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A Shugo Chara Fanfic

Novel By: rainbowchi
Fan fiction

It has been five years since Hinamori Amu had seen Ikuto, and now she is in Year 12, almost graduating. What happens next? View table of contents...


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Part One - Ikuto's Return

Amu's P.O.V

She sighed. Where was he? When could she stare into those deep midnight blue eyes again? Amu lay in bed, curled up like a foetus, holding her pillow tightly against her. She missed him, and even after an agonising and lonely five years, her longing, like a slowly burning candle, had not been ceased. She squeezed her eyes shut, hoping to wake up next to him, anywhere, as long as he was by her side. "Ikuto…" Amu whimpered, as an ache rose from the bottom of her heart to her throat, choking her. Tears streaked her face and beaded down her cheeks and onto the soft mattress, unheard. Tsukiyomi Ikuto had not come back, even after he made that promise. The promise that there would be hope for their love in the future, the promise that had kept her waiting for so long. Amu could still remember the exact words he murmured in her ear several innocent years ago, etched into her heart: "Wherever I go, whatever distance that separates us, I will come back to you." Had that promise been long broken? She buried herself deeper into the pillow. Violent shudders of sobs ripped through her. Amu's shugo chara had long gone back into their eggs. She was lonely. The rain poured heavily outside her window, showing no sign of ever stopping, and the world turned into a sea of sadness.

Ikuto's P.O.V

His world was nothing without her. The days spent wondering around France and touring with his father's orchestra had only made him want her back even more. But he couldn't go back anymore. Not now, not ever. What if he went back and found Amu with another person? What if he had hurt her so much she didn't want him anymore? He couldn't bring himself to admit what a coward he had become at love after only five years. Ikuto wanted her, but he couldn't have her. He forced himself, every night before falling asleep, to remember the soft contours of her face, those warm golden eyes. The way she blushed, embarrassed. He wondered whether she looked even more beautiful as she began to enter her adult years. He yearned to touch that silken flowing pink hair, to absorb the luring scent of her. But most of all, he wanted her warmth as he embraced her, should he ask for more. Ikuto had never been in love twice - she was the only onewho hadtouched his heart in his twenty-two years in this life. And now, he thought of Amu's inviting voice, as smooth as honey, as she called out his name. "I love you," he whispered to the breeze, as if it could carry his message to Amu on the other side of the world and take his pain away.

"Hey Ikuto…. Ikuto?" He heard a distant voice calling. "Hey! Snap out of it, will you?" A familiar face appeared in front of him. "Ichigo…" he muttered, snapping out of his trance and back into the real world. The man held out his cello to him.

"Wanna hear me play?" he asked, not bothering to wait for a reply. The cellist had a thick mop of dark brown hair covering his forehead, paired with handsome and piercing azure eyes that closed as his calming music started to flow around him.

Ikuto didn't want to hear him play now. He was still in his own trance, thinking about her. The music suddenly halted to a stop. Ichigo looked offended, almost furious. "What is wrong with you? You've been acting so sober these couple of days." Ichigo sighed. "Look, take a few days off and you'll feel better. The orchestra's not even progressing with the tour. Oh, and seeing as you're not busy, you wanna go check out some cute girls at the bar? They're probably going to jump on us as soon as we get in…" he trailed off, as if wrapped in a conversation of his own.

"I'll pass, thanks," Ikuto answered in a bored tone, broodingly ignoring Ichigo's frequent rambles about other girls. Grabbing his violin case from the seat he was sitting on and slinging it over his shoulder, he walked away. He already had one person to love and that was enough. He didn't need another.

Amu's P.O.V

Next week was the formal solo piano concert her classmates and friends had been waiting for. She tensed. After Ikuto left in search of his father, she had taken up piano to pass the time. It only served as a distraction to prevent her from thinking about him, until she started to enjoy it a little more. Now, learning up to such a level in piano, she had the opportunity to play at the concert, to show everybody that five years of experience had paid off, to show how hard she worked to achieve it. One particular song had reminded her especially of Ikuto, and she played it whenever she wanted him to be by her side. As she sat on the soft cushion of the piano seat, Amu gingerly laid her delicate fingers on the grand piano her parents had given her as a birthday present last year. She readied herself - back straight, deep breath, relaxed. And then she started.

