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days of our lives fan fiction

Novel By: RomanceLover2016
Fan fiction

I still don't own any names or the soap opera. View table of contents...


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Lisa, Stefano, Rosie, and their friends are on a skiing vacation, until Lisa and Stefano started skiing somewhere else, Until there came a big blizzard.

Chapter 2.

Stefano and Lisa were trying to get their bearings together, and also trying to stay close together too, they kept on walking, until they got lost.

"Stefano, We have to find some shelter, and wait it out until this blizzard stops", Lisa said from the roaring wind.

"I Know, Lisa, I saw a log cabin and it's not far from where we're at", Stefano replied as he took Lisa by the hand and they continued on.

About an hour later, They've made it to the log cabin, they went inside the log cabin, Stefano closed the door behind them. as Lisa looked around the log cabin.

"Stefano, I think no-one's here, but us", Lisa said as she turned to her husband.

"I was just thinking the very same thing, Lisa", Stefano replied as they took off their warm coats, scarves, hats, and boots.

Suddenly Lisa found a room that had some logs, Stefano took some and made a warm fire, they sat down on the couch to get warm, Until Lisa fell fast asleep, and Stefano stayed up, a million thoughts were racing in his head, Until he thought about their Little Girl, Rosie, she might be worried about her Mommy and Daddy, But then He realized that now that his Daughter Kristen is back, He hoped that She'll be a wonderful Step-mother to her, He also knows that Elvis and Chad would also be a part of Rosie's life too, as Well as John Black too.

Meanwhile Back at the Ski Lodge, John Black was standing at the window looking outside, watching for any sign of Stefano and Lisa, until his Niece Rosie, went up to him, he looked down at her, as Rosie's Hazel Eyes looked-up at him.

"Uncle John, when is Mommy and Daddy coming back?", Rosie asked in her sweet voice.

John was a little worried about what to say, when he decided to lie to her, and he hoped that it would work.

"They'll be coming back soon, pumpkin, don't worry about them", John Black answered as he held his breath.

"Oh, I see", Rosie said as she left him, John Black breathed a sigh of relief, he decided to keep lieing to Rosie, as he turned his gaze toward the window, and saw the clouds go darker.

Meanwhile back at the log cabin, Stefano found some warm blankets, he covered his sleeping wife up, he looked at her with love in his eyes, he was being very careful not to disturbed her, as he tip-toed toward the window and saw that the blizzard was getting worse, he knew that it would be too dangerous for a search and rescue team, there wasn't any food in the log cabin, he thought what would happen to them when the fire in the fireplace goes out, they would freeze to death, until he decided to do something, he got some more wood, put some in the fire, and some right by the fireplace, he looked back at Lisa who was still asleep, he decided he shouldn't wake her up, he put on his warm coat, gloves, scarf, hat, and boots, he walked over toward the couch, he quietly leaned-over, and gently kissed her on her lips, and her forehead, he looked at her with love in his eyes.

"Lisa, sweetheart, I have to go, but I'll come back for you, I promise, my darling, I will come back for you, because I love you so much, I will come back for you, my beautiful queen", Stefano whispered softly to his Mi Bella Lisa.

Stefano tip-toed toward the door, he put his hand on the doorknob, he took one last look at Lisa, he breathed a sigh, he opened the door, walked through the door-way, he closed the door behind him, and started walking down the front porch, and started making his way to the ski lodge.

Meanwhile John Black was thinking what else to do, when suddenly he heard a bump, he went to the door, and opened the door, an exhausted form was falling, until John Black Caught it, he realized that it was Stefano Dimera, he called for some help, until Rafe, Brady, and Chad helped him out, He also told Marlena not to let Rosie see her father, About an hour later, Stefano woke-up, he started to get up, Until he was stopped.

"Hey, where are you going?", Daniel Jonas asked as he restrained Stefano.

"I've got to go back, I've got to go back for her, I've got to go back for my darling Lisa, I've promised her that I would go back for her", Stefano answered as he tried to get up.

"You're not going anywhere", Daniel Jonas said as he forcibly got Stefano back down.

"Where's Rosie, I would like to see my little princess?", Stefano asked as he started looking for Rosie.

"She's with Marlena, and I don't think you should see her", John Black answered as Stefano gleared at him.

"Don't Tell me that I can't see my little girl, now I would like to see Rosie", Stefano said in a stern voice.

"Ok", John Black replied as he went to get Rosie.


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