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Bodyguard - A Shizuo love story. Durarara

Novel By: OokamiCake
Fan fiction

“My name is Kurisutaru Ai…” A bodyguard… A woman… Kurisutaru is far from feminine, despite her appearance, and she has been in many different, life-threatening situations. From bombs, to assassins, she’s seen it all, and fought it all for someone else. There was nothing new about it. Except her client… Since she had been arrested a few years ago, not many people were willing to hire her, despite her once flawless record. So when she stumbles upon a young actor, Kasuka Heiwajima, she decides to take advantage of his lack experience in her world. Will she find a comfortable life with the Heiwajima? When she discovers his brother, and then, his feelings, how will she cope, balancing such an unnatural lifestyle? Well, read on... View table of contents...


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DRRR- Durarara

Bodyguard- A Shizuo Love Story

By OokamiCake

"My name Kurisutaru Ai" I tried not to let the blinding lights do exactly what they were made to do… Blind me… I felt my hands tighten, resisting the urge to fiddle with the bandages cloest to my hands. "I am eighteen in two weeks, and I have had prestigious training for this role" I heard a chuckle from somewhere beyond the mirror and I smirked, "no doubt you have something on everything I've done since birth on that paper, good sir" I heard the chuckle die, before it was replaced by silence. The door behind me opened, and I waited until the footsteps were next to me before turning with a smile, hating every second of the fake role I was playing 'innocent, sweet, kind, you need this job, you need this job, you need-'

"You're hired, and you will begin working for Master Heiwajima-sama as soon as you are placed in the household. All the information and background you need on him is here" he handed me a folder that I immediately stored in my jacket, smiling invitingly and waiting for him to continue. "A limousine is waiting out front to escort you to his household, be swift. He will want to know you, no doubt" The man nodded, and I wondered how uptight this 'Heiwajima-sama' would be. I eyed the suit on the man as I loosened the bandage on my left wrist, and wondered briefly if I would be fitted in a blouse. I snorted internally as I stood and made my way to the door. We'd see about that. No matter how much I needed this job, I'd rather walk in rags. I sighed. I hoped I could keep this job. I was pretty, undeniably so, with long, naturally-straight black hair and green eyes. I even had the 'cute face' to go along with it, but if anything, it made people doubt me even more when it came to my line of work… No shit there, I'm a bodyguard.

The limousine wasn't as bad as I thought, despite the driver eyeing me up and down. I wondered briefly whether it was him being a pervert, or if he was judging me for being female, and, if it was the latter, if he knew I could kill him without a second thought. The road quickly turned to a mansion, and I wondered briefly who lived with him, tightening a loose bandage on my thigh with a pin that kept stabbing my thigh. I grasped the folder in my jacket and roughly slid his picture out, pushing loose papers back in and adjusting the pin again. Brown hair, slightly unfocused eyes, as if he wasn't exactly there at the time of the photo… His lips only curved up in a hint of a smile, and he stood, relaxed, judging by his shoulders. I looked over his information, height, weight, favourite foods, places… He enjoyed spending time with his brother? I looked at the writing, sure it had mutated just to give me nightmares, but even after a rough scratching, it didn't change, and I snorted, looking for a picture of this new man…

"Can I help you" The voice was unwelcoming, even despite the friendly words- that he bit out… I looked up at the speaking man, sliding the folder into my jacket and I identified his bartending outfit. Was he a worker, a friend, maybe? I snorted and shook my head, ignoring his somewhat threatening stares as I made my way to the door of the mansion, and finally my restraint broke as his hand caught my shoulder and turned me, his eyes daring me to take another step. I gave him an equally chilling stare, feeling that bloody pin stab me again, and had the pleasure of seeing him double-take, his hand falling off my shoulder before he straightened out.

"Who are you?" I took satisfaction in hearing real curiosity, and I feigned a weary sigh.

"It's rude to ask a woman's name before she knows yours" I smiled and heard him snort.

"It's Shizuo"

"Kurisutaru Ai" I held my hand out, his hand meeting mine half way, bringing another surprised look as I shook his hand firmly. Who was he? He only gave me a first name… Did that mean he was important? I shook my head slightly to myself, shaking the thoughts off, and watching the man look me down. It was an examination, more or less, without the perverted stares other males would sneak in. I snorted, giving him 'good-guy points' for not undressing me with his eyes, actual surprise lacing my thoughts. He was cute, I guess, the ordinary suit looking good on him. He probably had girls lining up for him, so there was no need for him to stare at someone like me. I wondered briefly what he was thinking of my cargo pants and male tee-shirt before I shook the thoughts off with a laugh. It wasn't like you could mistake me for a male, with a D cup, and a hell of a waist. I heard 'Shizuo' snort, and my temper flared, my teeth grinding at such an open show of disdain. I quickly subtracted, oh, a hundred points, before I comforted myself with the thought of not having to see him too often. I caught his eyes on my many bandages, and I turned on my heel and opened the door without knocking, or ringing, or whatever I was supposed to do on first arrival. I made the mistake of looking back over my shoulder to see the stunned 'Shizuo', his mouth half open in surprise, causing me to giggle so hard I almost ran right into my client… Kasuka, if I remembered correctly. He looked at me in surprise for a moment before speaking, his voice perfectly calm and level, his face falling into an almost tired expression,

"Hello, you must be the new bodyguard. I'm sure you would know who I am" he held his hand out and I grasped it firmly 'Make a good impression' I warned myself, smiling at his impassive face.

"Kurisutaru Ai, I am aware of who you are, Master Heiwajima-sama" my voice was calm and levelled and I congratulated myself as he smiled lightly, and invitingly… Before the pin stabbed me… I held many of the un-lady-like words and phrases I was going to scream, and listened to my client.

"Call me Kasuka."


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