The song began quietly, just a few flowing notes, and then the melody of the piece delicately yet painfully wove itself into the melancholic song. It was as if the bottled painful feelings were too great for the piece to bear, and were trying to escape into the world. She had played this a thousand times, and this time was no different. She knew that in the end, the last note would be a sad one. In the end, the piece would fade away poignantly as she held that single note until it too, died away.

The world was blurry to her. Something covered her eyes and prevented her from seeing any more than the basic outlines of the piano, and it took her a moment to realise that it was misery. And before she could wipe those salty droplets away, they fell, one by one, onto the whites of the piano keys. Plop, plop, plop. At that moment, it felt like the world would keep tormenting her, keep distancing her from the one she loved.

Ikuto's P.O.V

He picked up the form and read it again. Orchestra Touring Japan, it wrote. He hesitated. If he signed this, Amu would surely see him in Japan in posters and advertisements and recognise him. How would she feel? Betrayed that he didn't go and see her earlier? Hurt? Thinking of Amu crying had carved a deep, painful shock into his own heart. "Amu," he whispered as he pressed his hand on his chest, feeling a sting of regret. Ikuto picked up the pen, ready to write his signature on the agreement form. He would go. He would see her, and tell her everything.

Amu's P.O.V

She fingered the cool glass of the photo. A primary school girl was laughing in it, dressed in casual yet pretty outfits, as if she hadn't a single worry in the world. Above her head was a handsome teenage boy around his late teens dressed in black, casually slinging one arm around the girl, smiling into the camera with his sapphire eyes, luring Amu into his gaze. She remembered this. They took it together the day before he left Japan. She touched the small outline of the frame linking the photo to the silver necklace. She closed the lid, hiding the small circular photo underneath and put the necklace on. That way, she would feel Ikuto's presence when she played at the concert, his warm hands on her shoulder like in the photo.

Ikuto's P.O.V

They were already in Japan, and the first city they were travelling to was Tokyo, where Amu lived. He wasn't prepared. He sighed, looking out the bus window as the vehicle stopped at a red light. There, a poster caught his eye. Piano Solo Concert - 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm, 17th Sept. 2010. Venue: Katsura Hall. Tickets paid at entrance. Today was the performance. He checked his watch - 2:30 pm. Plenty of time left. After all, he did need some distraction to calm him down. Soon he would go visit her at her home, and hopefully she didn't move somewhere else, because he had the world to tell her about. So soon, he didn't even know what to say to her.

Amu's P.O.V

Amu's mum gently combed her hair, making it cascade midway down her back like smooth silk. "Good luck, sweetie," she whispered to Amu, kissing her on the cheek, "You'll do brilliantly. I know you will." And with that, she left Amu alone facing the mirror. It was today. Finally. "Amu-chi!" Yaya, Amu's close friend, squealed excitedly, "Good luck!" Amu smiled at her in gratitude. "Thanks!" Amu peered up at the clock hanging on the wall. 7:25 pm. She looked in the mirror once again and a pair of nervous gold eyes stared back at her, as if in self-consciousness. She could hear the audience's buzzing of conversation outside. Taking a deep breath, she stepped out of the dressing room.

Ikuto's P.O.V

The large hall was brightly lit, but still empty. Bright chandeliers glinted on the ceiling, illuminating the polished wooden floorboards beneath. Candles lit at the front of the stage made the scene look almost romantic. Ikuto took a seat at the very front row of the large room. Soon after, guests started filing in, and brought along the loud and excited buzzing of conversation. And within ten minutes, the entire hall was filled with people. Lights began to dim, until the only light came from the stage, spotlighting the magnificent grand piano and a slender girl, not older than seventeen, and beautiful beyond words. She had pink hair that hung elegantly just below her shoulders, and large eyes the colour of molten gold. She wore a light blue satin gown that swept the floor gracefully as she walked, revealing soft white skin set on her delicate collarbones. The audience awed at the beauty and elegance of the pianist as she bowed slightly and made her way to the piano. And it took Ikuto even longer to realise that the girl sitting on the piano seat was the one he had longed to see for five long years.

