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days of our lives fan fiction brand new beginning.

Novel By: RomanceLover2016
Fan fiction

I don't own any names or the soap opera.
this is a brand new beginning for the people of Salem.

Lisa and Stefano Dimera also have a 4-year-old daughter named Elise Dimera. View table of contents...



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Chapter 1: a brand new beginning.

a bright sunny clear day, the birds were singing as they fly around and build their nests in the trees of Salem, The people of that town was busy doing their morning routines, while at the Dimera Mansion, everyone was busy too, the grounds men were busy keeping the grounds clear around the mansion, the gardeners were busy trimming the hedges, the kitchen staff was also busy, While in the living room of the Mansion, Stefano Dimera in his best outfit (he was also wearing unmentionable, socks and shoes) was standing in the open French Doors that lead out to the back yard of the mansion, in his hand was a glass of Orange Juice, he was hearing the birds singing, while drinking the glass of Orange Juice, he sighed deeply, until he heard footsteps coming from behind him outside the foyer that was outside the living room, the footsteps were coming down the stairs, He looked behind him, saw his and his MI Bella Lisa's 4-year-old Daughter Elise Dimera, she was 4'10. long dark brown hair, light brown eyes, cute nose, and a cute smile, she was wearing unmentionable, socks, shoes, and a St. Luke's Academy Uniform,

"Hi, Daddy", Elise said as she stood in the door way that connected the living room and the foyer.

"Hi, Elise, why don't you give Daddy a hug?", Stefano asked.

"Ok, Daddy", Elise answered as she started running toward him, her long brown hair flapping on her back.

She caught up to her father, and they started hugging each-other, not knowing that Lisa was watching them, until they saw her,

"Ok, Elise, time to go, we don't want to be late", Lisa said.

"Ok, Mommy", Elise replied as Stefano let go of her and started walking toward Lisa.

"Elise, go wait for me in the car, I'll be out in a Minute, Ok?", Lisa asked.

"Ok, Mommy", Elise answered as she went out the front door.

after she left, Lisa and Stefano were alone in the Foyer,

"So how long are you going to be gone?", Lisa asked.

"It'll only be a couple of weeks or longer", Stefano answered.

"Oh, I see, i just can't believe about what had happened with that airplane crash over in the Ukraine", Lisa said.

"Well, I have to go over and comfert some of the families who had family members on that plane", Stefano replied.

"I see, just be careful over there, I just don't want to lose you or Elise doesn't want to lose her father, or all of our friends don't want to lose you too", Lisa said as she started sobbing.

"Lisa, sweetheart, don't cry, I'll be careful, don't worry, you know that I'll always come back to you, our daughter, and our friends too, you're all my big family, I'll hold all of you in my heart (and mind) too", Stefano replied.

"Ok, well i better go", Lisa said.

"Ok", Stefano replied.

Lisa walked out of the front door, got into the driver-seat of her car, She and Elise waved good-bye to Stefano, that was standing on the front porch, Lisa drove off to St. Luke's Academy, While Stefano got into his car and drove off to the privet airport, got into his privet jet, and flew off, while Stefano was sitting in his seat, he started thinking about his MI Bella Lisa and their daughter Elise,


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