fun. I had totally forgotten that I had p.e. next period. Maybe I'll pull an Edward and ditch. I don't see how missing on gym class would affect me, and there was only one period, English, after that.

As soon as the bell rang, I jumped out of my seat and nearly ran out of the classroom. I hoped that Alice had told Edward of my plan. On the sidewalk, I took the path that led to the gym, but as soon as no one was looking, I took the path along the edge of the building- toward the parking lot. Alice had gotten my idea and I saw that my truck was replaced with Edward's Volvo. I smiled, and I'm certain Edward could hear my heart beat faster.

His beauty stopped me in my tracks, again. My own personal Greek god just standing, leaning against his Volvo. You would think I would get used to it eventually, but I highly doubt that I ever would. He was just astounding. No, he was DAZZLING.

"I see you've decided that my theory that ditching classes once in a while is healthy is alright to do now and again." Edward chuckled.

"Well, I had gym next- and you know how I love that." He just grinned, and I'm just gonna guess it's because he knows that he's way better than I am with that. "And also because I didn't want to waste this sun." I added, and that was the truth. Just because I hate the sun while I'm sitting alone in class doesn't mean I can't enjoy it with him.

"I agree, this sun is too good to be wasted sitting in a classroom. Did you have something in mind? Or should I pick?" At least he understood.

"Um, well, I hadn't actually thought that far yet… I kinda just wanted to get out of school." I blushed- leave it to me to escape and then not even have a plan on what to do afterward.

Edward grinned. "I do think I'm gonna ask Alice to keep blush on you. That's one thing I'm going to miss." I stuck my tongue out at him.

"Alice had better not come near me with make-up. You're forgetting I'll be as fast as you AND stronger." The look on his face reminded me he was the fastest, so I corrected myself. "Well, almost as fast as you. So what was the plan again?"

"Hop on. I was thinking we could go to our meadow. Does that sound good?" Wow. I probably could have guessed we'd be going there- since we go there almost every sunny day that I don't have to spend in school.

"That sounds amazing, but am I riding the Volvo or you?" I mean, he can't just leave his Volvo here, and I'm certain he meant for me to ride his back again.

"I'll have Alice or Rose get the Volvo. So, are you ready?" He had looked confused at my question, I guess he figured I should know the methods of riding to our meadow.

"Yes, I'm ready. Let's go before the whole concept of ditching is finished because school's over." I slung myself over his back, hitting my leg against the side of the Volvo. Ouch. I bit my tongue to stop from saying anything. It's not like Edward needs another reason to worry, or Emmett another reason to laugh at my expense.

Edward took off at the usual vampire speed, slowing only as we came up to the meadow. Then he halfway dropped me off the back of him, catching me in a swing and kissing me lightly. I pulled myself closer to him, raking my fingers through his hair. He kissed back, and it seemed nothing could tear us apart.

Then he stiffened, and I froze, too. I wondered what I had done wrong, normally he pulled away when he thought it had gone too far. He only froze when he was controlling himself. His jaw wasn't clenched, though, so I decided to risk it.

"What did I do? I'll try not to do it next time, I'm sorry."

"It wasn't you. It's just- Well I-" He was stumbling on words. I sighed, I mean REALLY. I could take it. How long was it going to take him to realize that?

"I thought we were past all this evasiveness now." I quoted myself jokingly. "Just tell me. I would've thought you're over expecting me to run away screaming."

"It's just that I caught someone's scent. It's nothing really." Nothing? Yeah right. This was our meadow- no one ever came here. It was kind of a secret place.

"Who's scent? Some hikers?" Hikers would make sense, but I highly doubted anyone hiked around here.

"No. It was-" The look on his face was… strangled, that's a good word to describe it.

"Just tell me, Edward."

"Bella, it was Angela's."


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