He couldn't keep his eyes off her. Was it really Amu? Was it really her? The small girl he knew years ago had disappeared, and transformed into something so unbelievingly beautiful and stunning. A melancholic note filled his ears, echoing in the large hall. He then noticed that she didn't look even happy, but had a wounded expression on the soft contours of her face that he yearned to comfort. An equally sorrowful melody came to life and made its way around the hall, mesmerising Ikuto as well as the entire audience. No one could even breathe, in fear of shattering the beautiful yet tremendously painful song. They sat there for the next two hours, amazed into silence as the pianist painted the expanse of the room with beautiful, flowing melodies.

Amu's P.O.V

She wasn't listening to the approving claps of the audience beneath - she wasn't even aware of them clapping for her. Amu fingered the necklace for comfort. The only thing she wanted now was a warm embrace from Ikuto, for him to say that she played wonderfully, because she learnt all this for him and no one else, in hope that one day he would come back for her.

The hall quickly emptied as soon as it filled. It was over. Soon she would be all by herself again. After the performance curtains were pulled together to hide the stage, Amu played the song. No one would be here to hear this piece, this time. The painful melody began again, drawing tears to her eyes. Ikuto. When will you be able to hear me play? she thought.

Ikuto's P.O.V

The hall emptied quickly as he remained seated, unable to move. She played so beautifully. Did she start learning right after he left? The curtains pulled forward, and Hinamori Amu hid out of sight behind them.

He had to see her again. He had to explain everything. He had to -

A familiar melancholic melody began, interrupting his thoughts. Following the sound, he made his way backstage, where he saw her delicate white fingers move smoothly along the keys of the grand piano. Her long eyelashes cast shadows on her eyes, making them darken and freeze into solid gold. She was crying, silently, as if she knew someone else was still here, listening to her. Ikuto took out his violin, and started to play the same melody with her.

Amu's P.O.V

The nostalgic sound of a violin traced the notes of the piece she was playing. So nostalgic, it brought back memories of middle school. Her heart froze, but her fingers still kept playing at its own accord. She turned her head, and faced a tall man with dark blue hair, handling a wooden instrument, caressing it as he played the music, eyes closed. An electrifying jolt shot through her. No, she couldn't believe it.

The song slowly tumbled to an end, and Amu watched as he slowly lowered the instrument and opened his eyes. His deep, midnight blue eyes, set in a face that looked more handsome than ever. Tears choked her as she sobbed quietly, wide-eyed as he approached her with a hurt and worried expression on his face, like it was caused by her own sadness. Her hands flew to her mouth to silence the violent sobs. "Amu," his deep, velvety voice whispered, pleading. "Don't cry anymore." He kept coming towards her until he reached close enough to gingerly wipe the watery crystals off her tear-stained cheeks.

Ikuto's P.O.V

Amu winced as he slowly walked towards her, longing to rub the tears off her face and saddened eyes. He reached forward, caressing her wet cheeks as she trembled. It pained him to see her cry like this so much he almost felt physically wounded on his own body. "I'm sorry, Amu, I'm so sorry. Please, just stop crying, Amu, I'm so sorry." He held her gently in his embrace as she sobbed and spilled out emotions that have been bottled for so many years, unnoticed.

Amu's P.O.V

Amu clung onto him, unwilling to let him go anymore. She clung on to his warm, strong arms as he held her. Was this a dream? Would she wake up in the middle of the night without him next to her? "Don't go, Ikuto, please, stay by my side. I-I missed you so much…" she managed to choke out. Then she heard murmurs of comfort in her ears, soothing her from her sadness. "Shhhh, it's okay, Amu, I'm here and promise I will never leave you again. Promise." The word reverberated around the stage, and she heard it over and over again: promise. Amu closed her eyes. He had come back to her, finally.

Ikuto's P.O.V

He wanted the bitter-sweet moment to never end as he wrapped her in his arms, kissing the top of her hair. How would he explain why he didn't go and see her earlier? They stayed there in each other's arms, unable to let go. Time seemed to freeze for them to savour their moment together. An abrupt buzz of a phone ripped them apart, a painful separation. Amu fumbled for her phone. "Hello?"she asked, breathless. "Mama! Oh, sorry! I was going to go straight home but… I met…" On the other side of the phone call, Ikuto heard he mother ask who. Unsure, Amu looked up at him. He nodded at her reassuringly. "I met Ikuto," she blurted out, almost like a confession. She looked rather embarrassed, and looked down at her dress, blushing madly. Ikuto smiled. He was somehow happy that she was embarrassed. It seemed to him that she was happy to tell her parents about him, but too shy to admit that it showed on her face.

Amu's P.O.V

They both stepped outside into the cold, bitter night. Amu shivered. It had been both naivety and stupidity that made her think that the warmth of the day would last forever. And so now she didn't have a coat or jumper to wear to stop her from freezing to death in the frosty darkness. Suddenly, she felt a soft jacket slide over her shoulders, still warm from Ikuto's body heat. She looked up at him, staring into his dark blue eyes with worry. "What about you, Ikuto? Aren't you going to be cold?"

Ikuto smiled back instead. "I know I'll be fine without it but you won't be."He slid both sturdy arms around her, trapping her tightly. Amu was panicking, thinking of an escape route while backing against the wall behind her.He leaned in closer. She had never been so close to a male in her entire life. Amu watched as he closed his eyes and slightly turned his head to the side. She felt his quiet breath on her right cheek, and surrendered to his hold on her, closing her eyes and waiting for his lips to touch hers. She felt nothing happen. A deep, teasing laugh rang in her ears. Amu's eyes flew open, seeing Ikuto laugh at her foolishness. Blushing hotly, she did not know what to do. Half of her wanted to be angry with him, and half wanted to kiss him. Finally, she looked down, a habitual tendency she had developed over the years. He laughed again, but this time, it sounded more serious. A shock ran through her as he gingerly ran the back of his fingers across the curve of her cheek, and whispered the seemingly impossible words: "I love you."

Ikuto's P.O.V

He felt the need to kiss her. His emotions, buried deep within his chest, yearned to come out. Without resisting, Ikuto circled her in his arms and bent in, close to her face. Despite already being in his twenties, he had never kissed someone in his whole life, and guessed that Amu hadn't either. He watched her face in fascination. Amu had an indecisive expression on her face, almost scared. He closed his eyes. Her warm, inviting scent shrouded around him as he got closer, enticing him. Then he stopped, wanting to tease her. He laughed as he watched her closed eyes, her soft cherry lips waiting for him. The girl was still so innocent and childlike as before. Amu looked down at the ground, stuck in an uncomfortable situation. Ikuto caressed her cheek to comfort her. He had enough fun for the day. Looking into Amu's eyes, he whispered to her his feelings, encased in three short but warm words, and touched his lips to hers.

He heard her gasp in surprise as he caressed her soft lips. Ikuto held her tighter as if he couldn't get close enough to her. There was no time to catch their breaths as they clung on to each other for what seemed like eternity.

Amu's P.O.V

Her heart hammered in her chest like a drum. Ikuto was kissing her. How long had she waited for this? Amu pressed herself closer. She hadn't had enough of him yet. Suddenly, he gently pushed her away, his hands placed steadily on her soft shoulders. Amu stared pleadingly into his eyes, begging for a reason. "Amu," he laughed. "It's already 10:30. If you don't go home now, what would your parents think of me - some kind of uncaring guy who doesn't deserve you?" So as not to cause any hurt for her, he gave her one last caress on her lips and broke the kiss off reluctantly.

Ikuto's P.O.V

Amu's house was finally in sight. Crickets chirped loudly across the quiet street, disturbing the silence. The only dimly visible light turned on in the house was her parent's bedroom. He clutched Amu lightly, securing her so that he would not let her go. "Your parents would probably hate me for leaving you for so long," he whispered as he bent down to her left ear. Amu smiled shyly. "Maybe," she whispered back, "But dad would probably go crazy when I start to introduce you. He'll never forgive me for this." She smiled sadly. "He'll never forgive you for having someone to be by your side for the rest of your life?" he asked, nuzzling her neck. Amu's gasp gave him pleasure. He felt her heart jump erratically and out of beat. A rustle came from inside the house. He stopped. The door slowly swung open to reveal a woman, who resembled Amu, with chocolate brown hair and warm eyes. "Ah! Ikuto! How nice to see you again! How long has it been?" she cosily welcomed. He smiled. It truly had been ages since then. As he returned his greetings to Amu's mother, he felt Amu stretch on her tip-toes to look for someone inside the house. Her mother smiled apologetically. "Your father's not home right now, so you can first get Ikuto upstairs to our spare room and get ready for bed." She led them into the hospitable house, guiding them upstairs, all the while noticing that Ikuto's arm was around her daughter's waist.

Amu's P.O.V

She quickly undressed and stepped into the shower cubicle in a daze. So much had happened. But the most important thing - she had Ikuto back into her now complete life. She was finally happy. The hot steam of the water clouded the bathroom and shrouded her into a wonderful sense of warmth and comfort. Soon sweet-smelling fragrances of her soap filled the room, where Amu was bathed with the same delicate scent. She closed her eyes, ready to turn the blissful shower off. Amu quickly dried herself, looking into a mirror. A sudden thought occurred to her. She looked completely different from the last time Ikuto saw her years ago. How did she look to him now? Did he still see her as that girl from several years ago? Amu stepped out of the bathroom dressed in her silk night gown, and bumped into Ikuto, who was staring at her so intently with his mesmerising eyes that she almost turned around and ran the other way. Then he surprised her. "You look more beautiful than ever." He stepped closer, his lips roaming from the top of her eyelids to the soft hollow at the base of her neck. Amu closed her eyes in bliss. "Goodnight, my princess," he murmured into her ear. "Goodnight," she sighed back, letting him go. She watched him chuckle as he stepped into the bathroom with his towel thrown over his back.

She snuggled herself into bed, having no intention to sleep. Amu waited until she heard him come out of the bathroom through her closed bedroom door. She heard a door silently creak open and the rustling of someone passing her bedroom. Through the thin wall her back was resting on, she heard a long, almost contented sigh. And then she heard Ikuto leaning on the same wall as her as he sat in bed. Amu reached for her lamp switch, and it flickered off. In the peaceful darkness, she could almost hear his soft breathing, his rhythmic heartbeat and his comforting warmth against her back, as if he was embracing her.

Ikuto's P.O.V

He could hear her through the wall, wondering if she was also paying attention to what he was doing through the wall. He couldn't sleep without her beside him. It was basically impossible. He lay there through the night with his back against the wall listening to every rustle Amu made, every sound. He wondered if she fell asleep, and when he would too, when he would hopefully dream of her next to him.


Hey guys!! ♫ It's Rainbowchi here xD Thanks sooo much for taking your precious time to read this chapter and I hope you have enjoyed it!!! But so unfortunately, the next chapter couldn't be published properly for some wierd reason *sobs*, so you can't access it on this page *sobs harder* ... I've tried to fix it (five times D:) but it just didn't work! If you have time (and only if you have the time!!) could you please follow this link for chapter 2?? www.booksie.com/fan_fiction/novel/rainbowchi/a-shugo-chara-fanfic/chapter/2 Thanks HEAPS guys!!! Love you all ;) ~ ♥ ♥

Rainbowchi~ xx :D


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